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    It looks like a lot of people having been discussing extended feeding. Below is an interesting article that decribes the benefits. I hope you all enjoy it and get a chance to read the whole thing.



    I am taking reglan and have had no side effects. I can’t really say if it has increased my supply or not but I am afraid to go off it!



    phat- not one is really close enough for me to use. closest one is in New York City, which is 2 and a half to 3 hours away.



    free2be, breastfeeding gets alot less painful when your nipples toughen up, for me it took about 3 weeks before the pain subsized and probably closer to 12 weeks before it was pain free


    Judi, thanks for the food list of gassy foods. Yep we use simethelcone (sp) .. it def helps, i just spent the weekend bbq’n at my house, so there was a variety of bean salads and regular salads and such that i think bothered her. Poor dear. Not colic , though.. not that bad.
    Violet.. my babe does have a little reflux.. my Dr. gave us a rx for Zantec.. it seems to REALLY help, as well as walking around with her upright over my shoulder for ten minutes, after EVERY feeding !



    I stopped breastfeeding my twins at 7 weeks old; they are one year old now. At the time I felt overwhelmed and didn’t understand it well enough, and I think I just should have sought more help and advice. I am still suffering from guilt and regret over stopping. Is this normal?



    hello i have a 5 week old little boy who i am exclusively breast feeding.. my question is…. do any of you feel like you arent getting the support that you need from your family. i have a lot of family members trying to talk me out of breast feeding and keep nagging me about it.. either they dont agree or they just dont understand why i want to do it.. its almost making me turn away from breastfeeding, but i really dont want to.. my mil keeps telling me that i NEED to do formula as well just incase she wants to take him for the night… He is 5 WEEKS old!!! NO ONE is taking my baby over night,… i dont want to stop BF but sometimes i get frustrated because my family who is supposed to help support me and my decisions, are trying to talk me out of it!! Help



    Kaitsmom- I think it is normal to have less on one side. I produce less on my right side and few of the moms at my job said the same thing. Keep nursing your baby every chance you get because it is the best way to keep it coming. I nursed my LO all weekend long without pumping so today when I pumped i produced so much ( I am at work)



    natalie, I have always fed my LO off 1 side in the morning and pumped and stored the other side…then the next feeds throughout the day I would feed her off of both sides so I wouldn’t have to pump all day long.



    katjak — please do get a second opinion!! I had foremilk/hindmilk imbalance and my LO gained weight just fine, but had the green poo and was miserable. She was colicky for the first 8 weeks or so, and I had tried cutting dairy, but found that it was actually nuts that were bothering her – I was living on peanut butter at the beginning. Once I cut it out, it took a few days, but she was fine. Nuts were confirmed a few weeks ago when I ate a few almonds and she had blood in her diaper afterward. My pediatrician’s office has lactation nurses on staff that I see, and all of the drs are lactation specialists and they watched my baby closely, but never suggested that I give up b/f.


    ok good news. I kept on being persistent and shes back to taking my breast now. YAH! I was so upset that she wouldn’t take it anymore. And yes, i will be holding off on the bottle for awhile.



    I’m going to try getting Riley back to sleep without nursing in the middle of the night. He’s been battling a cold so we’ve had a few rough days but He doesn’t need to nurse 2 times at night at a year old…the kids 24+ lbs! LOL I just haven’t wanted to tackle it…partly because my hubby gets up for work at 3 a.m. and he gets grumpy if baby is crying. It’s just easier to pop the booby in his mouth and get him fed and back to bed. *sigh* Mommy’s work is never done 😉



    sasia- thanx ill give it a go…



    so, just wondering… I am pumping at work and find that I can get 4-5 oz out of the right breast is no time but the left breast only pumps out about 2 oz and I have to keep pumping for about 10 min. after the right is empty to get the 2 oz!! whats with that? its really annoying, and my baby doesnt seem to have a problem milking the left breast and seems satisfied afterwards. Is anyone else experiencing this? does this mean that my son is only getting 2 oz out of my left breast?



    I’m trying not to stress. For the first time i’m having to offer my DD both breasts almost every feeding. I’ve cut out peppermint tea from my diet (1 or 2 cups a day) as of today and i’m hoping that’s what’s causing what I think is a decreased supply. I’m also letting her eat on demand as I’ve been doing all along, figuring she’ll build my supply back up (I hope!). Does anybody think it might be something besides supply? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated! Wish us luck, thanks!

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