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    michelle007 – Mine are huge now too and I had to keep on buying bigger sizes as my pregnancy had progressed – so annoying and not cheap! At about your stage of 37 weeks, I went out and bought a nursing bra (the ones that you can undo from the front easily, like a drawbridge haha). It will help you out so much. What I do is wear a tank top over it, like kaitsmom81, and then another shirt. That way I just pull up my outer layer but pull down the tank and easily undo the bra itself. This way your overshirt is covering up the top and the tank is covering your belly so you don’t feel all out there and nobody else can see any skin… Yes the large breasts are so annoying, but you know what? I’ve come to terms with them and I am so happy that they work to be able to do the most important function for which they are meant – nursing. As my daughter has just turned 5 months, I find that this breastfeeding thing is truly one of the most rewarding and satisfying things that I’ve ever done. My advice is to you is don’t get the shot and just give nursing a great try as it will be so worth it in the long run for your sweet little baby! And I think my bra was about $50 which is money VERY well spent! Good luck with whatever you decide to do!



    tommiesmommy – I definitely agree with that. Every appointment I made they always seemed shocked that I was still breastfeeding and ready to promote the formula of the day just in case I decided to stop. Like any second I could just ‘change my mind’ just like that. Even my OB was shocked I was still breastfeeding (and this was when my son was only 8-9 months) and was always trying to pressure me into birth control that I researched myself and knew it could decrease my supply. It is definitely up to us to do the appropriate research regarding our babies’ nutrition and I definitely consider myself lucky that my son has never had any weight or health issues and as long as they are thriving there really is no reason to make drastic changes.



    As for supply. For most moms it can go up and down. My son is only 2weeks and I have the flu. When I should be engorged and having issues I’m dealing with a fever which in turn means I’m feeding my monster every hour. Before he was eating every 3hours. I’m positive that once I’m better he’ll feed longer again and my supply will build right back up. All part of being a mom.



    MyBaby! You’ve done awesome. You remind me of me last time. I had one issue after another. Chris was 7weeks when he latched on for the first time. It was crazy. The hospital I had is very supportive and I had several LC come in and help but that’s all well and good until you get home and have issues. I also came here for lots of support since everyone in my family breastfed without issue. I guess being stubborn has it’s pay offs! Couldn’t give up….just wasn’t an option. Chris went on to breastfeed and wean himself at 22months. I hope your success is as rewarding as mine was, oh and I know it will be!



    wyatts – Haha! Sorry to laugh, but it brings back memories of my mega leaking days 🙂 The only things I can suggest are change your breast pads often (I’m sure you are!), and give it time. They WILL even out! Soon you won’t leak, your breasts won’t become engorged any more, and it’ll be one of the scariest things ever, thinking your supply is suddenly gone! At least that’s what happened to me. I bawled the first time my breasts weren’t rock hard! Another thing, you could use a receiving blanket when you’re at home and tuck it again the breast not being used, just to catch all the milk that’s leaking. Not the tidiest solution, but it can be washed and then you’re not dripping everywhere. Good luck!



    Shot of prolactin??
    My patient told me she got a shot of prolactin to increase her breastmilk. Is this true? anyone else get this? I didn’t find it appropriate to ask her more about it since I’m a nurse helping her with a totally different problem. If there is such a thing and it works I’m going to be so pissed that it wasn’t offered to me. I’ve been taking a ton of fenugreek for 18 months and am sick of it but it works slightly so I keep taking it. I struggle to make 1 oz a day. I’m allergic to reglain so cant take that…just curious if anyone else got this drug, she said at first she got shots, then she took it in pill form.



    Bri- I forgot the name of that book about baby led weaning I would like to get it if you could share again lol. Since we are ebfing whats the chance of my little one catching something from my older if anyone knows



    My six day old baby has been having a breastmilk feeding frenzy for the past 4 days. She barely sleeps unless in my arms, though she did give us a few good hours the night before last. Other than that, her thing is to feed for either long or short periods before falling asleep on the breast, then waking within 10 minutes of being put in her bassinet. She loves lots of hugs and skin to skin, and much prefers to sleep like that, keeping my breasts near at all times. She’s such a dear little thing and attaches pretty well considering I have flat nipples, but mummy’s breasts feel sore from overuse (?). Is this normal or is it possible I am feeding her too much? She’s constantly making sucking shapes with her mouth and sucking on her hands, which the hospital said was a cue to feed. Would nipple shields help? Not sure if they’d work on flat nipples. I would be grateful for any advice. Thanks x



    Any info on baby led weaning. I thought it was just letting baby decide when he was done nursing



    btw- ash- Calvin is stunning!! Congrats. I see he’s 7 days old… I agree you should keep trying to offer the breast, maybe one day he’ll get it and you’ll get the added bonus of bonding with him as opposed to your pump! lol. Good luck, either way.



    Bri, I was the one at the Chicago Children’s museum. All of their chairs and couches for breast feeding were way out in the open. It was pretty cool. Yay for not seeing any bottles. I don’t think I could say that for Grand Rapids where I am at! I definitely see way more bottles than nursing mothers! Come to think of it, I have only ever seen two other moms in my area breast feed in public! All others have been moms that I have gone to help, or were my sisters/mom huddled under blankets at the various family houses…



    ash-i really don’t know much about the surgery you’re having, but would at all be possible to get something like an epidural so you could nurse sooner? You would be awake if you did that, and I’ll admit that might freak me out a bit, and I’m not sure if I could do it, but perhaps you think you could and would be worth it to nurse. If not, maybe you could a lc and see if there are any anesthesias that is better for nursing sooner.


    I have a question.. if your milk changes to your childs needs as they grow how does that work once your pregnant and BF?



    ljzmami87; Check with your local LC on additional tips. I believe Medela has a special tube feeding system that you attach to your nipple. The tube runs from your nipple to a little bottle holding the expressed BM or formula. Not only with your baby stimulate you as she sucks, she will get use to getting her nourishment from your breast instead of the bottle. You can also talk with your OB about getting on regland or domperidone which are perscription meds that increase milk production. Regland can have some adverse side effects, but is fairly cheap, and the domperidone is available in the US, but only through a compounding pharmacy via perscription and is expensive ($100 or more a month), but once you know it works, you can actually order it from New Zeland/Australia for a lot less and it is approved by the Pediatric Association as safe for babies. I’ve known mothers who adopted babies and used the combination of meds and the tube feeding system to get a supply and be able to nurse their children, and they didn’t even have the benefit of giving birth recently like you have! Good luck and congrats!



    day 4 of this cold now… it’s still kicking my butt, but worse, now Braeden is losing his voice – that’s how it started for me. I really hoped he wouldn’t get it, I’ve been purelling my hands every time I need to pick him up, but looks like it wasn’t good enough 🙁 Hopefully he has lots of antibodies from me though, and won’t get too sick :S

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