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    laquita7 – I refuse to use a bathroom. No matter how clean it looks it’s not sanitary. Yuck! I also don’t cover up because I don’t my baby should be subjected to that. I’ll feed him anywhere we are and if he’s hungry.


    that story made me cry



    shiz – Yes. Your supply is always less as the day progresses.


    lilmamamads – We just started doing it since Alyssa was 3 weeks old. Of course the routine is different now but the pattern is still the same. Eat, Play, Sleep, repeat. I’m not sure why it works, but it does. We’ve learned how to tweak little things that work better for her as well. I’m so thankful for learning this as I feel it’s what really made me understand her cues as a first time mom. It eliminated almost ALL guesswork.

    balsamfir – I use the Pump-in-Style by Medela. I have never used a manual pump so I’m not sure about those. I have hand expressed before and I can get the same amount out with each but it’s much more time consuming and painful to do it by hand. I love, love, LOVE my pump.

    mist2102 – Are you nursing at all? You can’t guage your supply based on how much you pump. If your nursing and your LO doesn’t seem satisfied it could be a grown spurt. Let her nurse as often and as long as she wants. She’s sending signals to your body to increase the supply. That is the BEST way to do. I doubt you need anything at this point to increase your supply.

    southstar – how old is your bub? Growth spurts will make babies act ravenous to increase supply. If your LO won’t stay latched on more than 7 minutes and you want to increase your supply I say pump right after or an hour afer he eats. You might not get anything at first… maybe an ounce, but after a few days you’ll start seeing the difference. Make sure you’re bottle feeding with a slow flow wide based nipple.



    I’m wondering if you could give me suggestions or ideas… I’m returning to work and I’m still exclusively breastfeeding. I’m only going back for 2 days a week. DS has refused to take the bottle 🙁 Anyway, my question is, I will not be returning to my previous role. The role they have for me is an outreach role where we go out into the community. As we’ll be out and about and away from an office, I’m not sure how to go about expressing????? I have a manual breast pump, so I don’t need a power outlet, but I’m wondering what to do! I’m not shy about nursing in public, but I don’t think I could express in public. I also don’t want to express in a public loo either!! Any thoughts, ideas??? I work in London (Camden) if that helps……


    Emma I am so sorry for your loss. I agree just let her decide if she wants to continue or not. If you want to boost your supply you could try fermented oats.1 cup of old fashioned oats to 1 cup of water.



    it seems it is very common … I was kind of concerned thank you ladies… <3



    stormyluv- I know they make wipes to clean your pump in between pumpings, and then you can sterilize when you get home. Do the best you can pumping when you can. Try not to stress out, that will hurt your supply more. Drink lots of water, get as much rest as you can. Even if you can only spare 10 minutes to pump, that’s better than not pumping at all. Good luck!



    I’m 6 weeks pregnant and nursing my 7 month old. I too have noticed a drop in my milk production. I try to drink lots of water. Anyone with any tips on this or how to get lots of nutrients in a day? Obviously eat properly but maybe someone knows of some safe super food out there for us? 🙂



    DeeRod: When I was pumping when my oldest was a baby, I did feel a let down and I was able to pump alot of milk, most of it when my milk let down. One thing that I have read that is supposed to help is to sit in a room where you can relax and look at a picture of your baby, or have a blanket or piece of clothing that smells like your baby that you can smell and that should help your milk to let down. Hope this helps you!



    babynguyen ~ are you planning to continue to BF both? If so then your milk will stay I’d think since you will not have weaned, no colustrum but I could be wrong. If you plan to stop BF your first then you will wean and your milk will slow and eventually stop or leak a tad and I’d think the colustrum will start over since your milk stopped but not totally sure.



    if a baby was given a tblspn of kyro syrup every day would it hurt the baby?



    tink- there are a few different things you can take to increase your milk supply. One is soaked oats. That is the same amount of oats to water, and soak it for 8-10 hrs then heat and eat. I usually eat 1/2 cup oats to 1/2 cup water. Another way is fenugreek or a mothers milk tea.



    mskitty – If i pumped only while my son was at daycare, i would have only gotten about 5 to 6 oz a day. I got the most milk first thing in the AM, usually 3 oz out of each side. For a whole day of pumping i would get around 18 to 22 oz depending on the day. I also would eat soaked oats twice a day to help with supply.

    Lilli – I know exactly how you feel! I actually made up a little ‘i hate pumping’ song that i would sing. Now what makes me laugh is i have prob 20 to 30 bags of milk that i can’t get my son to drink and will prob end up throwing out (which kills me) b/c i pumped that much until he was a year even though the amount he drank at daycare went down from 20 oz to 5 or 6. It makes me so sad to throw it out, but i don’t know what else to do with it. I don’t have the extra time or the extra money to jump through hoops to make a one time donation. Oh well.



    michelles i had the same problem at 4 months. i felt my milk was just dissapearing, i wasnt leaking anymore or getting full breasts in the morning. iwas waiting for it to finally go and it never did. it just regulated itself to my sons eating pattern. but then i started work a few days a week and id pump 10oz then next day 8 and it kept going i started to feed him all the time at weekends, i pump after every feed and i take feenugreek. my supply as def come up but it can be hard work.. good luck

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