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    gonnab4- here’s a link from keyllmom. but like someone said already your baby is very, very young and their livers are very immature. I’m not sure i’d risk it. But that’s just me.


    Hello Jenn It looks like you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.


    ollie slept 9 until 6 with only two wake ups between. I feel human!



    our mat leave sucks here in the states. i wish it was better. 3 months is simply not enough.


    MEGS- thank you!!



    mdie, pmp could kick your butt. cause a inbalance. don’t pump unless you need too. BAby will regulate!

    ….says the I hate pumping stuck pumping Katiebear!


    Explosive nappies don’t you just love them!



    seuban0 – you poor thing! I can’t imagine sitting there and getting the news that it’s going to last 4-6 weeks! She has younger siblings, very much younger. I think her brother is still in high school and she’s in her later 20’s. She knows! I think she’ll do good. I wouldn’t be spending the money to buy all the needed items if she was going to give it up after a week. HAHA! She’s anti-formula as well. We’ll definately make it work for her.



    I have a question for you guys, I dont know if you’ll know the answer or not. but I just ate some fajitas for lunch and i think they are kinda spicey so i dont want to give my baby my BM for a bit because of it. I will give her what I have saved. But how long do you think I should wait to feed her from my breast again? I know her doctor once said that if I ate something for dinner that didnt agree with her it could affect her through the night so I guess it goes through my system rather quickly.


    Oh and one more question…I am have been having an increase in cerv. mucus. Is this normal for a breastfeeding mom? I am 12wks pp.


    STYX- I keep forget how close you are to us! lol We all need to get together soon. Meredith and I are getting the familys together next weekend. We haven’t planned what to do yet but next weekend is the time.



    Just got back from Zach’s one year appt. He was 28in and 18lb 6oz. Just looked at Ayden’s stats from his one year and he was 16lb 10oz and 28.5in. So, height they are about the same, but weight Zach has a couple on Ayden. 🙂 Zach was 16lb 10oz exactly at his 9mo check!



    Mere-i used Lotrimin for my 1st and it worked wonders. The rash would get better if not clear up in 1 day. I know it is for athletes foot, but I was told by a pediatric nurse at a local hospital about it. It comes in a little tube and is expensive for the amt that you get, but it is worth it.


    Meredith beat me to it!!

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