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    I want to recommend ‘The womanly art of breasfeeding’ by le leche league to every woman who wants to breastfeed. There are also le leche league meetings where women can go to get support. My advice to nursing Moms who are struggling is nurse nurse nurse, as often and as long as the baby wants and get lots of rest! Rest is very imortant in milk making. Nursing is a supply and demand kinda of thing. If the baby keeps nursing on an empty breast this signals the body to increase supply, so the baby is not nursing in vain.



    mandarae – I’m sorry you are going through this. The best way to wean is very slowly. They say it is hard on Mom because your hormones are now out of whack. Watch out for depression. It can come up like PPD easily. Your body is being shocked into not producing. Please be careful.



    well this is day 3 of me pumping at work. the first day I couldn’t find a room so just did it in a bathroom that’s off a breakroom and so hardly ever used unless ur the one on break. That bathroom didn’t have a plug in though so I had to ulplug the fridge near the door and luckily my plug in just made it but I had to sit on the floor by the wasn’t the most comfortable or sanitary but I laid a blanket down and didn’t let my stuff though anything. the next shift I found a little office that’s not being used. it has a window so I covered that with paper and pumped a lot more comfortably. Now tonight I’m in that same little room and feel pretty good. I take my scrubs, under shirt and bra off then but my undershirt back on and just lift up the front just so I’m not sitting here totallly topless. I would wear a nursing bra but haven’t found one that I like.



    Gosh, I hope I can get down to only 60mg!! I’ve read that sometimes women can phase it out alltogether. I really need to try to start weaning…I’m just so scared after I’ve worked so hard to build up a milk supply sufficient enough to EBF. All this talk about it makes me want to start trying though =)


    nikki, This is, personally, my first period since I got pregnant. But, I’ve heard of lots of women having their periods throughout the whole time they breastfed. It may just be that your body needed to clean itself; now the hormones of nursing have taken over to keep it away?



    For the more experienced breastfeeding mommies…. I am BFding my first child, of one week old. She was a late term preemie, but did very well latching and BFding initially, but she had to go under bili lights and was supplemented with formula. She had problems getting a good latch – that wasn’t painful, and I’ve since been using a nipple shield, which actually works well. I’m also pumping to build up my supply as I will need extra milk when I go back to work. I believe my supply is building up, but how can I be sure that my daughter is getting enough breast milk when she nurses, when i have extra left over? I know wet and dirty diapers are a good sign, but I kinda want something more definitive.



    My son has diarrhea seconf day and bad caugh (with runny nose)
    Should I got to urgent care or outlast it?
    He has been sick for 2 months on and off antibiotics (usually he gets good 7 th day on Augmenting, 3 days after I stop medicine, the symptoms are back…



    you’re lucky… I didn’t have that worry with DS1, because I was a single mom with him, right from day 1. I find with having a husband this time round, there are definte bonuses, but I do wish I could co-sleep without worry. Actually hubby is going to Edmonton for his cousins wedding on Wednesday, and won’t be home for almost a week, and I’m not sure whether to enjoy the time co-sleeping without a worry, or if I should really get cracking on getting the baby to sleep in the crib all night so I don’t have to worry about daddy rolling on him when he gets home….



    Baby – I agree with Bri. I supplemented with my first and ended up stopping bf before he was 2 months old. With my second i refused to supplement and i am just stopping bf now at over 15 months. Plus formula doesn’t always ‘hold them over’ like intended and the only thing that keeps them fuller longer is the ‘other’ stuff in formula that isn’t easily digested (like bf is). It is ok to do either or both and it certainly isn’t harmful to your child either way. But if you want to bf, you are better off doing it as exclusively as possible (outside of health reasons) to make sure you establish and maintain a supply

    As for dating myself… hehe… I watched Mr. Rodgers, Sesame Street, Re-runs of the Brady bunch Price is Right and Donahue (just when i was home sick from school and my SAHM was watching it :-))



    I never had milk in the freezer…still don’t. My milk doesn’t freeze and only lasts 4days in the fridge. What I pump today will be fed tomorrow.



    hi guys. for some reason over the past few days my 4 month old has become really fussy on the breast, will only suck a few times then pull off crying a squirming any ideas?



    Angie! It sounds like you are doing a great job. Keep it up. Pumping is hard work but you can do it. If you are afraid you can try to take suppliments and try pumping more often if you can. Good Luck


    My supply seems to be waning a little too. Andrew was not making it on 3 oz ever 3 hours, but he was fine when he’d nurse. It’s when I pumped (3 3oz bottles for the day while at work) that he was going nuts. I still can’t pump the full 12oz he needs, so we supplement with formula. I can’t imagine it changing my supply issues any because he can’t create a demand if he’s not there, you know? I pump for at least 5-10 minutes after the breast is empty just to see if there is another letdown, but there rarely is. Still getting 9-10 ozs in 2 pumping sessions. I can’t fit any more sessions in my day. I need 12 ozs. Any suggestions? I don’t mind supplementing, but it seems like this is going to get him weaned sooner rather than later as his demand increases, you know?



    I hate beer but I do drink a wine cooler every now and then and can usually notice a little boost in the supply.



    campimama- I AM doing the happy dance! I can’t wait to use the pump again at 3:30 and see what I get. I have 100% confidence now! Ah… what a difference a good pump makes!

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