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    I don’t think I’ve commented this many times in one day! I’m at work and it’s very slowww…

    I remember reading about someone taking fenugreek and blessed thistle at the same time.. just wondering how that worked out. Thinking about getting blessed thistle too…



    How much does my eating play a role in breastfeeding?? I haven’t been in the mood to eat the last few days and noticed this morning I could barely get anything out. Today I finally started eating a lot more..will my supply go back up??



    Ozbaby~have you tried sweet potato? I pureed it with some breast milk at 6-7 months and Maxx loved it. Also banana is a big favorite in this house. Sometimes if you thin it with your breast milk your baby might like it more.



    Trav – i just finished weening and i just did it slowly. One feed at a time. When my son finally stopped all bf, i never got engorged or anything. I would cut out one feed a time, with 2 weeks in between each cut. Good Luck.



    Thank you all so much for your advice and input! I love this site! I will definitely be discussing this with my husband in the very near future – My LO is only 6 months, so I guess I have a few months to convince (or rather TELL) him that I am going to continue after a year 🙂



    Hey Kim thank you for the info. I have an 11 week old and can only pump 3.5. So I was thinking of trying reglan.



    AAARRRGGGHHH- What in the world. My supply has dropped AGAIN! I just pumped and only got 4 oz. Normally I’d get 6-7. I have not changed a thing and no AF is not here. What is going on! I decided NOT to feed LO cereal so she has been nursing off me like normal & I am pumping when at work. Is it time to start supplementing with yucky formula? I have enough frozen for now but in a month that will be gone. Its so frustrating!



    BRI- I knew i was preg before I was able to take a test. Chances are, if you are in tune with your body, you know. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. At least it’s fun trying even if you aren’t preg, right? 😛



    Sorry I have another question. Does anyone have or had thrush. My daughter and I have had it for over a month now. Has anyone had it and gotten over it? If so how did u do it and how long did it take? We r going on our third cycle of meds already.



    Cassandral, breastfeeding while you have mastitis will NOT make baby sick. It WILL help clear the infection, though, and prevent lots of problems for both of you. Mastitis, left untreated for a day or two, will make you VERY sick – lethargic, feverish, aches and pains in all your joints, and your boob will be have a red hot lump. If you suspect you might be getting it, I’d go straight to the doctor for antibiotics, but DON’T stop breastfeeding. In fact, feed Baby from the sore breast first and longest.



    I am really getting nervous now. My lo normally eats 15 oz of milk when I am at work and a jar a veggies. Yesterday she only ate 8oz and 1/2 a jar a veggies. She was up until MIDNIGHT!!! Then slept to 5:30am and was really fussy. Do you think it could be teething? I gave her some tylenol this morning and she went to sleep at 6:30 but woke up again 20 mins later. There was a time last week when she only ate 9 oz in a day. She already has her two bottom teeth but do you all think her top ones might be coming in and that is the reason she is not eating as much and staying awake so much? I hate having 5-7 oz of breastmilk going to waste everyday (I’m cycling out my freezer supply and once thawed only good for 24 hours (right?). I am so tired I almost called in sick to work today!



    Oh- and I can not eat- I have dropped 5 pounds since last Thursday. Everything I try to eat I throw up.



    So, Wednesday RJ will be 11 months. I am going to start the weening process. I honestly think it is best for me. I have struggled this far and feel that not stressing over will be best. So a few weeks ago I went to pumping 2 times at work and this week I am starting to only pump once. Who knows maybe by only nursing him in the morning and the night time will help but I don’t know. We spent all last week together at home and I soaked up the cuddle time as I made my mind up last week. He is really loving solid food like we eat and since starting him on what we are eating he has gotten to where he really doesn’t want to nurse. He was nursing 5-6 times, he was happy with 2-3 times over the week and even then it was pushing it to get him to eat that many times… Only problem is getting him on milk. We have given him a cuppy with milk in it and he takes a drink only to spit it out. He loves his cuppy though. How can I get him to like milk? Any ladies have any tricks I can try. I was thinking about a little chocolate milk?



    I’m with lilli. I’d love to be comfortable co-sleeping with my DD, but DH and I both agree we’re not. I used to be against it (know-it-all with no kids, right? :), but my midwife was for it and I’ve read up on it a lot and now if I could, I would. She sleeps 7-9 hours through the night though, so I don’t have to get up much, so our current arrangements work well.



    She’s going to cry whether it is a bottle of breastmilk or a bottle of formula, so I don’t understand why you should quit breastfeeding.

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