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    I just wanted to say… I love it when my DD pauses in her feeding to give me a great big smile. I try not to interrupt her too often for a smile, but sometimes it’s hard to resist!!


    Luv2b- Thx I will give those foods a try 🙂



    I also have one breast that pumps better. I use a dual pump and when I pump, I usually pump 3 oz from the good one and then switch sides so I have even amounts in each bottle. it also encourages me to keep pumping the bad side with hopes it will one day catch up.



    MizRice88â€the breast is never empty…the flow may not be as fast, but your child will always get milk from them. It easily takes a month for your supply to regulate. If you’re trying to BF, most experts recommend not introducing any bottles or pacifires until the baby is 4 weeks old or older…all their sucking needs should come from you, especially this early on so they don’t develop a nipple preference, and it helps your body develop the correct supply.



    Thank-you everyone, I will try. People just don’t always understand what is like to have breast this size, I have not found a sports bra that fits me yet, even before baby, I’m not a big woman, I’m tall and usually thin, these breast are uncalled for. (LOL) Yes, I do have another child she’s 9 years old and I could not breast feed her and I had alot of help trying, I really want to try again this time. As for walking around topless HA! HA! thats not gonna happen, but I am thankful for the advice!



    My son didnt even get his first tooth until 11 months (lucky for me!) and even now only has 6 at 15 months. Its funny that a pediatrician would say breastfeeding would affect teething haha. You would think they would worry more about infants falling asleep with bottles.



    Scarlett – She is standing unassisted ALREADY!?! Wow she is sooo cute and advanced. Get ready to put your skates on! LOL



    Horseygal – haha yes! my little man used to do that. We would find him up behind our pillows. He stopped about 3 or 4 months ago



    *wyatts*mommy* – I use lilly pads and love them. I used them with my first also. I am ready to start leaking…10 weeks old baby…and I forgot to put on my lilly pad today and by the time I got to work, someone informed me that I was leaking. I looked down to find my entire right boob was wet through my shirt! They don’t soak up the milk, but keep it from coming out..then you can pump and save it! 🙂 If I don’t have them on and open my bra up, my milk starts dripping every where. I know it stopped with my first eventually, but don’t remember when!



    i never realized how valuable my breastmilk was until tonight. i have been fighting a cold for 2 days. finally took some meds today so i had to ‘pump and dump’ 🙁 thats just depressing!



    mom2dom – You don’t have to give up breastfeeding even if there is an allergy. It just means you might have to go on a strick diet. I have a friend that is on no dairy or soy! She had to do this with her daughter too. It’s crazy! If you want to talk more about it with her she’s on the 3month page and the 29month page. It’s Doublemomma. I’m sure she will tell you that it’s rough. It means no eating out but it also means that you know what is in all your food and end up losing weight because of it. Good Luck! If it is a milk imbalance then block feeding usually fixes it. I don’t think it is because you said it was normal for a while. Imbalances are usually in the beginning when you have a lot of milk and they aren’t draining the breast to get to the hindmilk. Hope al lgoes well.



    dollybird-the first two weeks or so were exactly like that with my baby. she is going a little longer in between feedings now and if i’m lucky sometimes 2 hours in between 🙂



    oh – and something going around on my FB right now… I loved it and posted myself! Thought I would share with you mamas! ****Being a parent is the most wonderful thing in the world…Before you were conceived, I wanted you. Before you were born, I loved you. When you were born, I saw your face and knew I was in love. Before you were an hour old, I knew I would die
    for you. To this day, I will. With Mother’s Day approaching, repost this
    if you have children you love more than life.



    Thank-you ladies for your answers to my pumping questions. I’m starting to get the hang of it. Dh thinks it’s funny seeing me use the electric pump. It kind of makes me feel like a cow being milked, lol.



    momofcash – No one is knocking it. I just said it was really nice to not see anyone with bottles. I feel like the more women do NIP then the easier it’ll be on future generations. This is whether she’s covered or not. I didn’t like how the benches were out of sight. This means that if you have a toddler with you like me he’d have to stop his enjoyment for the little sibling. I did however take a picture of my son while he was playing and in the background got a mom NIP. She did have a cover on as well. I carry a cover but only because it’s a nice cover for my diaper bag. HAHA! It doesn’t zip closed so I use it to make sure my wallet stays at the bottom. I bought it when I had my first but got more comfortable without it. Also, my son hated it and I understand why. It sucks to eat while under a blanket. It’s stuffy and you are breathing in your own CO2. This time around I just don’t make my son do it. But if a mom chooses to and baby doesn’t mind then I’m all for it. Oh and I can tell if a bottle is breastmilk or formula. Formula is gritty and thick. It also lines the bottle.

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