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    Amira: when you say she wants 14 oz is that 14 oz at a time or 14 oz for the day? How often are you feeding her? 14oz at time is more than I’ve ever heard of with any baby – even older ones. When you say it takes your breast 1/2 the day to ‘refill’ what do you mean? You should be feeding your little girl every 2-3 hours from the beginning of 1 feed the the beginning of the next. If you are trying to increase your milk supply it should be no longer than every 2 hours in between feeds because milk is a supply and demand equation – if you aren’t feeding enough your breasts think you don’t need the milk so they stop making it. Explain your situation a little better and lets see if the women here can help you. I’m at a loss because I don’t fully understand what’s going on in your case right now.



    newmommydec10- One of the best ways to know if the baby is getting enough bm is to go by poopy/wet diapers. Also, go by your lo and how they are acting after the feeding. It is not recommended to start pumping so soon though. Right now are the early days when you and baby are learning. So I would recommend not pumping for another couple weeks or so. Just nurse, nurse, nurse. This is an incredible time for bonding with your new baby and this will also build your supply up to what your lo needs. Remember a pump does not drain your breast as effective as your baby can. An empty breast is what gives your body the que to produce more milk. This supply/demand system is the best way for your body to know what your baby needs. Hope this helps.



    My job is totally slow too. Cant wait to go home. I pump about 6oz each session now, but in the middle of the night I get the most, about 4oz from each. The more you pump/nurse definitely affects milk supply – very quickly too! I always pump more on Monday for some reason, probably because I nurse so much over the weekends. Hes having a growth spurt too so we had to up his bottle from 4oz to 5oz. I guess that was a long time coming since he is 16lbs! (15 weeks). I have a lot of stock in the freezer that I have been rotating. I’m afraid I’m going to get into the same situation as you luv with having too much in the freezer because I am reluctant to send thawed milk to daycare I usually send fresh, and he only gets one bottle a night at home.



    yes i believe it works like that. at one stage i was eating load of crap, no fruit etc and i started to feel run down and wasnt producing that much milk. which is understandable if im not eating enough good stuff. my doc said that what ever i eat baby gets all the good out of it and what ever is left is for my body. so i now try to force feed myself plenty of fruit and veg so we both get the nutrients! obviously there are days when i dont feel too well and just comfort eat and i get tired v quickly, my supply gets low.



    Dee – I am weening my son now too. We are doing just one feeding a day. He wakes and nurses and then the rest of the day he is just on milk (he is 15 mo old). We have been doing that for a few weeks now. As far as i know i still have some milk in there. hehe. He seems satisfied when he stops. I will keep feeding in the AM only for a while longer if i can. (i might need surgery on my hand/shoulder so that might make us stop) Good luck to you!
    Big – i am sorry you had to stop bf before you want to. i completely understand how you feel too. I had a lot of issues with my older son and bf and we stopped bf after 4 weeks, stopped pumping at 6 weeks. We were all happier for it.



    anybody ever have a cold or sinus congestion when BF???? if yes what did u take, thanks!


    when is it that you can pump from? how many days or weeks ?



    I had horrible side effects with reglan… everyone reacts differently so just be aware of mood changes and anxiety when you start taking it. I was unlucky and had high anxiety and depression within 2 days of starting reglan.



    Kym how many hrs are you waiting in between pumps? Have you added anything to boost your supply?



    hi my little one will be 15 weeks monday. she ebf and today all day she has not eaten very well but keeps putting her fingers in her mouth right after she starts to bf and then continues to suck them instead of eat. does this sound familiar to anyone? any words of advice?



    Violet: my daughter and I both went through thrush as well…. Sooo painful! We were given the liquid medication to squirt in Ali’s mouth and to put on my breasts 4 times a day. In addition to that I would take some gauze, wrapped my index finger with it and dipped it in the medication….. & get to ‘scrubbing’. I would rub the gauze on the inside of Ali’s cheeks, her tongue, the roof of her mouth and her gums. This would break up the tissue that covers the ‘sores’ which ensured that the medication got to the root of the problem. U don’t have to rub hard…. Just as if u were brushing her teeth. We got over it in 2wks. Good luck!


    i bled for about 2 weeks pp. my son is 10 1/2 months, and i have had no spotting at all since it stopped. i do however get light little cramps from time to time. i think its my period coming back, but then nothing happens. its been going on for about 2 months now. in october, it will be 2 years since my last af!



    kym- would it be possible to keep the milk frozen at daycare? Or what about putting it in cereal? I have stored milk and want to rotate some so sometimes I will pump in the morning and give her cereal. She won’t take a bottle. I’m a SAHM so I know it’s a little different but just a thought.



    I work full-time and pretty much exclusively pump around the clock for my 9 1/2 month old (we only nurse in the morning). To keep up my supply I pump every 2-3 hours. You can imagine that by the weekend when I am with my son 24/7 I am DONE with pumping and just want to nurse. The problem is since he is on solids he is not interested in nursing often, maybe every 5-6 hours. I know my body is only supposed to make what he needs but since I am pumping all week I think that theory does not apply. Any advice? Should I nurse before I feed him? At this age he gets aggravated if he is hungry and I think would be too frustrated to nurse. I reeeeally dont want to pump when I am with my son anyway but its way easier to drop supply than to get it back. Very frustrating. I feel like worrying about pumping or nursing every couple of hours is something that I was doing when he was just an infant and shouldnt be worrying about it so often now that he is so much older. Anyone else in this situation?


    littlerainB–Yes, some babies fall asleep and are difficult to wake to nurse. Mine didn’t stay awake to eat for the first 3 months! It was horrible. As someone else suggested, undress your baby to their diaper. You can also tickle their feet (they hate that for some reason), make sure the room is a bit cool, even put a cool, damp cloth on their checks or forehead. I also would change my baby’s diaper before nursing him to try to further get him moving and awake. The first 3 months of nursing were so miserable for us b/c each and every feeding was a battle to get him to wake up and nurse. But, it does take a lot of work for them to nurse and it makes them tired. Also, remember that the baby must eat every 3-4 hours. I was under the impression that my baby would wake up and eat if he was hungry so I didn’t push him to eat at first. Turns out, it’s a bit of a vicious cycle for you and the baby. The less they eat, the less milk you will make–now is the time to get your boobies producing as much as possible. You will never be able to stimulate them to make as much as you can in the first few days of their lives. Also, the more baby needs food, the less energy they will have to seek it out and will fall asleep. So, what may seem like sleepiness, may really be lack of energy due to hunger. Keep working, it will pay off in the end. Evin is 15 months now and we’re still nursing! It’s the hardest and best thing I’ve done in my whole life!

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