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    Member – A lot of women I know have pregnancy symptoms when their periods are coming back. I actually took a pregnancy test while breastfeeding my first son. I did get pregnant with my second while breastfeeding but that was much later and I was trying. My symptoms were very by the book except they started when I was 4 weeks. I was so sick before I got a positive back it wasn’t even funny. I kept getting negatives and knew that was wrong. I couldn’t keep food down and had to go on meds to be able to. If you haven’t gotten your period back but having symptoms I bet it’s coming. especially if you’ve been careful.



    2babys- if you find something like that let me KNOW I have a 6 year old boy a 3 year old boy and a newborn boy.. I can’t sit down! I find it hard to sit down and feed him.. as we speak my son has turned over his huge toy box.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHh



    tif-you should call a lactation consultant. she will probably have advice for you to get your supply up. ped. job is to care for the baby. you need someone to care for you.



    the states



    Has anyone had AF yet? My DD is 11 weeks Tuesday and I just very faintly started spotting, 2 days now. I was hopin to be one of those lucky gals!!!


    Hi, I just found out that my 11 mth old has low iron. I know that in the formula they often add extra iron but since I’m not giving her formula does anyone know what I can do to help with this? Thx



    I was in the big boobie boat too….spilling out of a G cup. The tank was a must for me. It is difficult to bf but doable. And FYI, mine didn’t go down in size till I was done bf at 13 months. I’m now down to a DD and doubt they will get much smaller. There are a few websites you can look at that have reasonable prices. You have to search them out though. As for the weaning question, I used alot of distraction. And snuggling. Pick lo up and run around, tickle, blow raspberries etc. Distract, distract, distract 🙂 It’s not easy, but you have to form new habits. Good luck ladies!


    BF for as long as you and baby are comfortable. It’s the best thing ever. Took my cues as to when I felt baby was ‘ready / willing and wanting’ to eat solids. I knew that I could strictly BF until 6 months but found my lo needed more by 4-5 mts. Just start very small + BF and slowly increase as he was enjoying eating. By 1 year my baby’s decided on their own they weren’t interested in BF anymore. By then I was BF only at night.
    We have to remember that like not two pregnancy’s are alike; not two little one’s feeding habits/ or needs are alike either. (some need more/some need less) I’ve always breastfed on demand (not necessarily ‘on schedule’). By 8 months for sure, when my kids watched me eat – you can just tell, (as they motioned their little mouths open) they wanted me to share. lol



    Thanks, Girls! So much to think about- sigh!



    horseygal – That’s when we decided that my son needed to go into his own bed. When I couldn’t sleep anymore cause I had feet in my face or a foot in my stomach. He is still an active sleeper but about a month or two ago (he’s 27months) he started sleeping under covers and almost in one place. It’s amazing cause I never thought he would settle down and sleep laying in one direction. HAHA!



    29 months old and my daughter keanna is still a breastfeeding baby. i have been trying to wean keanna off the breast 4 awhile but i have now gave up because although I’m ready she just isn’t. so i have started to just feed her at night time but she misses it that much during the day that when she finally had it she will look at me and say ‘erm nice’ bless her.

    i wish all you mummy’s lots of luck on breastfeeding as long as you can. they might be some hard times ahead but if u remain positive u will over come it. x



    Ewww at the thought of pumping and dumping. I think I’ll cry when that happens.


    Its 2am and I’m learning that my baby is super sensative to caffeine. Baby has been awake and cranky since 2 pm and isn’t showing any signs of slowing.



    So my little one has her first ear infection at 3 months old. She has had horrible allergies for the last month, but wondering if nursing her while she is lying down may have contributed. She also has some rattling in her chest which I know she got strangled a few times from the breast and bottle with one of those times being during her formula supplement, but she has not had a fever. Is there really any way to nurse in a more upright position?



    babybean3 – Weaning really starts when solids are introduced. Baby led weaning is letting them decide when they want you and when they want solids. You let them choose. Many moms say, ‘I’m starting to feed solids at XX months.’ Except, not all babies are ready at that time. I did this with my first. It was a little different because we were in daycare as well. While babies much younger then Chris were eating mush Chris was still drinking just milk. But, we just started letting me eat whatever he wanted and could handle. By 10 months his favorite meal was steak and rice. Yup! My sister thought I was crazy giving my little boy steak but it was hormone free, grass fed steak and cut into little bits. He had some teeth and he loved it. He still loves a good steak at 2 1/2 years. He also loves fish. We do look at where the fish comes from. We never buy fish from Asia and so forth. Most of it is local fish that is sustainable. Alex is already starting to watch our food. I’ve let him ‘feel’ the food but he’s only 4 months so he’s not eating it by any means. Even once he really wants it we won’t let him start until 6 months. After that we’ll let him decide when he wants food.

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