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    Ladies you crack me up. I’m glad I resemble Baby John! HAHA! Congrats Mere! That’s awesome. I got married 8-5 four years ago. Ours was at Columbia Winery. It was nice and HOT for our wedding. Wish the weather would turn. Jessica, I’m sorry you’re crying! I’ll be ok and I’m sure you will be too. I know the feeling. Driving was just something you did before kids. Now with kids it takes on a new meaning. It can be scary, especially with stupid drivers! At least it’s Wonder Pets time and time for me to start making dinner. No idea what sounds good either. Ugh! If it were just me then I’d run to one of the drive throughs but not with Alex and Chris eating as well. We hardly ever do fast food now that Alex is eating. Picked some bush beans from the garden so I’ll make those up and probably the steaks that I got the other day. Not really feeling it though. I need to go to the grocery tomorrow. Didn’t go anywhere today. I need to do garbage too. HAHA! Too many things that I just dont’ want to do. At least I cleaned the boys bathroom….aka their nasty tub. HAHA! How do two little boys get so darn dirty?



    phat, my family is all short! Out of eight kids, only three of us really can claim to hit 5ft (my little borther is 5 6ish, I am 5 3 and one of my older sisters is 5 2ish.) My mom is about 5 4 and my dad doesn’t quite make 5ft. My maiden name actually means ‘short’ in German!



    Ours look like stones and have the knots between the stones as well. It’s a twist clasp that’s plastic and if pulled hard enough it pops loose. Alex has only done it once. He really doesn’t pay much attention to it.



    wow.. feeling really proud to be part of the 12 month group right now.. NOT. That was really horrible, petskies. And I’m pretty sure that LawsonsMom only posts while she’s at work, so she won’t see that until tomorrow, but (as unfortunate as it is) she has gotten those comments before. She will know that you are just a bigot. You have no idea how hard she works every single day to provide food for her LO. How can you say that you are tolerant of same sex couples when clearly you are not. Please, please, please stay away. I really feel like you got offended because you are insecure about your decision. I really don’t think that anyone was overly offensive to you in particular. Way to go below the belt, though. Good job.



    noah, if you are nursing on demand you shouldn’t have to worry. Bubs might just nurse longer or more frequently.



    rigid for adults. and isaac certainly doesn’t prescride to the solid sleep. he’s up at least twice a night even at 14 months.



    Well I have seen the health visitor today and she thinks I may have thrush in my breast tissue which is causing the pain so ‘I am off to the docs tomorrow. hopefully that will sort it out.



    Lawsons – Stay encouraged. You are doing a great job as a mom and have overcome sooo many obstacles. You and Keri just have to sit down and talk through this. This too shall pass. Lawson will crawl when she gets good and ready to. Its a nice milestone but boy do they start to get into everything when they are mobile. LOL



    Bri – Thanks for the advice. Mackenzie doesn’t have any latching on issues. Today I tried feeding her again right after b/c she was fussy but after about 7 minutes of going on and off again she didn’t seem to want to suck on me and was just tired so I gave her a pacifire and she went to sleep. So I will definitely try to only use if for naps if needed. Good luck on weaning ur son off of it. I too don’t like seeing kids always sucking on them.


    balsamfir – The formula recall is really scary. Beetles… ew!! I doubt it’ll kill any baby, but still. That’s just ONE thing that can possibly go wrong. I’m so glad Alyssa never touches that stuff. I get emotional too when I hear about babies dying or getting injured due to parents being careless or when parents use the CIO method… really anything that isn’t ‘peaceful parenting’. I feel so bad for the babies. Poor little things. 🙁


    mybabysurprise. I actually was favoring on breast for a while and only did one feeding on the left a day for quite some time and i still produce milk in the left for it. Im not sure how much that helps but good luck to you 🙂



    lynna-I’ve always just nursed through mastitis. While nursing, massage your breast to help the milk flow. Also do massage in the shower or a bath. Also, a warm compress right before feeding. Once the block clears the symptoms usually clear up quickly. I feel for you! If you don’t start feeling better after 24 hrs I would get a prescription. This is just my personal experience. Had mastitis about 3x, never had to use antibiotics. Good luck! Feel better soon!



    hi.. i just had my first baby on monday! shes is perfect . in the nicu b/c born at 34 wks 4 days she only has jaundice and is almost 8 lbs ! i am pumpimng and feeding… my Q is my left nipple is inverted when i do the sandwich hold to give it to her… its odd.. first 3 days were fine… ( i have ben producing milk for over 4 monyhs before she arrived. my niple gets rok hard anf inverts…? a i pumping to hard? like to fast? i have triede compresees ..pumped before feeding etc… nothing…any advice~~???



    starby , – I first stopped pumping during the night at all, then instead of pumping every 2 hours I pumped every 3, then 2 days later every 4.. it took me about 11 days before my milk stopped producing



    Whoops! The mesage box is unreadable for all the advertising. SOrry foor typos…can’t see the words. Anyway, I am newly pregnant and still bf my daughter. just wanted to see if anyone lately is in the same boat.

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