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    OK, so RJ has started to do something silly while nursing. He has decided to start rolling from his back to his belly, while all along my nipple is still in his mouth. He still nurses but when he is done he pulls off and get milk all over his face. He just laughs and smiles like it is the funniest thing in the world. Has anyone else ever expirenced this? I mean it is doing no harm, except for the mess he makes.



    Hey Ladies! I’ve been BF for about 3 weeks now and I was wondering if any of you have suggestions on breast pads. The ones I have leak right through even if I double up. I prefer washable instead of disposable. Also, does the leaking let up at some point??? I have to return to work in mid-August and that will be quite embarrassing to say the least (I’m a middle school teacher!) Thanks ladies – I look forward to any advice 😉



    I have yet another question: My LO has alot of gas I mean he passes gas alot throughout the day. He has the mustard seedy looking poop. I feel like he has the right amount of wet/poopy diapers per day but I was just wondering if bf babies are always so gassy???



    he suggest pumping, i better get a heavy duty breast pump, any suggestions?


    yeah we will definitly be using a condom next time. we forgot because like one of the other girls said, we tried for about 3 years before this one. so we were used to not using any protection. anyway, i have one more question. i started bleeding some again. do you all think thats a problem. its not a lot so far, but should i be concerned?



    dominique23 – where do you live that you can do that?



    I haven’t gotten my AF thank goodness! My LO is 11 weeks!



    PG- Are you on bc pills? Have you been drinking wine or hard alcohol? Did you cut back calories? Increased exercise or stress? Have you started cycling (period) again or having a phantom period? These are all possible factors if you haven’t thought of them already. Also, your lo could just be going through a growth spurt. Hang in there. I suggest drinking a beer and give your body a quick boost and see how it goes.



    I have 4 nursing tank tops from Target and gave worn them under everything (even at night) since having DJ 6wks ago. It doesn’t give much support but SO comfy they are and I don’t feel ‘all out there’ while nursing. My tummy is always covered =) I don’t even want to know what bra size I am! I bought so many nursing bras before I had him, and have yet to wear even one once!



    Haha I was just going to say my 2 year old doesnt even sleep all the way thru the night..I think when a baby is biologically ready they will…I mean as adults most of us dont even sleep thru the night we often wake but we know how to soothe ourselves back to sleep…


    My EBF LO is 13 weeks today and slept 8 straight hours last night. Up until about a week ago she was waking about every 4 hours and it just gradually got a little longer. I think its great, EXPECTINGTOBE, that you only want your little one to have bm, no formula. Hang in there! One day your LO will just surprise you and you will be glad you stuck it out and did what was best for him. 🙂



    Oh and the new one sleeps with me but being 5weeks he only rolls when on his tummy which of course he doesn’t. He does like to sleep on his side next to us though. I missed sleeping with my baby. Two nights ago I had both in my bed cause Chris had had a nightmare. So I was cuddled up with a 2-yr old on one side and an infant on the other. I was in Heaven, especially when my older child looks up and says ‘Mom, cuddle cuddle!’



    Some women leak, some don’t. No set of breasts are alike! (Actually, even re two in one set can be very different! Lol)



    I feel for sick babies and breastmilk doesn’t stop every germ from getting in them. I can say that breastmilk can be a life savor!! When my first son was 13 months old he got really sick. My husband and I were taking turns stay home from work. I came home and Chris was napping on my bed. When I looked at him his lips were blue. We took him to his doctor for the third time. She ran a bunch of tests. His pulse ox was so low that she called for an ambulance to take us across the bridge to Children’s Hospital. (Seattle traffic at 5 is impossible). We got there and had to stay for several hours. The whole time he was still breastfeeding. We didn’t have to IV him because he was NOT dehydrated. The docters were very glad we were still breastfeeding because it was what was keeping him from getting worse. He was lethargic and just slept on me the entire time. This is not normal for my little boy. Every hour I would latch him on and he’d suck and go back to sleep. It is heartbreaking seeing your little one so sick. We never did figure out what was wrong but between breastmilk and the meds they gave him we were released the next day and he was on the mends after that. It was scary but I honestly believe that if he were on cow’s milk like most other 13month olds then he’s have taken a lot longer to get well and would have had IVs for fluids. He wouldn’t drink out of a cup. Nursing was a comfort to him and it just so happens that he was getting milk along with it.


    Its 2am and I’m learning that my baby is super sensative to caffeine. Baby has been awake and cranky since 2 pm and isn’t showing any signs of slowing.

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