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    bri i feel for you, my daughter is 7 and a half months and has NO teeth yet and when she chomps down it HURTS so i cant imagine with 12 teeth in there! actually once when we were sleeping i dreamt she got a full set of teeth in about 30 seconds and they were actually razor blade teeth lol im guessing she was biting while i was sleeping



    jlevine: more then likely the cause of your llittle on having green stool is a foremilk – hindmilk imbalance. It is totally normal and happens quite frequently in breastfed babies. It is when the baby is getting more foremilk and not enough of the fattier hindmilk. To try to allieveiate it you can express a bit of milk before a feed ( just a half an oz or so) this will take off some of the foremilk so baby will get more hindmilk. You can also block feed, which is feeding on one side for 2-3 feedings before giving the other breast. It should turn back to yellow after a couple of days. It is not harmfull at all for them to have the green poops it can just make them a bit more gassy. here is a web site that might help explain



    I have no taste for beer, but one day I made myself drink one and the next day instead of getting 1 – 1 1/2 a side I actually go 2 oz each side.



    Mam, How long have you been nursing for? When I first started it hurt really badly also.. Nursing and pumping.. It does get better.. Not sure if your nipples just get used to it or what the reason is but, it does get better.



    Hmmm..i need some advice ladies! Just got off the phone with nurse to make a dr. apt. well she told me i need to stop breastfeeding. I only have 2 mo. to go. but i thought i could finish. She said something about make the uteris contract and that we dont’ want that. Please let me know your thoughts. I know i’ve read about girls being pregnant and still breastfeeding. I want to keep breastfeeding until she’s a year. She’s just about 10 mo now



    snoofy79, at 9wks your body has probably just regulated itself. I can not ‘feel full’ and go pump off 6oz in under ten min (however, this is NOT normal, so no one freak out if they see that and say, but I can’t do that! I have a huge over supply issue!) If baby isn’t acting hungry and you are feeding on demand, everything should be fine.



    suzm – Fenugreek didnt work for me alone, but when I added Blessed Thistle as well I saw a jump. Eventually I just stopped and let things take over on their own and my supply was fine.



    Bri, do the medella sleep bras have different cup sizes? i’ve always had problems with sports bras, I find the band size is always too small in the cups for me. I wore 38C before I got pregnant, and bought 38DD that fit great at 5 weeks PP, and now those are too small too! Guess I’m just making lots of the good stuff! lol, I hope your right about my body eventually getting the hint and making less at night though! I’ve noticed that even though he wakes twice in the night, he only wants a few sips before going back to sleep, so I wake up in the morning feeling like I’m going to explode!



    kickboxer, if you dont want a beer, try a wine cooler, less alcohol. but the alcohol really only hurts the baby when your a habitual drinker. if you have one or two a week your ok. if your getting drunk and feeding him, thats a problem that could lead to retardation in his motor skills. so pump and dump if you have more than two drinks, and dont drink often. and keep your head up your trying to the right thing and thats the best thing!! good luck!!



    2babies under 2- dont stop!! keep trying!!!…when i began bf i gave up for three months bc of the pain!! then i started again bc i felt so guilty. the ladies on here helped me heaps. believe me it will get btter…the latch is important and for some strange reason it gets 100 percent better, its like your boobs test u !!! also once again bubs must have gig mouth spread on your nipple lips down…pls hang in there we are back on track and gettingh better each day, bubs is now 5 mths:)



    Thanks Ladies! My son is 8wks old and I haven’t left the house but twice to go to a doctors appointment. I’m going a little stir crazy, haha. Now that he’s getting a little ‘older’ and hubby is more comfortable with him I’d like to ‘venture out’ every now and then. I’m just a little nervous not being able to express. If I’m not nursing him and he’s sleeping I’m pumping through the day.



    I nurse everywhere as well. I latch covered but then pull the blanket off my shoulder so we can see each other. my shirt typically covers the top of my boob just fine and most people just think lo is sleeping.



    mamadear04 – Bri is right. Unless you have a history of preterm labor, you have nothing to worry about.



    dlbailey – Sorry I didn’t get to you sooner. The little one was needing me so I had to log off. I would get checked out. Two things that I can think of…1. you don’t have a good latch which would make the tongue slip off and make you raw. Depending on how long you’ve been nursing I don’t think that is the case. Usually that happens the first month. 2. Could it be Thrush? I describe thrush as though baby’s tongue feels like a razor blade going across your nipple. I know sounds fun, huh? Both times I got it my sons did not show signs. The first time was back in 2008. That was fun cause I was out of town. I didn’t call my OB until it was sooo bad that I had meds and an ointment or my nipples. This time I called after I was hurting for a day and got the meds so it didn’t become as bad. Baby would need to be treated too if you do have it. Early signs of Thrush for baby is thrashing while trying to latch on and a clicking sound while feeding. What the doctor looks for is white patches covering the mouth. Alex never got white patches but we got treated anyways. Within a day I was feeling better. Last time it took a few days because my nipples were so raw. Good Luck! Either way I would call a doctor.



    Breastfed babies need 1 to 1.5 oz per hour. That doesn’t go up with age. Instead, your BM changes with your growing baby to suit their needs. Amazing stuff!

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