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    Hi, I was tryin to breastfeed but after Mia crying b/c frustration from not bein able to latch on b/c of so much engorgement, I have decided to exclusively pump, that way she still gets breastmilk and she’s not so fussy from each feeding, my question is I’ve been pumping every 3 hrs round da clock but how many oz is enough per pump, I don’t want to have to much milk freezing either



    Hi ktbbaby! I just had my third baby 9 days ago and am tandem nursing him and my 15 month old daughter, who I nursed throughout the pregnancy. I also nursed my older daughter through my second pregnancy. Expet your milk supply to decrease as your pregnancy progresses. It will eventually change back to colostrum during the third trmester, possibly before that, and may mean your child isn’t as interested in nursing (the taste changes). Congratulations on your pregnancy and best of luck wth everything! 🙂



    I found that info online so it seems maybe the beer is hindering milk production. Typically when you are sick or on any type
    of medication your milk supply will should return to normal after the illness has passed.


    izziebo– just keep nursing! Your body is supply & demand. Your little one may be going through a spurt, I know how frustrating it is.. if it worries you too much try fenugreek & blessed thistle!



    amira121 – I’m with Heather, I’m confused. Kekoa is over a year and never ate more then 6oz at one feeding. As for your breasts being empty….they never are. You may only be able to pump two oz but that doesn’t mean that’s all you make. Pumps are artificial and not as productive as breastfeeding. IF your baby latches then you should be feeding her as often as she wants. This means every hour if need be. This will increase your supply and she will start to go longer.



    black pearl- i got lucky like you. i didnt start to BF until he was a week and a half old…and he latched right on! my nipples get sore too and when they do i just give him either formula or breast milk in a bottle. he is a month old now and does just fine switching back and forth between breast and bottle. so before you give up totally, you could try doing both. its a lot less stress on the boobs if u give them a break sometimes


    MsKitty–I usually get 4-6 onces from each 9am pumping session and 3-4 from the noon pump. I only pump twice a day and I’ve never gotten more than this amount even though my baby is almost 9 months old now. I hope this info helps!



    Oh and lately I’ve been noticing that Ayden will be nursing and all of a sudden I will look down and he isnt latched on anymore cause hes just smiling away. It’s the cutest thing. Does anyone else’s baby smile while he/she nurses???



    Hi ladies,
    just hd to post that I got my darn period!!! Noooo! Ive been exclusively bf my twins and theyre only 4.5 months old, I wish it wouldnt have been so soon…will my milk supply lower now??



    I use this website for medications I can take while breasfeeding.

    You can take Benadryl and Sudafed!



    gladek-I’m cracking up!! That is the best come back I’ve ever heard!!



    laurenr- i am taking fenugreek & blessed thistle too and pumping and nursing and taking the reglan. some days my supply is great and somedays not so great. i have only pumped 7.75 oz today at work and most days i pump 12-15 so every day is different. i am glad i have frozen milk or i would have to supplement tomorrow with formula- yuck!



    I know it is hard but try not too stress. That can make it worse too. I am lucky to be able to pump 1 oz per hr and your not too far off of that. Your little one might be draining more of you when she nurses. Is it possible for you to add an extra pump during the day or maybe at night before you go to bed. If I am in need of extra I try to pump during a 1 hr show and pump during the show and rest during the commercials minus the first one. Most womens milk regulates between 4-6 months so it can be a little tricky and they can get a little confused. I would just keep doing what you are doing and add pumps when you can and try to relax. If by chance you have to add an ounce or 2 of formula it will be ok. You will still be giving more breast milk then formula and even some bm is better then none. When you have a chance you can also take a bath with your lo to get skin to skin contact or even a nap with no top on and lo just in diaper.



    laurenr – How are your baby’s diapers? Is she growing? Sucking on the fingers may not be an indicator of hunger. Your baby may just like the sensation or she could be an early teether. Were you or your husband an earlier teether? They say it tends to be in the genes. If your baby is growing and having normal diapers then I bet your fine and it’s probably a phase that she’ll move on from. If she isn’t growing or having wet diapers it might be time to talk to your doctor or lactation specialist to see what you can do.



    Ladies i feel like i need a pep talk. I love breastfeeding (my dd is almost 6 months old and ebf) but for some reason I am SOOO sick of it. I feel like i just want to give it up for some reason. I know I keep getting frustereated because I have a hard time getting enough milk when i’m at work. it’s been good so far because i had a stash i saved up from before i returned to work. I hate pumping at work and it is sometimes really hard with my work schedule (it depends on the clients i have and where i am going with them) some days i can pump once or other days 2 times. today I only got 3.5 oz total after 2 pump sessions. I think af is getting ready to come but i don’t know. I really do love bf but don’t know why i feel like this. anyone else ever feel like this at times?? thanks for listening, i had to get it off my chest and vent a bit.

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