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    Hi girls. I have a question. My baby girl will be one month on the 28th and she sleeps very well at night. Too well I’m starting to wonder! Last night she ate at 9 pm and fell asleep around 10 pm. I woke up around 3:30 am and she was still sound asleep. I got up and took my 2 year old to the bathroom and then went back to my bed to see if she was stirring at all. She wasn’t. I layed there for until about 4:00 am and decided to wake her and make her eat. Since she was so sleepy she didn’t eat much, but at least she got a little bit and fell back asleep. Around 7 am she woke up a bit and I tried to feed her. (excusivly bfing) and she would fight my boob. She has been doing this for the last week or so, not wanting to eat from me. She again ate just a little bit but was still acting hungry but would scream when I tried to put her up to my breast. So I pumped and gave her a bottle which she downed completely. I don’t get it? Last night was the first time I have given her a bottle of breast milk so I know thats not the reason she won’t take my boobs. I’m just wondering if its normal for a 1 month old to be sleeping 5-7 hours at night or more without waking up starving, or even if its normal for them to sleep that long. Also, any ideas why she is resisting the breast, but will take a bottle when its all the same milk?



    I should say he’s been struggling with teething the past week. One tooth broke through this last weekend but another is just at the surface. He’s hating it. I won’t do teething tablets since they contain belladonna as an active ingrediant and I hate using ibprofen all the time. Now I don’t need any drugs. YAY!



    congrats jmuncy. keep at iy.



    Scarlet~ I do own a pump…. I was told by my ped not to use it and we will talk about when to start pumping at her 2 week apt (which is on monday)…

    @@@@@Lilmama~~~~~ Im only worried because everyone keeps telling me that im gonna run dry by week 4 nomatter what i do.. Which I thought was weird because I leak so damn much!!! I dont want to run dry!! I want to use breastmilk as long as I possibly can (it’ll have to be by bottle when I go back to work).


    Oh and bri I know! I’m so happy Damarion has his own bathroom until I remember I have to check on it and clean it. Eversince he was 5 I’ve made him take showers! My bath seriously collects dust. I use a bath for D as a Im so not happy about bath time again with John n the next baby. Which I have yet to tell Johnny about. lol I mean I know he’ll be all for it but I just wnat ot tell him at he time I’m ready.. you know men and protection!



    Morning ladies! Soooo, I’m another stick a boob in his mouth mommy!!! My MIL was too. My FIL would tell me to ‘plug him in’. HAHA! It’s just what we do in this family. Chris was easy and would always nurse. No matter the situation, place or time. I would nurse to sleep every night and then one day he stopped falling asleep. It’s part of growth. Alex on the other hand will not nurse if he’s not hungry which meas he doesn’t always nurse to sleep at night which means a long night for Mama! HAHA! You do learn other ways to settle them. Alex likes to be walked around. Chris has his blanket now. So, if he hurts himself we sit on the couch with the ‘baby t’ and hug. It works. You learn to cope. HAHA!



    Mine has come off once and it didn’t break.



    ugh seriously? people can be so vicious. ive typed so much and erased it then typed again then erased it because im just appalled right now…. at the end of the day we are all HUMAN and with that virtue we all deserve RESPECT. the world is a cruel place, but this forum doesnt have to be.



    I know I’m late to the show, but if anyone would like to add me on Facebook my email is [email protected].



    tish-how old is baby. i assume young by looking on your profile. i’d probably by lanolin and try to tough it out and nurse every other time on that boob


    I would never nurse in a bathroom. I can’t even take a bottle of water into my OWN bathroom. I just can’t get past it mentally. Food/Water should not be near a place where people (even me) do their business. So why would I subject a new baby to that?!? I have used a cover in public, but I recently changed mind about that as well. I live in AZ and it’s HOT here. Being under a cover would have to be terrible. Talk about not being able to enjoy your meal. So, next time I’m out in public and have to nurse I plan to do it uncovered. It should be interesting since Alyssa likes to pop off and babble or look around very often. I know for sure people are going to see the goods, but oh well. They kind of became old news during labor/delivery where all modesty is just thrown out the window. lol



    Hey all. I’m a new, first time, mom trying to breastfeed. Mackenzie is 2 weeks and 2 days old today. I may just be impatient but it’s not going well. I am mostly bottle feeding her breast milk. Right now I’m pumping about every 3 hours during the day and about every 5 hours at night. I try a couple of times a day to get her to breast feed. The most comfortable position is laying down in bed. She ate yesterday on each side for about 25 minutes and seemed to be satisfied. I was excited about that. I find myself just wanting to give her a bottle b/c it seems stressful for her to try to start on the breast. I have to pump for a few minutes first to help. I hope this all will get better. It’s all very time consuming. Any advice would be greatly welcomed. Thanks.


    Shiz- Thats odd they gave him formula because of jaundice. My son had it pretty bad and they didn’t make me.



    Hi Everyone. I need some advice. I have a baby that is 2 months. I have only been breast feeding her, but I will be returning to work soon and I CANNOT get her to take a bottle. I feel as if I’ve tried just about everything! Any tips?????????



    heidi: maybe your baby is going through a growth spurt…I notice my baby who is 6 months old eating and sleeping more when she is growing or getting a tooth. or maybe she just wants to be comforted or suckle a little while longer. was she gaining enough weight while you were EBF?
    MYBABYSURPRISE: yes, whenever you nurse, your body will produce more to compensate, so if you are only doing it at night, then you should have that much for your baby to eat.

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