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    Thanks for your imput ladies. Its been a difficult journey and I think I’m trying to hold on to something ‘normal’ and we are on our way to weaning and starting this new chapter in our lives.



    Do not let her sleep tgrough yet. Lilia slept 8 hrs a night from 4 weeks old and wouldnot dream feed or wake to feed. My milk started deteriating from that moment.



    There isn’t really a certain amount you should be pumping. Every woman is different. As long as you are pumping enough for your baby then you are fine. When I first started pumping I didn’t get very much but enough for Aliyah. The longer I pumped the more milk I got. I now pump every 4 to 5 hours and get about 10 oz. Aliyah drinks about 7 oz every 3 to 4 hours. So I am able to freeze some milk to. If you are getting to much milk you should think about donating or dump it, which is so hard to do, lol! Remember to that Breastfed babies don’t drink as many oz than a formula fed baby and they eat more often. Your doing a great thing by pumping and feeding with a bottle. Its difficult at first but then it just becomes a part of your routine. If you have any questions just ask. Good Luck!



    I am probably going to be tandem nursing it looks like.. I am pregnant with bean #3, and still nursing 18 month old DS.

    I am sort of hoping he will wean before bean arrives, but if not, I will manage with Tandem nursing.



    m.m. masi, I can’t imagine ever pumping 30 oz, but I only pump for about 20 minutes because after that length of time, I only get drops. Should I keep trying or is that pretty much the end of the milk supply?



    Explo – it isn’t that breastmilk reduces these risks, being that breastmilk is the baseline. Formula is shown to INCREASE these risks, which sounds the same but is actually very different. Breastmilk is the baseline, evrything else is what takes away from things like immune system and IQ. There will always be exceptions to the rule. Not saying that anyone who ff will have a baby with all thes things and be stupid, we ALL know that is untrue, the facts just point to higher chances of sickness and lower IQ. Also, about the breastmilk until 2+ thing, I wasn’t saying you HAVE to bf until then, just that it is what s healthiest. Same with the starting solids later then 6 months, no one is saying you shouldn’t, just that it isn’t needed.



    They bite me now once they are done. Here they are right after eating chewing on their hands.



    luvbeingamom – that is exactly what it feels like!! I’m not sure if I have thrush…I really don’t even know what it is. She is 10 days old and we havent even been able to get to the pediatrician because of freaking medicaid!



    mskitty – if you were closer, i would happily hand it over!

    December – That isn’t a dumb question at all. The fresher the milk the better. However the general rule of thumb is fresh milk can be at room temp for 0 to 6 hours (sometimes to 8). Fresh milk can be in the fridge for up to 8 days. Milk can be frozen for about 3 months in a reg freezer and 6 months in a deep freeze. If you unfreeze the milk it is only good for about an hour at room temp and only about a day in the fridge. It also can NOT be re-frozen. Of course these are all ‘abouts’ and can vary on the person. Some peoples milk keeps longer (mine) and some will only be good for a day and can not be frozen. Also, if you are just pumping for the ‘sometimes’ i would either just pump when you miss a feeding. If you want a stock of milk then i recommend pumping in the morning b/c you generally get more in the AM then the PM.



    Nikki mine does that too isn’t it the cutest thing!!



    erikas- you could see a little dip in your supply but you can help by eating soaked oats while AF is visiting but your supply will come back up after its over.



    lilliesmom- HAHA! I know what you mean. I hope you don’t have people laughing at you like I did. :o) I was ‘double fisted’ at home (one glass of water and one of something else) at all times and when we went out the servers started realizing that they couldn’t keep my glass full so the just bring me a pitcher of water. LOL! I’m still constantly thirsty and my LO is 6 months. 😀



    first time you can start pumping whenever you want. keep in mind if you start pumping immediately when your engorged you will continue to make that much milk, so if you want to pump a bunch and freeze start whenever but if your only looking to pump out the excess to maintain a supply and have a little bit on hand id wait a couple days for your supply to level off.



    i really produce pretty much the same amount everyday when i’m pumping. it usually equals about how many hrs i have gone since last feeding/pumping session sometimes 1-2oz more. (ie, 4hrs = 4-6oz) i got back to using fenugreek and have also added alfalfa tablets to try and add fat to my milk. i’m also trying to drink as much fluid as possible. if you’re urine and/or sweat smells like syrup then you know you’re taking enough fenugreek. i’m taking about 12-14 capsules a day plus the 2/meal alfalfa tablets. i’ve used fenugreek before and it totally worked for me. just make sure you’re taking enough or it won’t really do much for your supply. it’s been so nice to not have to pump, but i’ll have to today after his last 2 feedings so that i’ll have enough for him tomorrow at daycare.



    I do the same. If I’m unable to pump enough during the day at work, I pump in the evening or right before bedtime. Whenever I can fit it in. I usually always pump in the middle of the night also to always have extra on hand to freeze for when I might have a dip in supply, etc.. I know it sounds insane to get up in the middle of the night if my LO isn’t getting up, but I’m used to being sleeped deprived. This is my fourth baby! I haven’t had adequate sleep in years! :o) Hang in there and don’t stress about it. It will work out.

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