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    I just caught up on everyone posts. Down under we are in night time when you guys have daytime… I think it is amusing how passionate people get about breastmilk versus formula. I personally think formula is fantastic as it has been a backup when ive had supply issues and just couldnt feed my baby. I also was uneducated so i was unable to feed my first 2 kids past a week so they were both formula fed ( the stinky soy milk one too) and it worked, I have 2 healthy intelligent athletic children. I was very passionate about being able to breastfeed this time so i educated myself ( mainly through this site) if it werent for formula though i wouldnt have had the back up ive needed. I agree it is important to enourage and support breastfeeding mums and not judge or take offense to formula comments. Its not that big a deal.



    candice- how much you are pumping seems just about right. My dd was big too 9lbs and some and she only ate about 2-3 oz in the beginning. you will get more as he gets older. are you putting him to the breast too?? either way just pump or try to feed him as often as you can right now, it takes about 6 weeks to establish your milk supply. good luck and let us know how you are doing



    That’s amazing, oldie44! I barely manages two weeks of pumping when I had a premmie baby in NICU. Can’t imagine 10 months!!!



    jlevine- My little guy is 12 days away from 10 months and this past friday was his frist overnight with my dad (well with anyone). It was hard on me. I kept listening for him to cry, woke up a couple times in the middle of the night thinking I could hear him in his crib, and just plain missed him. I had to pump several times (and I hate pumping, I do enough of it during my 40 hour work week). I agree with the ladies on here, tell the MIL that when you are ready for him to have an overnight you will tell her. I feel like I work 40 hours and I want my time with my son. (I can’t believe in almost 2 months he will be one! Time flies and they pick stuff up so quick you don’t want to miss a minute.) My family gives me crap all the time that I am still nursing, but you know what (knock on wood) my little one has only really been sick once. I am his mother and together with hubby we decide what is best for him. As for not buying formula I got lucky and my peditrician’s office gives me a can a samples when I ask for it at his well visits. I have trouble pumping so he gets a bottle or 2 a day of formula so this is just enough to cover us and I have only ever purchased the individual servings for the diaper bag just in case we are out. (However I have gotten a lot more comfortable nursing while out so it is rare he gets that now.) Good luck and don’t forget to look for support here. The ladies on here have helped me through some of my worst nursing issues and I truely appreciate it….



    emmie- Oh honey I feel for you! Twins and feeding every two hours, you rock! My lo went through a time when it felt like an endless nursing marathon. it’s probably a growth spurt. The best advice I can give you is eat well, drink lots, rest when they are, and leave the stuff that isn’t important. Seriously, if you can get someone to come in and help clean, great, if not, leave it be for a little while. You are doing great. It will get better!!
    Kym22- Nothing any of us say can express how much our hearts hurt for you that you are going through this difficult time. You gave your baby what you could. Now give lo the blessing of a happy & healthy mommy. I truly think you need to tell your dr. about the feelings you are having so maybe they can help you. Hang in there.



    The leaking stopped for me (for the most part) after five or six weeks…and my LO is now eight months and we are still BFing. I was never able to get the washable pads to work…I had to use the disposable, usually the Lansinoh brand. The reusable cloth ones always leaked through. Good luck!



    babybellybliss – I didn’t read the comments but I will. I did want to make a suggestion though. It sounds awful the numbers but the 14% actually seems high to me. They were talking about EBF not just breastfeeding. How many of you are planning to wait until 7, 8 or beyond before introducing solids. It’s usually at the six month check up that doctors are suggesting to start solids. Many moms start it a couple weeks before. And even though I don’t agree with it months before, many moms start solids at 4 months even if they are still breastfeeding. I would say that has something to do with the numbers. The 33% is awful at 3 months though! It really should be higher but like you said, many moms are misinformed or don’t have the support system around them to continue if they even try in the first place.



    nadisha—when i returned to work my baby didn’t want a bottle either…..but there’s no reason to stop breastfeeding, keep pumping and saving your milk…but you might want to try different bottles/nipples/feeding positions. sometimes the temperature of the milk will make a difference too.



    i gained about 55 lbs when i was pregnant (that was when i stopped counting!!) i had lost all of it plus an extra 5 pounds by maddy’s 1st birthday. i ate what i wanted for the most part, but exercised everyday–walking, hiking, yoga, dancing all with my baby….i know breastfeeding really helped me lose weight. sometimes i saw a dip in my supply & when i did, i ate more, pumped more & drank more.

    tifanie—my little girl cluster feed as well……start around 6pm and wouldn’t stop! her growth spurt started around 4 weeks old and lasted until she was about 8 weeks old….it was killer! but then all of a sudden it seemed like she was full and didn’t need to nurse every minute. just make yourself comfy and go with it….as long as your baby has enough wet diapers and is gaining weight, you’re doing great!!!!



    Hello All,

    I’m a new mother and my son is almost 2 weeks. My milk supply is very low – like I might get 4 oz a day if I pump. Or he might be on for 5-10 min TOTAL. Also, he seems so aggitted and anxious when trying to latch on, it usually takes at least 5 minutes, for him to do so. We are both getting frustrated which is not helping. What can I do to get my milk up and get him to calm down when trying to latch?



    man i guess i am lucky lol, i am 1 year and a few days PP and still BF and STILL dont have my period, though the last few weeks it has really started to feel like it is going to come back soon, but it hasnt and as far as im concerned it can stay away as long as possible.



    PGfirstimer- Just because lo is nursing from both breasts, to me, does not sound like a decrease in supply. You are SUPPOSED to offer both breasts at every feeding. Now, I can understand if you had only been feeding from one side but it could be that your supply is just leveling out for what your baby needs. As long as your lo is satisfied I would not worry about it. I feed my lo from both breasts now and he is fine and my supply is fine (he is 3 months) I pump when I work partime and I am still pumping 12-14 oz everytime. So try not to stress about it. Your body could be adjusting.



    mommynwifey- that’s totally normal when you’re just breastfeeding. DD is almost 6 months and i haven’t gotten my period yet


    Wow, I definitely consider myself lucky – my ped is nothing like what you all are describing! Maybe it’s because he has 4 kids under 5 and his wife bf all of them. I can trust him and his opinions and for that I am thankful!


    Hi ladies! So i started back at work yesterday and it’s just awful. I’m in a storage closet as we speak just pumping away! When i picked up my girls yesterday from my mil she said that she ran out of breast milk and gave her some water! I was so mad that a: she didn’t call to say she was running low and b: that she gave her water! She’s only twelve weeks old and doesn’t need that. At least she only gave her an ounce. And she went through 17 oz in 8 hours. Does that seem like a lot?

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