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    jacque- I agve birth at 36 wks and my son is a week and 1 day old, he is doing GREAT breastfeeding.. it took him a while to catch on and we have had some frustrating moments but he’s finally got it and doing great! Only problem Im having is that my left nipple is flat and even aftering getting it out and feeding him, he just hates it! you should see the look on his face when I try to give him the left breast! So needless to say, we dread switching sides 🙁 I even almost gave up breastfeeding altogether. Last Thursday was so bad that I gave him a 2 ounce bottle of formula, within 15 minutes it was all over him and me! He didnt do well with it, so I just decided there is NO other option and my baby deserves to be breastfed…



    well its official I have mastitis. I felt terrible today and had a fever but I got some antibiotics and tylenol and I’m just going to power through it! Ugh the pain is like when I first started breastfeeding all over again :(. The good news is Kiley started crawling yesterday at 6 months and a half months, watch out word my baby is mobile!



    I’m breast feeding and I know that sore nipples can be a pregnancy sign.. but are they also an af sign? she’s due next sunday and I have sore nipples and bbs for the last 2 days
    We’re not on bc and a baby would be welcome!



    gonnab4 – How long are you work? Is it only part time? If so then you might not need to pump. But I would look at your state laws regarding pumping in the workplace. Most states require the employer to accomodate pumping. This includes a place for you to pump and the time to do it in. If you are working more then 3-4 hours then I would say you need to pump at least every three hours. This may mean doing it on breaks (which is also federally mandated) and lunch. When I worked I pumped at 9am, fed my son at noon, and pumped again at 3pm. I would also start pumping and freezing milk now. Most women can’t pump the amount that they need daily so they have a stock pile of milk to add to what they pumped that day. Or they need to get up during the night to pump.



    I’m really really scared I’ve lost my supply 🙁 DD and I both got sick with whatever virus is going around, and I thought we were doing well, but now I really think my supply has taken a huge dip. So worrisome 🙁 I’ve had 3 bowls of fermented oats (hopefully done correctly) so far and she’s been attached to the boob most of the day, but if it’s going to build back up, I don’t know how long it’ll take. It scares me to think that all my hard work might be down the drain :((



    Hi ladies. I’m in 24 weeks right now and am wary about bf again. When I did with my now 7yo I used lanolin and found out too late I was allergic to it and that’s what caused me to crack (I almost had to get stitches within 3 weeks of using it sparingly) it was so bad. My nips just stayed so dry the Dr suggested it. Is there anything else to do/use if this happens again? I really want to try with this one. But I’m terrified it will happen again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 🙂



    seuban0 – HAHA! Alex never really fit. He was almost 11lbs at birth. He’s now 4 months and 20lbs. I remember thinking that with my first. Looking at him and curling him up and thinking ‘wow, he was inside me’. This time around I just look flabergasted that he was ever in me? Was he or was I just dreaming? He looks like a 9month old. I think maybe I just slept through the last few months and he’s really 9 rather then 4.


    hey ladies. i have never posted heer in the BF section but today i figured i might as well. i had my son 4 weeks ago and i ahve been trying to just BF. the 1st week we did BF only.. NO bottles. the 2nd week i pumped and gave him bottles because he didnt seem satisfied afetr feedings so i wanted to kno how much he was getting. then after that 1 week i put him back on breast and hes only had a bottle of pumped here n there. I notice tho that my righ breast does not produce milk very much. i pum after EVERY oneof his feedings to help stimulate it more and to ‘drain’ it. but by next feeding.. barley anything. he does NOT like to nurse on that breast. the milk on that side has a VERY slow let down. but my left breast makes alot. i get engorged on left where right it just a flab. i am trying to take Fenugreek to help with the production.. but it doesnt seem to really make any diffrence. i REALLY do not wanna have t put him on formula because i am not producing enough. any suggestions? think a lacatation consultant would be of help to me? i wanna breast feed as logn as possible but im scared as he gets older. that breast wont satisfy him because its only making so much and right is obv not making anything really



    He has severe food allergies, so why in the world does he want me to feed her solids anyway? I told him I’d done extensive research on the subject and vuntil he’s done the same, my opinion matters more. If he does research, instead of just going by what he and his ex did last time, I would be willing to open discussions back up.

    On another topic… I tried feeding Zoey 30 min after she woke up instead of waiting till she told me she was hungry and she fell asleep. Arrrrgh. She won’t do that from a bottle, but she still gets really cranky after being up 1 1/2 hrs. Oh well, I’ll just chart it and move on!



    balsamfir- i would call the manufacturer and see if there is anything they can do to help you. It seems so weird that you can’t take it apart! maybe they’ll send you a new one! I mean, you never know. Also, to answer you older question, i go by what my pump says. The bags don’t seem very accurate.



    Scarlet Begonia – I’ve lost 65lbs in 5 months. Just eat well and do what you can. I take the boys for walks daily and do yoga or crunches after they’re asleep. 10minutes here and there go a long way.



    Oh, I do have another question. I’ll be going back to work full time (8-10 hours a day) in a couple months, I want to keep ebf, but don’t know if I’ll have time to pump at work (no breaks). Any advice on that?



    noah-sounds like overactive letdown. just let him pop off and once it stops spraying out try him again. in the early weeks you may have to do this a few times a feeding so he isn’t gaging and choking.


    thanks everyone I called the breastfeedong lady at the WIC department and plan to go at 3 to talk to her about it all



    phatbaby57, you are lucky if you get 3mo! I was able to get 6wks off for Zach. Most of it was unpaid because I used a large portion of my paid time off while on bed rest after I went into preterm labor. When looking at when to start trying for siblings, we look at how much vacation/sick time I have to see if I will be able to take a paid 6wk maternity or not. 🙁

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