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    pedi and dad think its his little weak lower jaw. it got pushed back before and during delivery and is weak(as did the rest of his darling face). it will strengthen with time but is preventing him from sucking successfully for long periods of time.
    I seem to have forgotten about his jaw in all the other drama we had at the time(brain,hearing problems, neurologist, genticist, weight gain issues, thrush, we’ve been busy). pedi mentioned speech therapist to help w/ strengthening it and said lcs would say the same but she also said to give it time and as he strengthens, it will. she and my dad are not convinced we are out of the woods yet w/ mr jonah.

    my dad says to stay on bottles but have him nurse a few times a day to help strengthen it. so nursing has taken on a new job for now. ha! he also has me pulling on his ears to open his canals(still failing hearing) and we are doing cross crawls daily to neurologically stimulate him.

    this is a sensitive child on all spectrums it seems. …its hard to be a babe I guess.

    I am calling the lc tomorrow just to see what they say but I kinda know where things are going.


    Another bad night every 2 hrs wish he would shift this cold. His brother was the same never in one size more than 5 minutes. He is in his normal size for age now. When he was younger the medical staff when I got him weighed were convinced I was giving him formula aswell. I wasn’t. They have now started asking that when I get Ollie weighed.


    Ugh.. Baby John and I are getting so sick. I hate stupid colds! It’s hard for me to breathe at night so I know its hard for him. He sounds so bad and he gets so mad when he’s trying to eat because he has to take more breaks. My poor monkey boy. I miss cold meds!



    That is awesome I will have to look into that where do you get it? I am trying to be as homeopathic as possible so this is right up my ally



    jepica-i’d be tempted to nurse. if it’s too spicy she’ll likely not take it and if she does take it you’ll know whether it agreed with her or not and how much spice she can take. my dude handles spicy quite well.



    jessica-Thank goodness. I have to clean the drain after every shower…lol


    I have to say I know I miss-type a LOT. I’m always in a hurry since I try and get other things done first while john is sleep before hopping on the computer. Other than that I’m holding him and trying to type!



    deeyore486 – How cute! How I wish I could have a little guy. I weighed my 7 month old yesterday and he was 24.2lbs. I’m sure he’s over 30in, just not sure by how much. I guess I could measure him. I wish I had a tiny little thing. Maybe my third will actually be smaller….doubt it!


    Hey girls, I have a question – I nursed dd#1 for 20 months but she was constantly on the breast and I could handle that better. Lol. My dd#2 is 13 days old and she is more of a snacker. She nurses every 2-3 hrs during the day but not for very long. Maybe 10 mins and only on one side. I usually pump afterwards so I’m more comfortable until her next feeding. At night she pretty much just nurses until she falls back asleep and I wake up a little later feeling like my boobs are gonna explode! Lol. I’ve read articles about ‘rousing a sleepy baby’, etc but how do I get her to nurse more effectively/actively… or does it matter? She’s def gaining weight (we have a weight check Mon) as evidenced by her emerging double chin 🙂 So, after rambling forever, I guess my question is – should I be concerned she’s eating enough or not? Lol



    Wow, drama drama! I’m sorry you were attacked Lawsons Mom ((hug))…anywho I wanted to share a funny moment Quinn and I had this morning. I we were getting ready to nurse and I pulled my boob out and she got this huge grin on her face LOL. It was adorable =]


    Alyssa had her 6mo. check up yesterday. She weighs 14lbs & 14oz and is 26in long. Which puts her in the 25 percentile on weight and 50 for height. Not too shabby. She got 4 shots and an oral vaccine as well. She cried a little but did a lot better than she has in the past. We gave her tylenol about an hour before her appt and as suggested by my friend, we gave her polyvisol (her daily vitamin) that morning before her apt to help boost her immune system and further avoid any kind of reaction she might get to the shots. She’s doing just fine now. I stayed home after her apt to be with her in case she got fussy or needed mommy, but she did just fine. Dr. did confirm she is teething and my right breast confirmed it last night too. My reaction scared her enough to not do it again though. I was so surprised and it hurt so bad! I hope that’s the last time I ever feel that! lol


    Noah- The box says its ok! lol



    Swinter-I just googled breastfeeding hat. They are sooo cute! Might have to get one. I’d love to know your list of what you’d do differently.



    Sorry I messed up my typing! This little box is too small when you’re trying to cut/paste/edit what you’re typing sometimes.


    Bri- Does he use the normal toliet?? I got one that you can record something and when they flush its plays it. Damarion loved it! I made up some yay Damarion song for it. lol

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