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    Thankfully, Zoey latched on from day one and has no trouble switching from nipple to bottle to even second type of bottle (I’ve got regular Dr. Brown’s and then the fatter ones). Unfortunately, she (6 weeks) STILL won’t take a pacifier…which means if she has a desire to suck, she only wants my nipple. That’s just fine most of the time but I started back to work yesterday and I worry her sucking needs won’t be met during the day. But she’s trying really hard to find her thumb so maybe that’ll work out. I know I miss her a lot more than she misses me but I know she’s missing the snuggling and bf’ing because that’s ALL she wants to do when I get home. Makes it hard to get a shower and get her cleaned up and get everything ready for the next day. Sigh. But atleast I’m lucky enough for her to have such an easy time transitioning between nipples. I’m sorry for you ladies that weren’t so lucky.



    My 18 month old still breast feeds. Any one else out there have a toddler who won’t let go? I need some advice on how to wean her without it being too traumatic for her please



    ok so kinda in a little bit of a situation and just wondering what you ladies think…i have to get an MRI here soon and i cant breast feed for 48 hours after i have to pump and dump i dont want this to affect my supply and i dont think i can rely on my manual pump to express from both sides all day for 2 days as lately my manual pumps been harder to use and get the milk out for some reason so i dont know if i should just not get the mri and wait or what



    haha deeyore- i’ve noticed that too. Have you guys seen that commercial where the formula claims to be just as good as breastmilk? that it has the same ingredients or whatever? It’s annoying to see that. Formula is a good option for someone who can’t or doesn’t BF, but it is not equal.



    I agree with Bri. My daycare only got one extra frozen packet for the winter. In case of bad weather and I was late or couldn’t get to him for a while. We live in Tennessee first snow and everyone freaks. But they knew to only use it in an emergency. I gave them what they need thawed and prepared in bottles every day. That’s all they get so the better use it on a schedule and try other things besides feeding to sooth him when he fusses. On a funny note though. There is another new breastfed baby now that uses medela bottles. The daycare tells me everytime she pulls his bottle out of the fridge Isaac gets all excited and comes racing over. She says she’s tried to fed Isaac first and get him distracted in another activity but he still looks when he hears the fridge and comes crawling over. This just goes to show hat they like the good stuff and will take it from a bottle whenever offered.



    ama, YES! my first son had a shallow latch and we had to work long and hard on it. He finally did get it, it just took practice. In the end it was a band-aid that solved our problem. We were taking him daily to get blood drawn for his jaundice and I ended up taking him, removing clothing on him, and my shirt and then I tore the band-aid off his heal. He opened his mouth to scream and I popped the boob in. He latched perfectly and never had problems after that. Now, this isn’t how I would recommend solving the problem, I just didn’t know what to do other than piss him off! As for the over-active letdown, I block fed for three hour blocks.



    haha very true I have an almost 2 year old and she has become quite a handful since her brother has come…I didnt realize the messes she could cause while I am nursing lol good idea I didnt even think about taking probiotics and eating yogurt



    Kirra my baby is the same way. This is what I do… I feed her. Swaddle her as much as shel let me then walk around with her (Binky in mouth) when she doozes off i put her in her swing very gently and if Im lucky she still thinks its me cause she tight and warmy and still movin. Sometimes she opens her eyes with the ‘are you kiddin’ me?’ face so i have to repreat all the steps. Sounds like you have a high needs baby just like mine. If it wasent for that swing Id be holding her all day, the only way she’ll sleep…. Invest in a swing!



    As for anyone other than my spouse (read as my MIL and BIL) I just simply ask them if it is somehow affecting their lives. It’s not so I tell them to not worry about it. If it becomes a problem for me or Seth then I will address the ‘problem’ then. The problem is normally co-sleeping or extended breastfeeding.



    EllasMommy23 – It just sort of happens. Just start giving her a meal with a cup to drink. Maybe nurse a while before and then it just works out.


    glad you stuck at it crystal, oliver has had jaundice but thankfully nobody tried to discourage me from feeding him. They are very pro breastfeeding at my hospital in the uk. I also remember with my first being very worried when feed times halfed. I ended up asking my health visitor if it was normal!



    I may be going nuts but didn’t the picture used to be of an actual baby breastfeeding???


    John takes his hand and likes to slap my chest then he’ll grab the boob and do it over n over lol. He beats me! Sometiems if hes really hungry and I’m trying to get theboob out he ends up grabbingand pinching my nipple! Talk about pain!



    sueban-there are two earthfares. one is in turkey creek on the right if you enter from lovell rd and the other is on kingston pike in bearden were they are doing all that construction.



    Wow! So my 16 day old girl is letting mom have some sleep at night! 10:30, 2:00am and 5am! I have been breastfeeding and then giving an ounce of formula at those feedings…i think it does help her sleep!

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