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    sandra-leave the house and let someone else do it. try to stay away at least an hour so baby gets good and hungry and desperate. also, it maybe that you baby learns to reverse cycle. that’s where they sleep for the most of you being gone and eats very little and makes it up when you are around. just know a lot a nighttime waking should be expected if this happens. i recommend co-sleeping to any breastfeeding, working mom.



    Hello ladies i have a question. my son is 6months and has been ebf. He still wakes up about every 2hrs in the middle of the night and i’ll nurse him. A few days ago @ his 6month check -up the Dr. said i shouldn’t do that because hes getting spoiled and that will make him fat… I’ve been nursing him like that since birth because he was hungry but now i can’t tell if its because hes hungry or hes just use to waking up and eating out of comfort. My mil keeps trying to get me to feed him a bottle of formula with cereal in it as to make sure he goes to bed extra full. @night his dinner is a vegetable a little oatmeal and breast milk to wash it down is that enough to fill him up for the night?



    Mommymachine – I was trying to relactate my dd because I regretted weaning her, so I was on Motilium 3 times a day when I fell pregnant with my baby that is due next month. I don’t know the facts but from experience I would say it doesn’t affect fertility (negatively anyway).



    Here’s a list of drugs and there safety… If you are still concerned contact a local lactation consultant (LC).



    Starby, i haven’t ever done this before. But what I plan on doing is slowing stopping the day she turns a year old. If I have enough frozen I might start before she turns one. Going longer between pumps and shortening the amount of time that I’m pumping. I get clogged milk ducts all the time. Especially if I’m not pumping every 4 to 5 hours. That hurts so much. I even got mastitis once. I am scared to death of getting that again. Goog luck I can’t wait to stop pumping.



    I’m trying to figure out how to message some of the moms on here that have said they got pregnant with younger babes still. i just found out that i’m around 5 weeks 5 days pregnant and I am still breastfeeding my 7 month old. Did any of you other moms go back to work and still manage to tandem breastfeed? This means in order for me to get my next mat leave, i have to go back to work when my daughter is only 10 months – for 4 months full-time (12 hour shifts.. night and day shifts) – so LONG days that i don’t see my girl and she mostly won’t take bottles. i’m scared i won’t be able to wean her before then and that she’ll go nuts if i go back to work.



    Thanks for the info Bri. Hayley has been getting 2 bottles of formula a day anyway since she started daycare, so now it will just be increased to 3.

    Just something interesting on the milk supply thing.. I have a girlfriend who lives on a remote station and she was down to BF her twins ‘once a week each’. Well her shed with all her formula burnt down… and she was able to resume full time BF. She just started and her milk returned.

    It is also possible to BF an adopted child if you have BF in the past! Our body is an amazing thing… I’m just hoping mine wont let me down and I can still feed Hayley when I am home. She seems more than happy with the amount she is getting. I just REALLY need to make sure I drink enough water… I’m really bad for that!



    she was a little monster alst night we just cojuldnt calm her down no idea what wa up with her we ended up shoving a bottle teet in her mouthh and putting calpol in it coz she wont have medicine ouit of a syringe it worked pretty well actually and then we gave her some waer coz she didnt really want feeding she slept really weirdly too waking up at half 3 and 8 which she never does so shes still asleep now i managed to get her back to sleep at about 10:30

    it was hard work lol even andy stayed in last night to helop me with her



    Has anyone here taken antibiotics themselves while breastfeeding? I started taking some (for a sinus/throat infection) and the doctor said they came through in breast milk but it was okay for the baby. He’s 13 months and has had antibiotics himself once or twice anyway. But, he’s been really gassy. Doing these burps that smell really bad even though we’re only feeding him bland foods at the moment because he’s getting over a tummy bug. It doesn’t seem to bother him much but just thought I’d ask. He also has not been feeding very enthusiastically although he may even be in the process of gradual self-weaning. Or maybe the milk tastes a bit different? Anyone have any experiences to share?



    Black – Check your babies mouth and see if there is white in her mouth. That would be the first sign of thrush in your baby. Other than the pain i am not sure how to identify Thrush on you. I used a nipple shield ($5 at Target) to help not get the thrush myself. I would definately go see your doc or the ped to see what it could be. Good Luck! Sorry about medicare/caid, i have friends on it and they hate all the red tape too.


    luvbeingamom- thanks 🙂 the only reason i really want to pump is so my bf can help me at night when baby is fussy and also because during the day when my baby is sleeping more, my boobs start to get super full and they itch BAD! but other than that, i will breastfeed as much as possible. plus i want to be able to leave the baby at the grandparents every once in a while lol 🙂



    I have a question for you all. . . I am exclusively bf twins who are now 15 weeks old. On Friday morning, I woke up and found spotting. I thought that AF had returned (and was unhappy because I thought I would get at least 6 months since I am bf two). It was never enough to use a tampon, nor even cover a panty liner. I spotted a little on Sat too, but all day today, nothing. Is this how AF comes back while bf? Is it common to spot, but NOT get your period??? I guess I am wondering if I am ovulating again. We haven’t been using protection, but I want to becareful in the future if it is… Anyone have any input?



    My period return when my son was 2 months old. Even though I was exclusively breastfeeding. It’s just different for every woman. Jen WVU, your period may or may not return. It’s just too hard to say. But you should be prepared anyway, just in case.


    Okay…I need a pep talk. The past couple days I have been getting so down on the whole pumping and nursing thing. They both take so much time and it’s really stressful to make sure I pump at the right time so I have a chance to refill before nursing my LO at night. It’s difficult to make sure I pump enough every day for him to eat the next day. He gets so frustrated when he’s hungry, he is CONSTANTLY pulling off the breast while he’s nursing and grabbing and pinching my skin. He’s a squirmy little bug while he nurses. Then if he doesn’t empty me I have to find some way to pump, which is difficult with him in my arms.

    I am proud that I am successfully breastfeeding and I’m doing EVERYTHING I can to make sure I have enough for him to eat every day. But the stress is killing me. Please, help me keep this up. I know this is what I really want to do, but, like I said, the stress is becoming too much.

    On the phone now with my OB’s nurse and she is suggesting that I stop nursing, but I really don’t want to. She says that the stress and mood swings I’ve been going through could be attributed to very low estrogen and the way to fix that would be to stop nursing and see if that helps. I would rather not stop because what if I find out that WASN’T the problem? Then not only am I still stressed out and crazy, but I can’t do the one thing that is most important for my son.

    Sorry ladies, I just needed to talk this out. I go to my OB tomorrow and hopefully will be able to get on something to help my mood that is safe for breastfeeding.


    I have a question…10 years ago, I thought I was done with having children. BUT…I find myself pregnant again (NO idea how that happened. haha) about 6 years ago, I have a benelli type of lift and implants. Do you think I’ll still be able to breast feed? And should I? They are ‘under the muscle’ type of silicone implants and my doc says ‘maybe you will and maybe you won’t’ in response to my question. Anyone have any experience???

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