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    Kym, I havent heard of the blessed thistle I will have to try that too.
    Annie, thank you for the imput on taking enough. I was just taking what the bottle said. I think I will up the dosage. I really appreciate both of you guys advice, I already feel more encouraged! Thanks.



    Thanks for the support guys!



    Oh and i also get jealous of all the mums who have never had to suppliment with formula. It would be nice to not need that backup. But im sure if you needed it you would use it.



    My daughter is 8 months and we have been EBF. I just got my period back last week and noticed this week that my milk supply has decreased dramatically. Is this normal? She only nurses 4-5 times a day. I’ve been trying to pump in between to increase my supply but it’s not working. Any suggestions?



    oldie i am also pump and feeding and my little guy is only 1 month old and am not able to get him to latch i also have to supplement with formula and i am drinking the malted milk and taking the fenugreek to help with my supply although its still not enough, its awesome that you have done it for so long it gives me hope! how much are you having to supplement? do you take anything to help your supply?



    kym22- Have you tried making your own baby food? My lo won’t touch the jarred food. I can’t say I blame him though. He is a little older now and on table food mostly, but that’s what I did to get him to eat food. Just a thought. Those jars of food don’t smell very good to me. My first born would eat them no problem, 2nd kid, no way man 😛 Just make a batch of carrots or peas…easy enough and cheap. Make sure you puree it well or the texture might turn baby off to it. Keep trying too. It can take 10-12 times eating something to get them to like it. Hopefully she gets her top teeth soon. Riley is working on his top ones right now too (he’s 9 months, late teether). It will regulate again then she’ll change her schedule again. Gotta keep momma on her toes =)



    mrsofficer, it feels completely different than what you are used to, and I think you are highly unlikely to feel aroused by the sensation. Most people find it hurts in the beginning, although I myself never experienced pain except when we had a thrush infection, and even then very little. But as I say, even when it stops hurting, it does have it’s own unique sensation, which is not unpleasant, but certainly not arousing to me either. don’t know how everyone else feels, but this is my experience.



    babyinjuly- I use Johnson’s disposable pads. I like them the best because they are thicker and conform better to my breast. Mabe just try a couple of different brand and find out what works best for you.



    My baby was ridiculously gassy all the time… she kind of still is at 5 months. My doc says its normal…



    i don’t know if this is possible for all you working mamas, but when my supply dipped pretty low i lucked out & my daycare was closed for a five day weekend…so lots of nursing and that boosted up my supply again.



    i gained about 55 lbs when i was pregnant (that was when i stopped counting!!) i had lost all of it plus an extra 5 pounds by maddy’s 1st birthday. i ate what i wanted for the most part, but exercised everyday–walking, hiking, yoga, dancing all with my baby….i know breastfeeding really helped me lose weight. sometimes i saw a dip in my supply & when i did, i ate more, pumped more & drank more.

    tifanie—my little girl cluster feed as well……start around 6pm and wouldn’t stop! her growth spurt started around 4 weeks old and lasted until she was about 8 weeks old….it was killer! but then all of a sudden it seemed like she was full and didn’t need to nurse every minute. just make yourself comfy and go with it….as long as your baby has enough wet diapers and is gaining weight, you’re doing great!!!!



    Deeyo-I woke my son every few hours to eat for the first couple of weeks, then let him sleep. I pumped when he slept long, however, to help my help my supply and for comfort.
    Don’t judge your supply on just what you can pump…your baby is much more efficient than any pump. I could only pump an ounce or less all day for the first month, yet my baby always had enough. Good luck!!



    i was wondering, for those of you who are BF older babies, how do you deal with the unwanted (and unsolicited) comments about your extended BF? I am *gasp* STILL (rolls eyes) BF my 1 year old (which in my opinion isnt really that extreme…) and i certainly dont go around announcing our BF status but some people know and some people ask and i am honest (and proud) but i have been noticing the looks and the comments. i have been dealing with this since around 10 months when people were so surprised i was still nursing and at first it didnt really bother me but it is REALLY getting old and fast.



    npreg2-i use a Medela Pump In Style and love it. I rented the Symphony from the hospital for a month to give my pumping output a boost and get my nips ready for daily pumping. Some love manual pumps…but it all depends on what your gonna use it for. If your going back to work..look into electric dual pumps…if its one to keep around house or use once in awhile a manual will do you just fine.



    At 3 weeks the growth spurts alone should boost your supply! I remember those days. We didnt even leave the house because he ate so much. Hung out in sweats and a tanktop and whipped it out whenever needed! Keep a book or remote handy because those first growth spurts are killer!!

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