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    HRose – It can all be very overwhelming at first but you do have to be patient. It does get better and you do get used to it. I would strongly suggest nursing vs. bottle feeding.



    He uses both toilets.


    Okay for those of us who are exclusively pumping… what do you do to increase your supply?
    Usually I just add a little more time to my pumping- but wasn’t sure what others are doing…



    ms.ellis – I doubt that your LO is waking up every 2 hours for food. I bet he is looking for comfort and you have become the human pacifier. I doubt that filling him up before bed will stop him from wanting comfort that your breast provides for him. I had this same thing happen to me, except I let it go on for 8 months. If you want advice on what I did PM me, other than that I guess I am saying no amount of food will replace comfort.



    Emma, so sorry for your loss! I think you should do whatever makes it easier on the both of you. Should I be pumping both boobs or just the one he feeds on after he’s all done?



    malenasmommy: check, it’s a great resource for what you can/not take while nursing. If you’re truly worried about it, can you pump and dump and supplement with formula, or if you have a stash built up yet, use that?? But, if doc’s told you it’s okay, I would probably trust them. Or you can always ask your pediatrician!



    jess0402 I use a Medela Pump In Style. Its an electric double pump. I really like it.



    Please help me. I am strictly pumping (for babies milk) and have been for 3 weeks. I pump about 4-6 times per day. Yesterday when I got finished pumping I started to have a HORRIBLE shooting, stabbing pain in my left breast that didnt go away for about an hour and a hlaf afterwards. (IT WAS AWFUL!!!). The rest of the day, after pumping, it didnt come back but this morning, it came again. I also have a tiny white spot on the nipple tip now, it looks like a little dried milk that I could squeezeout, but I cant. The baby has no white in his mouth and the only symptom of thrush that he has is very bad gas. Does anyone else on here have the same problem? Any advise?



    Kelly – I did that with my son when he was about your sons age. I just stopped nursing at night. He wasn’t eating at night b/c he was hungry, he was eating b/c he woke and wanted that comfort to fall back asleep. After one long weekend, he has slept through the night since. In my opinion your ped is prob right. It is more habit than anything else. But in the end, it comes down to your choice. If you are not comfortable with it, then don’t do it now. Eventually you will need to but as a mother i am sure you will be able to tell when. Nobody knows your baby like you and you will know what is right for the 2 of you. I do have to say that after i did it, i started to almost feel rested after a nights sleep! hehe! Almost!


    Member woman was on here breastfeeding twins and pregnant…talk about calorie consumption:)


    Hi everyone! Happy almost Thanksgiving. Evin is almost 8 months and I’ve finally weaned him from his 2am feeding (it has been me getting him up all this time to feed him, not him demanding to be fed). Anyway, he’s been eating for such quick bursts at his 4:30pm and his 7:30 feeding lately that I think I might cut out the 7:30 one in order to move his bedtime up just a bit. Here’s what I’m thinking…(I know you may think I’m crazy but since he’s had some weight gain issues I struggle over every feeding decision)…6am-nurse, 9:30 4-5oz breastmilk bottle + cereal mixed w/ milk and fruit, 12:30ish -4-5oz breastmilk bottle + jar food, 4:30-nurse, 5-6ish jar food, 8:30-nurse and then to bed. If that’s enough food…..also…this part has nothing to do w/ the baby…it’s more me. Will cutting out the feeding (so it would be 2 total feedings I’ve weaned), make my period return? Should I slightly lower the amount of food I eat so I don’t gain weight (BTW–I’ve lost a total of 60lbs since I gave birth–whooo hooooo for nursing!) Thanks for helping me with my crazy need to plan every last every thing!



    i was so sick when i gave birth that the nurses had to feed my son formula or the first 4 days. when i started bf he lached on straight away, so i got lucky he seemed to know what to do. but the 1st 3 weeks were painful, so i used Lanolin cream and it worked like a treat. i stopped using it after 4 weeks and now my nipples feel nothing after 6 months.



    hi everyone I hope everyone had a wonderful xmas!! just have a question hope someone can help. Gavin is 3 months old and still wants to nurse every 2 1/2 hours will he EVER have longer intervals?



    Question, is anyone else NOT losing weight? My little one is 3.5 months old, and I have not lost any weight…I mean I lost about 15lbs initially, but none since about week 3 postpartum. I have started to diet and exercise now, but gosh it sucks! For awhile there I was even gaining weight…what the heck!?? Wondering if I am the only one.



    Ladies I have been breastfeeding now for 4 months exclusively. I am starting to get cervical mucus and my sex drive has been great. I have been going for 7 hours at night without breastfeeding and feel that I am getting close to starting my period. My baby has been very upset because my milk supply has dropped. I am nursing every 2 hours and taking fenugreek. Is it possible that my supply will never be the same?

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