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    my lil girl is 5 days old and i pump out my milk and feed it to her she is very tiny and cant latch on well she only takes 2 oz. every 2-3 hours and im pumping 7-10 oz. every 3 hours i cant believe i have so much milk already lol but atleast i know she has plenty of it….


    I’m so bummed about the whole bigger boobs thing – I’ve always had small boobs (34 A usually) but with my first they got to be a nice 34-36 C. Once I stop nursing her they went down to a 32 A!! If I got any smaller I would have been back in training bras! lol Unfortunately with this baby they never got to the nice C that I had before (I’m about a B now bf) except for the couple of days that my milk was coming in. Ahhh, I miss those days! lol



    I don’t have a very good pedi either. He always asks what kind of formula I’m using….its annoying. I feel like I only need a pedi for her immunizations or if she ever gets sick. All other things like solids or bf’ing momma knows best. (along with a ton of research lol)

    On a side note, I just read a pediatrics research paper on giving your lo’s solids and in the 1960’s 80% of babies were given solids at 1 mo of age. I found it soooo interesting



    i was having to supplement my baby w formula for a while, after every feeding, at my 4week pp my doc gave me reglan to help my supply and i took it about a week and a half, then switched to fenurgreek bc the reglan made me so tired. ive been able to wean hi almost completely off the formula he only takes about 2-3 2oz bottles in a 24hr period. however sometimes when he nurses especially on my left side he gets so angry and agitated that he just screams and sreams and wont latch so i switch him to the other side and he calms dwn. idk if he empties the left on or not but now im having stabbing shooting pains in that breast…help! plz idk how to make more milk or y the screaming n pain..



    jacquecmsu – Your body will start making milk after birth (even formula moms have milk at first). The hard part with premature is if they don’t have the sucking reflex yet or if they are in the NICU. If so, then you’ll need to pump often. Once baby is able to feed then you can put to breast. It does tend to be a lot hard with premature babies then a baby that can feed within minutes of birth. Even with a c-section you can feed right after. This time around I had my son latched on in the OR so it was less then 30minutes from birth to breast.



    I was never able to pump well. I could hand express MUCH MORE than I could pump. Also, don’t worry about being ’empty’ – your breasts are NEVER empty, as long as they are being stimulated, there is milk coming out.



    sorry if this is a little tmi but the husband and I have been talking about the whole sex thing im only a month postpardum and bleeding pretty heavy so it won’t be for a while but my question is when we do finally what do you do about leaking boobs? I mean how can we without soaking him the bed and I ?? I don’t really wanna wear a nursing bra because I already don’t like my new body and that’s just not gonna make me feel hotter lol! and my old bras are a 32A and now im a 34E so trying to stuff um in that with a breast pad isn’t an option haha so how do I go about this??? again sorry its akward but who better to ask than others who breastfeed



    I agree that there are medical reasons but she had two children and her youngest the one closest to my lo’s age outweighed my lo by 10 pounds. I doubt he was a preemie. I’m sorry you were unable to nurse. I feel strongly that you and other moms like you is the reason for formula. My grandmother couldn’t nurse her first son in the 1940’s and had a very hard time keeping him nourished. She also lived out in the country. I also believe though that formula is way overused because it is so available and my doctor seemed to be an example. I doubt you because you know how heart breaking it is to not be able to nurse for medical reasons would ever suggest a nursing mom stop unless it was absolutely necessary. In my case it’s not. I’ll be in pain a little longer, but it will be totally worth it.



    PGFirstTimer, the best thing you can do is get baby onto the breast to stimulate milk production, and you are doing that! It might take a bit, but I am sure you will get there!



    bri-since you are talking about milk storage and all that…What the heck is this second letdown all about? Why does the body wait to give you about an ounce or two more milk? I’ve always wondered about that.



    i have the paragaurd IUD, its hormone free and works great…no side effects at all and itll last for 10 yrs. there is also the mirena IUD, it has hormones. the hormones only stay within the uterus though and do not enter into the blood stream therefore dont have anything to do with breastmilk or its production. i totallly recommend the iud over the pill, condoms, etc



    MyBaby, no I don’t actually look but as for the benches being in the open or not. They aren’t breastfeeding benches but just benches. When you have a toddler to watch you need to be able to watch him, not hide. This goes for anywhere that I am. As for covers, I have no problem with them. I personally just don’t like using them. I’m also not on display. I think it’s rediculous that women have to breastfeed with their whole breast uncovered. I wear a modest-middle shirts that pull up easily. Alex is always afraid I’m going to stop before he’s ready and he clutches my shirt close to his mouth. Honestly, you are far more likely to notice a women using a cover then me breastfeeding. It’s funny how many times people have come up to me to talk and then realize what I was doing.


    oliver loves my right boob. But fights so much on the left and is making me quite sore. His latch and position are good so not sure why he twists and squirms on this side.


    doublemamma..i am experiencing so many things you are..i thought i was nuts at first..i couldnt put my son on the changing station and turn my head for one min or i would imagine him falling to the floor…bleeding..the dresser falling on top of him..i love my son and couldnt figure out why i was having these crashes..only imagining the most violent scenerio..then crying for imagining it..i also would get get really depressed and angry..achy, and pain from breastfeeding…all of my symptoms are starting to fade since i hae started on a low dose of zoloft.i refused medication at first but when i realised that sometimes these things are morethen just hormone reaction, for of a chemical imbalance that can occur after birth i realised i may not be able to correct it on my own. things are looking better lately i am pleased to admit..i just wanted to share my story for you to hear because like you said its never talked about..and i thought i was just nuts..i hope thins are going better for you..take care 🙂



    Wondering if those of you who are EBF are giving your LO’s pacifiers. Ella is strictly sucking her thumb but I’m starting to worry that it will disturb the positioning her teeth when they come in. I am also wondering how difficult it is to BF when baby has teeth. Ella doesn’t yet have any but I know it’s coming soon.

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