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    GONNAB4- How do you work 8-10hrs a day and not have a break? Like Bri said, most states have a law that the employer has to provide a clean area that is not a restroom to pump/or feed your child on your breaks. They don’t HAVE to give you any extra time to do so though. I only work 3 6hr days. I pump at 9am, 10:30am and then around Noon. I’m home at 2pm, so I’m plenty full for my babies next feeding. Good Luck, but I’d check with your employer and the laws in your state!



    Seuban, I have just started looking into babywearing, but my SIL suggested a homemade sling, like the one she used. She told me about it on Saturday, I bought the material and made it on Sunday, and wore it for the first time yesterday. Braeden and I LOVE it, and it can be used in so many positions. You can have the baby on your front, side, or back. In a nursing friendly position or not. It’s great! All you need is a bolt of fabric 5-6 yards long, and about 30 inches wide. If you buy one bolt that long, you can cut it in half lengthwise, and get 2 slings out of it. I bought mine off the clearance rack (it was 70% off, and is beautiful!). It only cost me $16.50, and I got 2 slings out of it. Then to learn to use it, go to, it demonstrates how to use multiple positions! I wore Braeden to school to get Damion today, and got a zillion comments about how comfy he looked, and how beautiful my sling is.


    its so sad to think people think breast feeding isn’t the normal way to feed a baby. Out of my friends i’m the only one who has breast fed. Out of the people i met at baby group 4 out of the 15 breast fed and only 3 of us over a year. Luckly even though my friends didn’t bf they or my family would never dream to make a comment about me doing it. Apart from my sil who bf her second for a week, with her first who is just older than my oldest. Her reason for not feeding her first was that there was nothing to prove bf was better. Nearly fell off my chair when she said that.



    I feel for you guys with such horrible mat leaves, I really do 🙁 I think it’s horrible your governments think 6 weeks is enough time to bond and establish breastfeeding and all the other things that go along with a new baby (not that I’m saying you’re not bonded, obviously). It’s so aggravating to me. Makes you think the law makers are either men or women without children… 🙁



    coloradomama86 – Contact a Lactation Consultant. It does sound like your baby prefers the bottle which is only natural since she hasn’t ever been breastfed. There are techniques like Double suggested about the tube that can help your baby now transition back to the breast. It’ll take a lot of work but you do need to continue to pump as often as you can. Keep your supply up. My first took two months to latch on but it eventually happened. Many insurance companies will pay for an LC and if you are on WIC they will provide one as well. Definatelly make an appointment, it’s well worth it. Especially with your baby being in the NICU. Breastmilk is life saving for those with a rough start.


    Don’t panic! We’ve dealt with quite a few temperatures with James about 5 in the space of 2 month. Keep her stripped to just her nappy, luke warm bath, ibuprofen is better for temperatures than paracetamol based medicine. And keep us much milk down her as possible she needs fluids. Her temp isn’t that high so don’t worry. Hope she is better soon.



    mtnwoman – My first was like that. He wasn’t a big eater and still at 2 1/2 he isn’t. That’s just him. It’s ok. Babies are instinctual. They’ll wake to feed if they are hungry. Since your baby is over a month I’d just let her be. Actually I’d watch to make sure he is still growing and having wet diapers. If she is then I wouldn’t worry about it and count my blessings!!


    Never had thrush before sounds painful. Feel sorry for yous who have/had it.



    Jep-I always eat everything spicy and it doesnt affect him I would say go for it and if it does than dont do it again


    Ff aren’t lazy. They have to wash a ton of bottles all day long…..



    I am a stay at home mommy 🙂 yea we are about 10 min we should go to the park or something if it gets nice. My bestie is also on here not a ton but butterfly_kisses and she is in lower puyallup so that makes what 6 of us in WA



    god-iva, Both my boys had room clearing stinkers. It’s part of their tummies being immature and starting to grow. It’ll be ok. Your little one will grow out of it…eventually.



    dollybird-how long will you be out for? my husband doesn’t feed to sleep. he sways to sleep. we both have different cooping strategies with a tired baby and what works for us works for us but not the other. dh may just need to find his groove.



    I am really sorry my comment has upset so many and i do appologise to Lawson mum I truly do not have any issue with anyone’s sexual preferences.. I just wanted support from this group andI really did feel I was being looked and frowned upon because of my chioces.. Again I apologise I knew what i said was wrong but I was very frustrated.. I know lawson mum has worked very hard to insure that lawson is brought up in a caring loving nurtuting home.. As i am trying to do do for my family I am very sorry but i am really sick of being told I am doing the wrong thing.. Sometimes lack of lseep and frustration gets the better of me and for that i am sorry



    Yeah! I’m excited we can all talk on FB now without having people come onto this page and bash us. This whole ordeal has real upset me. Laura’s response to so many people has been that ‘we’ (i.e. the people on this forum) retaliated and were inappropriate. People were understandabley upset, but no one was name calling or threatening or going crazy. She just decided to start censoring when we disagreed with her. What a power trip!

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