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    tishlamp – I agree I’d try and stick it out. Cover yourself in lanolin. If it’s really bad then you can use a bit of neosporin but make sure you wipe yourself clean before feeding. It doesn’t taste good! HAHA! Neosporin will help heal any cracks and keep the bacteria at bay. You want to switch off which side is first because babies always tendd to drink more off the first side. You don’t want to be too lop-sided because one is producing WAY more then the other.


    hah! So glad to see the hats go over the babys head not over the moms. I was picturing this big curtain type thing draping over my head. lol. I’m so dumb!



    Scarlet and emilees3babes – Thanks! She should be waking up soon and plan on putting her on the boobs. I’m assuming she will eventually be able to start on her own and I will not have to pump beforehand. I also use a nipple shield b/c otherwise it is too painful and she doesn’t latch on.


    Some kids just don’t care! Its like when I was pregnant and stuck in the worst traffic I had to pee i nthe car!! I didn’t care.. lol


    sandra28 – have you tried different bottles? Alyssa did not like the first bottle we introduced (playtex original nurser) but she took right to the Medela bottles. Maybe she just doesn’t like the bottles you are using. They might be too different in shape and size than you are. Make sure you are using a slow flow wide base nipple. I agree with Phatbaby too… it might be better to get someone else to do it at first. Luckily, Alyssa did not start reverse cycling. She eats well during the day when I’m not home (although I do get to go home for lunch and nurse her). Good luck!



    Ms. Ellis–despite popular misconceptions, formula and/or rice cereal will not cause a child to sleep longer. From the first night we brought our daughter home from the hospital she slept 5 hour chunks at night and she only received breast milk. It really depends on the child. Babies love routine. If he has eaten every two hours during the night for 6 months, that is his routine. It may be tough to break him, but the earlier you start the easier it will be. Listen to your own instincts and do what works for you and your family, but don’t be fooled into thinking stuffing a baby before bed will help them sleep better. Although I have to use formula on occasion, I hate the stuff, the way they market it, and hate what it has done to our culture. Breastfeeding is the most natural and healthy thing we can do for our children.


    Tiffjd… I dont know if you consider this crazy but maybe get a vegan cookbook, that will cut the dairy out, plus get you some yummy recipes.maybe you can adapt them to have meat. A parent I knew used these for her son who was allergic to dairy.



    Hey! Just wanted to let all you ladies that are currently breastfeeding or pregnant with questions, that I am a Lactation Consultant/Lactavist. So if anyone has any questions just message me!
    I’ve been a LC for over 2 years now…and have also nursed both my children.
    I am a VERY strong believer in breastfeeding & there is no question to silly or embarrassing to ask me!
    So feel free 🙂



    I definately reccomend an electric double pump and I’ve had really good experiences with the Medela Pump in Style.



    do you have to wash the nystatin off before breastfeeding your baby or is it safe to leave on the nipple during a feeding?



    The occasional glass of wine or celebratory cocktail doesn’t appear to harm a nursing baby or interfere with milk production in the long run.

    Studies do show that a baby drinks less milk if her mother has recently drunk alcohol. And drinking large amounts may make your baby drowsy or sluggish, which could interfere with her sucking ability. Drinking as little as one drink may also affect your milk letdown reflex (your breasts’ natural ability to produce milk). One study also found that babies slept for significantly shorter periods of time in a three and a half hour period after nursing if their mothers had had an alcoholic beverage.

    If you’re going to enjoy an occasional alcoholic beverage or have more than one drink, wait at least two hours per drink before nursing your baby to give the alcohol a chance to dissipate. One drink is considered 4 ounces of wine, one beer, or one mixed drink. Alcohol isn’t stored in breast milk, so ‘pumping and dumping’ (using a breast pump to empty your breasts and then throwing out the collected milk) serves no purpose. And be sure to down a nonalcoholic drink for every cocktail you quaff, to ward off dehydration.



    I’ve been breastfeeding twins for 6 weeks so far! I have no problem making enough milk for the both of them, but they only actually nurse 2-3 times a day right now and receive the rest in bottles. They were born early and spent a month in the hospital, so they have been eating my milk through bottles (in the beginning they received it in tube feedings). It is alot of work, but I believe the benefits win, hands down! We are currently trying to work up to all feedings from mommies boobies, but they are still a little bit too weak for that. Oh well, practice makes perfect!!!


    3rd Timer–I had to take antibiotics for a sinus infection and Evin was a little gassy during that time too. Other than that, there weren’t any . Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!



    blackpearl: I was also in a lot of nipple pain. It is totally normal for the first few weeks until bub leanrs to feed correctly and your nipples get used to the human vacuum on the other end. I thought i would never have pain free feeding and here we are at almost 6 months and i dont feel a thing. It will happen sooner than 6 months though – my baby is almost 6 months old.
    I used a nipple shield ( medela is the best one and recommended by L/C here is Australia) for a few weeks. It took the pain right away when feeding and helped with her latch. I did have to wean her off it though as she got used to it but that only took a few days. As soon as your nipples feel better then take the shield away. Also Lansinoh cream is a MUST HAVE for all breastfeeding mums when starting out. It will heal your sore nipples in no time and makes the next feed bearable. Bub can also feed while its on. Perservere though as the first couple of weeks are the hardest and most painful and then it will all fall into palce and breastfeeding has been the most amazing experiance for bonding for us. Im so glad i stuck it out. Good luck,



    imso – I know it seems like it will last forever, it won’t. Then when your LO is feeding farther apart, you will miss your time witht hem. hehe. My son fed every 3 hours (start to start) until he was 10 months old. But only during the day. At night he would eat at 7pm and then not again until 7am starting at around 7 months. Though he would only wake once a night after 3 months. But every child is different. Good Luck.

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