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    In response to the 3 previous messages….

    I loved it when my children would be smiling at me while their nursing. Nursing is such a great bonding experience!!

    With my 1st I got my period within 2 months after he was born. It was a long time ago so I don’t remember how it came back whether it was heavy or light. My 2nd, I got my period 10 months after he was born and it was a period!! It just happen to be in the middle of this Health Fair where my older son’s preschool had a booth and I was working at it. It was terrible!!

    And as far as weight loss, I always lost a lot of weight at first and then I would really have to work on the last 15 lbs. Now that I’m older, I think I’m going to have to work even harder.



    I also have been losing more weight since I started taking fenugreek. Is that one of the side effects? I don’t want to lose weight since that also lowers my supply. Thanks for any info you can give me!!!!



    andante – I have always got depressed when I’ve stopped bf so watch out for those hormones! I’m assuming you’re working so that’s why you’re pumping? Sounds like you’re having a tough time. I could never pump quite enough to satisfy my bub while he was at daycare but I was lucky that it was only 2 days a week so i just topped bottles up with formula for those days and successfully bf the other days. Can you tell us more about your situation so some of the ladies might be able to offer some more advice? I know a lot of mums on here have done more (successful) pumping than me.



    My son is almost a year and still nurses full time. I’m not ready to quit and neither is he however, I have to go through some medical treatment starting monday. It will go through Friday and the meds I have to take do not mix well with bf…It is my only option and I am scared to death..I really don’t want to stop cold turkey like that. Cohen takes formula to supplement if he’s still hungry and I’m empty and he eats solids just fine. I know he won’t go hungry but how is he gonna take to just no nursing at all the whole 5 days? I plan to pump and dump the entire time and go back to nursing when it’s over..I didn’t realize how attached I was to bf until I was faced with this..I feel like crying. I’m almost as worried about how I will deal as much as him..and what if he doesn’t want to go back to nursing after the weeks over..any comments, suggestions, support is welcome. Thanks.



    laurenr-yeah that’s what i did too, until i read up on fenugreek on (awesome website btw, has lots of great info) that’s why when anyone says they’re taking it i try to inform them about how much they need to take for it to be effective.



    I think my boobs are just messed up. At my 3 pm pump I got 4.5 out of one side & 1.5 outta the other. What gives. Why is is NEVER consistent?



    Wow Bri- Kekoa is very active. My lo is just over 7 months but he is lazy! If he really wants to get somewhere he’ll roll or do the inch worm thing(kinda). My 4 year old though keeps me hoppin’. It is fun having two so I wish you luck!



    Candice, your precious one is only very young – establishing your breastfeeding relationship takes a little time, and definitely gets better! I had a big baby a few years back and when my milk wasn’t well established I just gave her an occasional formula feed which allowed her to sleep with a full tummy and me to sleep and get my milk supply coming. By 3 weeks old, she was EBF. You need rest as well as nutrition and breast stimulation to get the supply meeting the demand. If you don’t want to give any formula – and there are good arguments for that position – try and get as much rest as possible while Baby sleeps to encourage your supply. Meditation, yoga, anything that calms you is good.


    Nikki, your doing such a great job!! Pumping is a pain, I pump in the am before I leave my house & again at 9:30am, 12:30N, & 3:30pm. I feed my lo as soon as I pick her up from the sitters. My lo LOVES to eat all the time and all night long, so I feel like I am always feeding. Last week I was sooooo warn out I wanted to give up, one morning I was literly crying when I was pumping because I just could not take it anymore. I can never get anyting done around my house, and I was always having to put my other daughter on hold(she has a lot of ther health needs). I am a practical thinker, so I decided to think of the health benefits my daughter would be loosing, I blame my other daughters health problems on me not breast feeding her. She is always sick(even as a baby she has had 7 surgerys). Also the cost of formula is rediculose!! My point is, b/f is super hard. But it has so may benefits that if you quit you will never be able to get back…… One day you might end up like me, thinking your child illinesses are all your fault.



    kym- you can get the poly-vi-sol vitamins for your lo for iron and a bunch of other vitamins. We use them for vitamin D, the doc said that breastmilk doesn’t have very much of that. If you try to make your own food, it’s SUPER easy! I’ll attach the website i use. Most fruits and veggies you either bake or boil and then blend until it gets smooth. The stuff tastes much better than jarred foods.



    kym22; A few months ago i went off the motilium cold turkey and also lost my supply within 2 days. It was awful. It is not recommended to stop cold turkey for you or your baby. Your hormones will have plummeted as well which will making you feel like you cant look after your baby. I felt like a bad mum and like i missed her all the time even though i was with her. It was horrible. I was on the verge of tears for days. It is indescibable the feeling. I did everything i could to get my milk back as i realised neither of us were ready. After a week of soaked oats, breastfeeding tea, malted milk and motilium i was back but she wouldnt go on so i expressed for the past 3 1/2 months. Is there any way you can go back on the reglan to get your supply back ( if motilium isnt available) and then once you have your supply wean of the reglan slowly so you dont get these side effects? As soon as i decided to keep feeding i was back ok within a day. A lot of it is emotional and hormonal.
    I feel for you and hope you can figure something out to feel better. =)



    The leaking will get better after your body gets adjusted to how much it needs to produce. Also the disposable are more absorbable.



    Thanks, I figured that it was normal but just wanted to make sure



    meg- It is very possible that you ate or drank something that gave you a boost. Did you drink a beer, eat oatmeal or anything with malt or a wholesome grain? There are lots of things that can give you a boost. It’s totally normal. BTW, my son is 11 months and still only takes 4-5 oz. bottles on the rare occasion I’m not around…sounds like you are doing great!~ Keep up the good work!



    My EBF DD took 3 weeks to get back to birth weight after losing 9.7% in the first 5 days.

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