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    ok strange question….is anyone else getting sharp needle-like pains in their nipples? They don’t last very long but they come and go a few times in the last few days. Anyone?


    Courtneay- I get the eyerolls, they are soooo annoying! When ppl give me that look, I just tell them that I can’t stop until my baby is a year because I would have to fourmla feed her. The purpose of breast feeding is not to put your baby on formula(unless they need a supplement). My MIL wanted me to stop a long time ago too. I just ignored her and I have a good hubby who stuck up for the breast feeding, that really helps. To the girl who asked when you got AF back. I got mine at 10 monts PP:( it was the worst day of my life, lol.



    Expecting2bpatient, my little Sofie is 11 days old, and I was only able to successfully breastfeed her for like a week. After that, I started pumping and giving her breast milk from the bottle. She is doing very well, and unfortunately wont have anything to do with breastfeeding anymore! (I hear its because milk is easier to get from than the breast, so she is now spoiled!) I havent talked to my pediatrician, but seeing as how the bottle is the only way to give her nourishment, I don’t see why you couldn’t introduce a bottle to your little one. Let us know how it goes!



    phatbaby57, thats funny i didnt go topless but my boobs were always hanging out of my tops and even still I will forget my boob is hanging out and will get up and walk around and then notice after ive been standing in front of the window hoping no neighbors were looking lol.



    EllaG – I noticed a decrease in supply when I was breastfeeding and immediately contacted a LC. She said that perhaps my menstral cycle was returning. I discovered that I had a drop in supply about every 2 weeks. I would suggest pumping more frequently when supply is low and see if it returns to what you were getting previously. Don’t give up! Every drop of BM your LO gets from you is precious.



    ~*I don’t think an oz of water here and there will kill ur baby! My 1st child loved water and still does! Also if your not breastfeeding int he hosp when you have ur baby the nurses gives the babies sugar water! So alittle water here and there will not hurt ur baby! Now in that ladies case she was doing it to make up for formula which is BAD!! And I could see why it hurt her baby. Also for the one that the baby onluy wants to feed off one side I think it maybe the baby favoring that one side! If he/she doesn’t feed off both ur milk on that side could/will dry up so I would try that breast 1st with every feeding til it works out better! To the one that the baby wont latch I know what ur goinh thru I had the same issue when I 1st started! Hun don’t give up and seek help ASAP!! I think u said you had to pull his chin down for a bottle try doing that with ur breast also!*~



    phatbaby57 – It was actually really easy because he is a heavy sleeper. We had a strict routine and still do. We would do tummy time at the same time every night and then go into his room to dress, lotion, vitamin and books. Then we would start his CD of Hawaiian lullabies. I would sit in the glider and nurse him until he fell asleep. Then I would lay him down. After a while he would be drosy when I put him down and then fully awake. This was over the course of a year or so though. Now that he has weaned we still do the same routine but we rock and say our prayers to God instead of nursing. We talk about the day and then I lay him down.



    As good as some pumps are not everyone can pump well. I know women that could only pump an ounce or two even though they EBF. Also, when I pumped I would always express afterwards because there was always something the pump couldn’t get. Call it the suction or the angle, who knows? I also got more when I had the angle a little off. That sounds weird but I’m not sure how to describe it, it’s like the pull was just a little more.



    No question is too ackward. Anyways, I just wear a bra but if you don’t want to do that then you could wear a nightie that has a built in bra and put your pads in that?



    mere…thnx for the advice. i think im gunna change it up now



    PGFirstTimer – My friend just had a huge dip in her supply and thought she was going to dry up as well. She did the oatmeal and like you, had her baby on her breast often, and within a few days (I think it was 4) her supply was back to normal. Hopefully this will happen with you too!



    this seems harsh and i’m not sure i’d be able to do it, but when you are home make it nurse or nothing rule. i don’t think lawson will let herself starve. like i said not sure i’d be able to do it. my man loves the boob (maybe a little too much). on an aside did you say you live in charleston. we are going to be there next week to vacation and was wondering if you had any ‘you have to do this stuff’ while i visit your city. who knows i probably will even shock the fair citizens when i decide to whip out a boob and feed my baby!



    as for IUD’s effect on supply, that day and the day after i had a small dip in supply (not enough to have to supplement or anything like that)…but have been fine since. the only other times my supply dipped was when i had food poisoning and when i started working out without drinking enough water to replenish..non IUD related



    mere-and-girl – Just noticed that you are in Silverdale. My inlaws live up on Ridge Top. We’re over in North Bothell.



    Ashraesy- I don’t know when your surgery is, or how ad omit you are on your baby only receiving breastmilk. But there is this web-site that my LC told us about at group. It’s called and you share your milk with other Mommy’s. Sounds weird, I know. But all the Mother’s on there have to have a doctors consent and she has actually used it in a similar situation as yours. I don’t know how you feel about it, but thought I’d throw it out there.

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