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    butterflykisses…THANK U! im glad im not the only one thats nuts hehe. esp on the angry feelings assoc w breastfeeding. im pretty sure i needed zoloft or some sort of meds the first 3 months postpartum because i totally wasnt myself. ihad so much anxiety especially at night. hubby helped me through it, its just so hard defining whats just normal post partum hormones and whats the step when action needs to be taken. looking back i think action should have been taken. im doing much better now, feel more like ‘myself’ and not as anxious. breastfeeding is going ok also though the anger thing does happen occasionally. not looking forward to weaning because last time that sent me for a doozy as well.



    Braeden takes a pacifier, he has a very strong suck reflex but would get frustrated with the breast, as he wasn’t hungry anymore, but wanted to suck. So he would just suck for a second or two, pull off, let the milk run out of his mouth, suck again, and so on and so forth. The pacifier has really been a lifesaver for us, but on the other hand, every time it falls out of his mouth at night he wakes up and gets frustrated, because he can’t put it back in himself yet. I am noticing that he’s already taking it less during the day though, which is great, because I refuse to have a toddler running around with a paci in his mouth. Oh, and he’s 4 months old now.



    hitting ten month olds? Are we serious? I would never be a part of this site if it weren’t for this section. The people in my month are morons!


    JENN~ HI! Sounds like you and Jessi are doing great, it is just too bad you have already had a bout with mastitis! SEUBAN~ I have a Moby, Moby D and a Beco, I love all three. My Moby is great in the beginning, soft and stretchy, the Moby D has a woven panel to add more structure for slightly older babies, the Beco is a more petite version of the Ergo and is a structured carrier that goes from7lbs to 45lbs so well into toddlerhood. When all is said and done you have to find what suits you and your baby, this site has a carrier comparison page


    makes you feel ill what that child care worker did. How could someone do that, the poor child. Definitly deserves to go to jail for that.



    PGFirstTimer – It’s actually 3 months. For a company over 50 people that is. The Family Leave Act gives a mom 3 months off but it isn’t paid. Unless your company is awesome you pretty much use up all your vacation and sick leave. Some women can’t afford to take that much time off though and others work for smaller companies so they are needed back.



    colorando, you have a few options.
    kangaroo the baby, duke it out. it all depends on temperment and weight of baby.

    kangaroo – Everything you can do to be naked with her(sounds weird) – take a bath together, offer her the breast while you are in the tub. Naps together. You should always both be naked from the waist up for every feed.

    kangarooing worked with my son. he wants to nurse now but we are still having probelms(nothing to do w/ disconnection).

    I know know know how frustrated you are!


    Over here they are allowed calpol (paracetamol) and calprofen (ibuprofen) at the same time. Each is every 6 hours. I normally give one then the other one 3 hours later. Not sure what your equivalent is.



    jessicalynn21 – Try Vick’s vapor rub (baby rub for Baby) on the soles of your feet. Put socks on and go to bed! It does work to help get some sleep. I’ve been doing it for YEARS!



    I bought mine off of amazon but you can find it anywhere online and I’m sure some more homopathic boutiques carry them. Not something you’ll find at babies r us. HAHA! A testment, it’s around his ankle. He went to bed at 8 and at midnight he’s still sleeping soundly. I know, 4 hours? But, he’s been waking every couple hours in pain for the past couple of weeks. I think this is the first time he’s really slept. Hopefully he’ll continue to sleep well. My anniversary is next week and Joe wants to go out after the boys are in bed for a couple hours. He wants to do dinner and a show. I told him probably dinner and that’s it. I can’t be away for very long with Alex. Chris is in bed the entire night but Alex wakes and he doesn’t like others very well. He’s fine with people from afar. The couple that’s sitting is the same as the one that I’m putting together the basket for. The ‘dad’ has never been around children, besides mine. He has no idea what to expect. So, it would be better if they just slept through mama being gone. HAHA! Joe thinks Justin should just strap on the Ergo and walk him since his wife is a little big with pregnancy. I just don’t know how Alex would handle that one. He’s just now warming up to the grandparents. He’s fine with me and Dad and that’s it. A little worrisome but hopefully he’ll start sleeping longer. Ok, going to climb into bed. I have exactly 8 hours before Chris is up.



    What is thrush??? What does it do to baby???


    Benbubby.. I know! I put it on my wall i nthe shower and use toliet paper to clean it up or it will clog the drain. I’ve always had hair fall out but about 2 months ago it started to come out like crazy.


    YAY!! Thats great. I live right off Canyon Rd. Where are you?



    2ndtimemommmy – Yeah, constipation can be a killer for nursing. I’m glad he’s back to nursing the way he should be. Alex did the same thing. Now, if he doesn’t poo daily I’m giving him hour long massages and eventually it comes out. We’ve had some pretty solid poos which isn’t completely normal. Not horrible but fun either.


    Lawson- Baby John has been fighting his sleep for about a month now. I just have to hold him close (like breastfeeding) and rock him kinda fast. Within 2 minutes hes out! He’ll close his eyes then open them and start screaming, arch his back n I’ll just hold him tighter. It drives me nuts! I can see he’s getting tired so I’ll go to lay him down or put him i nthe swing and once his eyes start to fall he freaks out. Bedtime takes anywhere from 10minutes to and hour!

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