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    anyone else using fenugreek? i just bought some from gnc and the bottle says 1-2 capsules daily each capsule’s 610mg. but most of the literature talks about taking more. just wondering how much everyone else is taking, thanks!



    Is anybody else getting ouchy nipples after pumping. I’ve been bf for nearly 3 months now and I occasionally pump a few times a week and usually not more than once a day but the other day I had to pump 3 times in one day and the next 2 day my nipples felt like they were going to fall off and were cracked. Is this because the pump is the wrong size for me or what?



    I am only BFing my grils and have read that it is a good idea to try to give them breast milk in a bottle at this stage so they learn to take a bottle, I have tried a few times and been totally unsuccessful! Anyone have any tips? Soon they are 4 moths old and I really want to start with some small foods. I don’t mind the breast feeding but it is quite exhausting with 2!


    my little fella is 17lb, he is 16weeks this thursday, he was 8lb when born. im so proud i have feed him, formula has never passed his lips. i love feeding him and will do it any where. im gonna try make him hang out until 24weeks for food, i think we can do it. he still feeds in the night but i dont mind as he is going longer. the weight has melted off me, i dont stop eating but weigh less than before i was pregnant. u ladies that r finding it difficult, dont give up. for the first 2 weeks all i did was cry cause it felt like my nipples were gonna fall off then i got mistitis and felt like i was dying (ha) but now when i think back im so glad i gritted my teeth continued. it does become so easy, no messing with bottles, saves money and the health benefits for u and baby are massive. im gonna breast feed until he wants to stop. x



    I was told that green milk meant the baby was not feeding long enough on one breast. During the first part of the feeding the baby gets the thin sugary milk and longer into the feeding the baby gets the thicker fatty milk. When the baby only feeds for a minute or two and they only get the sugary milk their poop turns green. Try to get your baby to feed longer from one side to get the fatty milk and you should be fine.



    Oz – I agree with Angela. Kekoa used to bite me too. I had so many cuts and was bleeding that I needed to do something. Neosporin worked wonders! Of course I wiped it off before feedings just in case but it worked. I’m glad she isn’t biting you hard but remember, if she is biting she isn’t actively nursing. Remover her and correct the situation. I would hate for you to go through what I did. It was pure Hell. It felt close to Thrush!



    I take 10-12 capsules of fenugreek a day. I don’t know if it has increased my supply as I’ve been taking it for over a month now.. same amount but when I first started taking it I noticed a big change. Maybe I’m just maintaining what I have now? I don’t know. I also eat the soaked oats and drink mother’s milk tea. I was taking this stuff called More Milk Plus and you can buy it at it works really good but doesn’t last long. I never reordered when I ran out.



    Ladies I need major guidance here! I put some milk in a bottle and warmed it up and I was adding frozen mikl to it and it smelled so bad! Both the bag from the freezer and the milk from the frige smelled gross. Not sure if it was old or spoiled or what but I dumped it out. I pulled another bag out of the freezer for sterling if he wakes up before I get back. Ran it under warm water so I could open it and smell it. It seemed fine but I’m freaking out! Anyone know if that’s normal for smell or for frozen milk? Please post asap and so I don’t have to worry! Thanks!!



    campimama: I cant get more than 3 ounces at a time still. Very frustrating but she is cutting her molars so she is off her milk anyway so im actually almost keeping up with her thank goodness, She is so much more settled on breastmilk. ( no offense to formula 😉 ha ha )
    Im filling up on oats, malted milk and motilium but cant crack past 3 ounces.Maybe if i Overdose on chocolate this weekend it will increase??? Thats going to be my excuse anyway! Happy Easter everyone



    kebler98, you could have mastitis. It’s very painful, often only affects one side, and gets very bad and makes you very sick if left untreated (treatment is antibiotics). Is there a red lump or red line anywhere on the sore breast? I’ve had mastitis more times than I care to think about and it clears up quickly with treatment but man it can make you sick in the meantime! It usually starts with a cracked nipple. The other thing that can cause razor-blade-like pain is a blocked milk duct, although that’s usually not severe and clears up with persistent nursing of baby.



    Well, I thought weaning night feeds was a dilema now I have a good I have a week in June that I have to be gone at a Youth Camp for teenagers. I’m not allowed to bring the baby. She’ll be almost 11 months by this time but this weekend I tried to let her be with my sister for a night and she wouldn’t take a bottle. She hasn’t had one in months and I don’t know what to do. I’m not concerned about having enough stored milk because the first 6 months of working while BFing taught me how to increase supply while still feeding but I’m concerned on how to get her to take her milk and her sleeping. The only reason the Dr said to stop night feedings is because she thinks that she doesn’t need the milk..she’s nursing for comfort and still doesn’t sleep more than 4 hours without nursing at 9 mo. old. She did at 7 months and has since stopped. I’m not really sure what i’m going to do….wean night feedings and push a cup??? Keep trying the bottle until she gets it??? She won’t suck…she just chews regardless of what it is. Ahhh..aren’t babies fun. :o)



    Just have your grandmother keep the frozen bags in her freezer, and thaw in warm water when she needs one. That way you won’t have to waste it!



    Is anyone else little angle saying ‘NO’ to breast milk in the bottle? My son will eat non-stop from mommy’s boobies but he is refusing the bottle. I don’t know what to do because he goes to daycare while i work. Yesterday, he barely finished 12 oz of milk the entire day. Help me Ladies if any of you have experienced this before.



    Thanks ladies!! Looks like I will be getting some disposables 😉



    canadian — gee, I am really busy at work, not sure why I am on here so much today!! I give my LO TriViSol — I still take my prenatals, but my dr still recommeded. Also, my LO had green poop the whole way up to when it started changing to more brown poo – she is 5 months old now. It could be too much foremilk – or, it could be something you are eating. My dr said if you are worried about what you are eating bothering your baby eliminate dairy, nuts, and shellfish for 2 weeks, then add them back in a few days a part. You will probably notice any reaction in the poo that day or the day after.

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