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    i just pumped and got 4 oz from both breast, left one is still heavy, is it possible to not be able to extract all the milk?





    emmalouliz, i felt those needle-like pain and I thought at that time they were a part of the (normal) milk production, thank God they are gone!



    alot of you are sooo lucky I got AF back 4 weeks PP it sucked. As for the extended nursing. I just tell them that I plan to nurse until he quits and that the American Pediatric Association recommends BF until 2 yrs of age.



    well i just feel like everywhere you look they are promoting FF babies like the new twix candy bar commercial (if anyone has seen it) the lady asks if the dad got the pacifire and the extra formula….and theres always comercials for the baby formula why cant they promote breastfeeding on tv too?….so i guess thats partly why and because your totally right Bri they dont want to give up the party life which to me makes no sence at all i dont even want to leave my baby to go the store let alone to go out and get drunk i would rather be up all night BF than up drinking beers the way the media and world is…is ssooo backwards i dont understand it and i saw this tonight it really upset me…… i also think there is a hhhuuggee misconception on BF with the oh its going to make your boobs sag your right on that as well! when in reality it helps you lose the baby fat faster and has so many health benifits for both baby and you. No one every gave me that information growing up i never would have known i just always had it in my mind to breast feed…and one more thing i remembered is there is a doll is i think in spain or something and its a doll that promotes breastfeeding that may push the envelope here in america a little because thats how our society is but just goes to show the difference in the cultres that our baby dolls get play bottles and theres dont so from a young age we were taught thats how you feed baby …again sorry if theres spelling mistakes im BF while typing again…just wanted to get my thoughts out before i lose them haha



    my son is 18 weeks old and Ive been pumping at work since he was 6 weeks and so he gets the bottle with dad and other care taker and has been doing fine, he weighs 17 lbs, and is healthy. Now problem is the last week and a half he has been refusing the bottle and not eating much while im away but eats just fine with me. very strange. also the doc told me to start giving him cereal with the breastmilk which i tried and he wanted nothing to do with it, he also said to give him juice diluted with water but i really dont think thats necessary since he’s getting all he needs from my milk right? so should i just wait and keep trying every week until he shows more interest in the cereal? and why isnt he liking the bottle anymore?


    My little man weighed almost 10lbs at birth and he lost a lot of weight during my stay after my c-section so even though I wanted to bf exclusively the nurses started giving him formula to counter act the weight loss. (He went down to 8lbs 3oz) Now he acts like he is starving and I don’t seem to be able to produce any where close to enough for his appetite. When I pump, on a good day, I can only get 4 – 6 oz but most times its more like 2 – 4. He is drinking atleast 6-8 oz at a time and even then he is still hungry and not sleeping because he’s not full. I have tried pumping in between to up my milk flow I have drank the fennelgreek teas and the non alcoholic beer. I don’t know what to do to keep up with his appetite. And my pediatrician says because of his size (he’s now 3monhts atleast 17lbs 25-26inches long) I need to supplement and also give him cereal. I don’t want to stop bf and I really would rather be doing that exclusively but am starting to feel like it’s an impossibility. If you have any advice you could give I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advanced.



    hi… I have a question about breastfeeding. My son is 11 days old and, I am breastfeeding. The thing is, he only drinks about 10 minutes each feeding. His tool is okay and he pees average amount of time but, I was wondering if its a big problem? He drinks relativaley fast, sometimes he needs to let go cause he drinks so quickly. Im just not 100% if he’s getting all he needs He sleeps well after feedings and everything seems fine but, Ive heard people tell me that he should drink 20 minutes on each side everytime. But, he doesn’t do that at all. Was wondering if maybe there’s a problem with that? If anyone knows. Im young and this is my first baby and, I’m new to all of this. Thanks.



    HELP PLEASE…I’m not sure if any of you can offer me any help, but here goes….I was bf’ing and supplementing formula since my son was born, I went back to work and it became too much so I stopped bf’ing a week ago, since then my 8 week old son has had some congestion and it didn’t seem to be getting any better, so I got nervous and took him to the doc’s last night. They asked me a couple questions regarding his feedings and his skin(he had very bad baby acne and now has cradle cap and eczema) the nurse informed me that he has a milk/soy allergy and he will have to go on special allergy formula. I know my right breast is dried up, but the left one I can still squeeze a very little bit out of it, do any of you know if I can build my supply back up from it being pretty much gone?!?!? I am feeling very very guilty for stopping bf’ing now that I know he has this allergy and I didn’t even know that formula can cause a skin/breathing allergy. So I am kind of lost right now, I have no problem putting him on the special formula, but I would prefer to get my supply back up…any help or suggestions would be great!


    proudmum – I wouldn’t let her try, especially since she never nursed before. It sounds like she’s wanting special attention from you and sees that the new LO gets special time with mommy nursing. Maybe spend 15 minutes with just her coloring or reading a book. If you let her try it might confuse her even more and she might be unsure of how what would get your attention in the future. Just my opinion though, of course!



    You might also want to look into nursing tank tops. They’re comfortable to sleep in. Also, I have a bunch of nursing bras and I actually think a lot of them are pretty nice looking. I got them at Target, also got the tanks there. The only thing about the tank tops is that I have big boobs and I have to get an xl and then it’s really big around the waist.



    my left boob is drying up. only half an ounce. my right one is slowly decreasing also. what do i do? my dr gave me reglan but it makes me soooo sleepy and i dont like taking it while caring for my baby.



    Thanks deeyore. If she’s interested, she’ll be attached all night again, too.



    To the working/pumping Mommy- are there any ‘quick wipes’ or something like that you can buy to wash your pump parts without having to go to a restroom/sink to wash them with soap and water? I have to pump in my storage closet and don’t want to walk the halls with my pump parts to the bathroom and wash them there. I just don’t know if there are any SAFE wipes to use on them.



    I got pregnant on the pill so I don’t trust it and trust the mini pill even worse. An IUD is a great idea but I want a third in a couple years. We don’t do sex that often so I’m not worried about condems. I also know people that have gotten pregnant with an IUD. That can be a horrible experience because they have to get it out and it risks miscarriage. It has also been the cause of etopic pregnancies which can be dangerous for mom.

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