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    phatbaby57 – I had so many people ask me why I just didn’t just stop when Chris wouldn’t latch. It was over two months of pumping until he would. By then I had to go back to work. Everyone thought it was stupid of me to continue, exect my MIL and husband. We’ll it worked out for us.



    expecting-Thanks for the input. Unfortunately my surgery is tomorrow morning. My Fenugreek and Mothers Milk both came today but I just can’t seem to get anything. He did nurse for 15 minutes once but when I pump (if you guys remember, I’m almost exclusively pumping) I can barely seem to get 2 oz and he usually takes 3 oz at a time.



    Help! Our thrush saga just keeps going, and going, and going…. I really thought we had it beat this time. We just finished a 2 week course of nystatin, and then 4 days of gentian violet, and when we were done there was no trace of white left. Now it’s only been 4 days since we stopped the GV, and when he smiled at… me this morning I saw white on his lips, took a closer look and the inside of his lips is almost solid white. It’s worse now than it’s ever been, and he’s only been off meds for 4 days. I’m at my wits end, I just don’t know what to do anymore. Obviously the meds are not working. We’re heading back off to the doctor again – walk-in clinic since it’s Sunday and I don’t think it can wait until I get him into the GP, but I just need this to stop! It’s absolutely ridiculous! My poor baby has had thrush his whole life!



    i have been taking the expecta lipil dha supplement by enfamil since i was in my third trimester plus my prenatal vitamin. is it a waste of money or is it good to be taking? my poor baby has another cold…..she just got over her runny nose from the last cold just two weeks ago…she had that cold for over a month. now here we are on cold number two. i blame daycare, but at the same time i know she is building her immune system so that is good. i just hate it because she keeps coughing because she is choking on the snot running in the back of her throat. she has been coughing, runny nose, sneezing, and her eye is watering. i have a strong feeling she is not going to sleep good tonight! dang!



    OMG I know this isnt bf related but I HAD to share my 22 month old woke up this am and told us she had to potty actually went! She has gone like 4 times she had her bm in her diaper but nothing else so excited!


    I have owned 3 slings, unfortunately it was rather painful for me (I kept thinking a better sling would fix it), having a carrier that weighed on only one shoulder killed my back, granted, I was head on’ed by a garbage truck and went thru months of physical therapy. I did love the idea of a sling, just something to keep in mind though when you are looking at carriers, if you have a bad back or shoulder you may want to consider one that more evenly distributes the weight.


    Bri I hang out in the 0 to 3 month boards all the time and so many off the ladies in there say they are gonna switch to formula because breastfeeding takes too much time… I try to encourage them by letting them know that if they are pressed for time to add 3 hours to their daily routines for preparing and cleaning bottles. Formula is harder than nursing its a weird misconception that it isn’t.



    I was supposed to take off four months with the first (we have a special clause in our contract that allows for up to a year of family leave) and only the first two months were going to be paid, but then the hubby ended up in the hospital when Ayden was two weeks old, spent the week there, turned around and got laid off when he went back to work. He has been in and out of work since, so I have to work in order to have insurance, and if I am not getting paid, no one is. 🙁



    butterflykisses715, we use the breastflow bottles and have had less gas issues from them than we did from the ventair bottles. We have used them with both the boys. While at work they get/got 2-3 bottles a day of pumped milk.



    Thanks, Laura. I know babies can handle a much higher temp than adults…but she obviously doesn’t feel well. She cried when I carried her downstairs to get the other thermometer from her dad. Zoey NEVER cries while you carry her. I’ll probably still call the doctor just in case…It seems like he wanted me to call on her first fever. Maybe I’m just making that up. She’s nursing eagerly – as per usual – so I’m not worried about fluids…just at how hot her little body feels against mine. She’s whimpering in her sleep right now. I just feel terrible!



    illy2 – BLW is a method of feeding your baby solids. It’s more along the lines of feeding when your baby is ready. This is how it’s been done for centuries…until the theory that feeding babies earlier would make them ‘healthier’ and sleep more. Which now we know is completely false! So, you let your baby sit with you at meals. Watch you eat. At around six months you start to give them food from your plate. This means meat, veggies and so forth. They will start to play with it and suck on it. They’ll eventually learn to chew it. Once they lose their thrust reflex they’ll learn to swallow their foods. I’ve done this with both my boys and it’s awesome. It also makes YOU eat healthier because you are making one meal and you don’t want Baby eating McD’s. HAHA! Also, studies have shown that BLW babies tend to have better fine motor skills earlier because they are learning to eat and use forks/spoons earlier. Alex is at the same place or further then all those babies who’s moms started feeding them at 3 months. HAHA! Also at six months you don’t have the same chances of developing allergies. Of course there are some things to avoid like peanut butter and such but for the most part your baby can have anything. Alex had Kobe beef, rice and veggies for dinner last night. This morning he had cereal with breastmilk. We just got done with lunch which was zuccini and a strawberry sandwich. He’s only 6 1/2 months old.



    lauraoct – They get pretty much the same shots here. Maybe at different times but from what I’ve seen they’re pretty much the same. At six months Alex had two needles and an oral. The shots were combined like you described and the oral was for rotovirus.



    mybabysurprise and phatbaby- Thank you! My son wont latch which honestly I am fine with. As long as I can produce some milk for him I would be extremely happy. I still try to get him to latch twice a night so we’ll see. I think alot of it has to do with the fact that I have VERY flat nipples. When I had my daughter she was tongue tied as well(which I didnt find out until she was 2 yrs) so my nips were completely cracked and bleeding by day 2. I ended up with mastitis and I was also pretty young. I think if I would have known what I do now, and had more support from my LC I would have probaby been able to do it.


    Aci why would anyone say that? You won’t run dry…keep nursing and I wouldn’t worry about pumping yet. And everything phatbaby said too!


    Bri- I know where that is at.. I grew up in Lake Forest Park ! I would od anything to be able to live up there again.

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