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    Someone mentioned eating on one side. Alex only eats from one side at a time. Only just before bed do I even try to offer the second breast. He just is able to get enough out of one to be fine for a couple hours. Ok with me! As long as he is growing then I’m fine. And man is he growing.


    Scarlet I have suffered from it both times, would love a suggestion also.



    Thank you for the comments on weight loss. My doctor told me that women tend to end each pregnancy near the same weight no matter where they were when they started. I ended up 10 pounds less than my first but I gained 45 pounds when pregnant this last time. The pregnancy seemed to go so fast but the weight loss after seems to go so slow. I don’t fit into any clothes; if it fits my waist it is huge on my legs. All my tops are too short now. And maternity clothes fall off. I hate looking at pictures of me now because looking in the mirror I don’t feel that I am as big as pictures make me look. I am so embarrassed when I see my family and friends. My aunt (she never has had any tact) said to my Mom when I was feet away ‘Isn’t it sad how after the babies come we lose our figures?’ It certainly has shaken my confidence.


    Hey ladies, I had my 3rd baby on 08/08 and we are bfing pretty well. I bf’d my 2nd baby for almost 20 months – hoping my Kadrielle is as great at it as her sister 🙂



    You are funny Emilee! I am trying to stay away from pages that aren’t peaceful parenting, attachment parenting, positive parenting…. I just can’t handle the ignorance of some people! We skipped cereal all together. Only homecooked meals for my baby! Oh and parenting isn’t all about sacrifices! It’s about the sweet smiles and love. Sacrifices just come with the territory.

    #6923690 This is a great website where you put in the Med and They tell you if it’s safe during breastfeeding



    I know ladies! Wasn’t that a powerful story! Had me in tears. Just amazing! I just got up from a nap. I didn’t even know I was tired. Put Chris down at noon, Alex took a little longer but zonked out around 1. We’ll it’s almost 4 and both boys are sleeping. I guess they needed it. Jump Planet was awesome. It’s a warehouse loaded with a million bouncy houses. It’s only like a mile from my house too. $6 and Chris just let out all his energy. He even cliimbed this HUGE rock wall to get to a slide that kids twice his age weren’t able to do. My little monkey! HAHA!


    lol..hey I coudln’t help it I was stuck on the freeway no exit for miles and 8 months preggo. What was a girl to do? I had extra clothes i nthe car so I sat on them. lol But when your pregnant and have to pee bad not much comes out anyways!



    I have tried several bottles (Nuk, Bornfree, Playtex, Medulla and Avent), and I do have someone else feed her (Nanny). Today, I fed her at 1pm and then we tried feeding her with a bottle until 6pm. I was not present! No luck. I finally ended up breast feeding her. I felt bad waiting so long to feed her. I don’t think I’ll try this method again. Nevertheless, I will try again tomorrow. One of the two times she did take a bottle (over 2 weeks ago), was in the grocery store as she was waking up. I’ll just have the nanny carry a bottle with her and hope that she just takes it again. If anyone has any other advice, I would appreciate it.



    Ms.ellis, my baby does the same thing, though it’s about 3 hours early on, then 2 hours or less closer to morning, and she is 6 months in a week. I got so sick of getting up to hold her while she nurses, that I just sleep with her on a mattress on the floor in her room. While I’m now sleeping fairly well, I’m perhaps only encouraging her waking habit since the boob is so close at hand! How can I break this habit?? I try to give her a pacifier when she wakes, but she spits it out (even though she uses it for naps).



    I went and got measured today and I’m a 32E and of course no one carries my size I have to buy online and don’t even want to know the price. I almost started crying when that lady told me my measurments I feel like she’s wrong! ugh!!!! I NEED a nursing bra that fits! mu husband tried to make me feel better by saying that my body is so smokin hot that the stores don’t carry my size because I’m too awsome…got to love him for the effort… least it made laugh



    to add to the list anything malted (personal fave whoopers) and almonds



    So how come you started supplementing with formula at 11 months? I only pump 4 times a day and I’m thinking about only pumping every 6 hours and see what happens. Aliyah isn’t drinking as much as she used to about 6 bottles a day and she drinks 7 oz ususally. Does October sleep thru the night yet? Aliyah is still getting up at least 1 time a night for a bottle. I am going to celebrate the day I don’t have to pump anymore. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet but I will do something!



    I dont have any symptoms of a thrush & I dont have a yeast infection but yet my baby has thrush. How could that have happened? So because he has it does that mean I have it too? He also has a fever…ugh I just want him to feel better. He’s not even a month old! :-[ the doctor gave him medicine that he has to take for two weeks but if I have thrush arent we just going to keep passing it back and forward if I’m breastfeeding him?!? If I kiss him can I get thrush? Help…thanks!
    btw: his doctor is out of town until Jan. 6 or else I wouldve asked the doc all these questions.



    hi guys. im getting a burning sensation deep within my breast tissue when im nursing my LO and for a bit afterwards, does anyone have any idea what this could be?

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