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    Mommy’s with older babies—did your wee one start eating less around 7 months? Evin only nurses really well once a day (the 2am feeding when he’s half asleep). The rest of the time, I’m having to wrestle him and make him eat (even in a quiet, dark room). He’s only nursing maybe 5-7 minutes on each side. I’m feeding him jar food and/or cereal twice a day. My husband thinks he’s naturally weaning himself but I don’t think so. He does have a cold…maybe that’s what’s going on but this has been happening for about 2 weeks now. Advice or words of wisdom?



    Thanks girls for the antibiotics advice. Sounds like that is what’s making him gassy. We’ve had so much illness in our house recently it’s hard to know what’s what! Ugh. Sunshine, that sounds like a pretty good schedule of feeds & milk to me. In fact it sounds like still a lot of milk compared to what my Clem has ever taken. Cutting out the night feed might be what makes your period return. I think around 7-8 months was when mine came back. And I guess with the weight gain thing, just play it by ear and see how you go. I’ve never lost much weight with feeding so you’re one of the lucky ones! 🙂



    ugh I just came back from a long walk…trying to think of what to do about this breastfeeding. I really have a terrible case of the baby blues and the painful breastfeeding is just the icing on the cake. My husband just says ‘your not breastfeeding anymore’ because he doesnt want me to be in pain anymore, but it’s so easy for him to just say that. I have tried doing the supplementing with a bottle and breastfeed in between, but i really think she gets confused with the breast after the bottle nipple. I’m really getting close to my breaking point to switch just to formula. I feel terrible at the same time because I know how good breast milk is for the baby.



    Does anyone know what I can do to produce more milk?? I have a 2 week baby girl and in the beginning I didnt have that much milk and then my milk started to come in but my baby girl still wasnt satisfied so Im giving her formula as well with breasfeeding and I feel like ever since i started giving her formula which was a few days ago I havent had that much milk and Im also pumping now to try to produce more milk and still try to breastfeed as much as I can……I really want to breastfeed so If anyone can give me any advice…



    Hi girls. I am back from holidays and i did what you suggested and tried the slower teat and she no longer insists on teh bottle all the time. She has been back to breastfeeding most of the time ( she insists on a bottle when she gets overtired which i try and avoid) and has been feeding great. I had just decided she didnt want to feed anymore when she came back… So happy. She has also started eating cereal 3 x a day since we were away and LOVES it. Took a few weeks to get her there but now she is a piglet. She also started saying mum today as well which melts my heart. Just thought id share my good news. 🙂



    hi ladies.. im still bf my 7 month old and im 5 weeks pregnant. oh my god my nipples have got real sore again bc of the pregnancy, but my son is not making it any easier!! he has started to bite me real bad. He has no teeth but his gums are rock hard. ive told him off but he just laughs!!! any ideas.



    I am a SAHM and try to bf my 7 month old every 3 hours with solids scattered throughout the day. She will empty one side but not want to other side right away so I have to wait about 30-60minutes before I give her the second side. I am not sure if she is getting enough but she seems happy with what she gets so I guess I am making enough. I tried pumping to regulate how many ounces she gets but that ended quickly!! Where do you buy Mother’s milk tea and Fenugreek??



    mollyjs I had to stop cold turkey a month ago.
    My son is 9 mo old. It was harder on me than him. Unfortunately I can not go back (I will be on thyroid drugs for at least a year). If you plan to go back, make sure you pump a lot. I went from 50 oz a day (my son is a little piglet) to none in just 1.5 week.
    Itwill work out, and take care of yourself! You baby needs you healthy more than anything else.



    Hi ! My baby is 13 months old and i still bf .Are there any other people who plan on nursing until 2 or later?Also she hasn’t had teeth but about a month and has recently started biting.Any suggestions?



    amy- i think people do need to realize that breastfeeding does not come easily to everyone. I was a lucky one and so far haven’t had any problems other than a few days of not pumping enough for my lo for the next day. She is 5 months old and still is only on breast milk with no solids. To say the least I am very proud of what we have accomplished so far. I am young, 22, and many people my age don’t really understand why I breastfeed and why it’s so important to me. My bf has been really supportive of it but sometimes he wishes he could help feed her. I know many women from my church who have struggled with breastfeeding for such a long time and then finally decided to call it quits and just go fully on formula. It’s a tough decision to make because we know that breastmilk is better for the baby, but it’s a vicious cycle when you are struggling. You get stressed because of the problems and issues which causes the supply todecrease and when you add formula it continues the decrease. I do think that both breastfeeding moms and formula feeding moms do get slack from the others. I do for feeding my daughter in public with me being fully covered and others for giving their lo’s the 2nd best thing for them. I think people just need to make their own decision one way or the other and people should only be supportive an uplifting. There is a woman on this site I always send coupons to for formula that I get because I like to lend a hellping hand. I dont’ think less of her or anyone else who does formula fully or supplements when needed. It’s a personal decision and no one can make it but us. Boy, i sure do love all you ladies.



    Sunshine- I would say give it to him now. How often does your lo get sick? It’s getting close to summer and chances are that he won’t be getting sick soon (fingers crossed) and you don’t want it to go bad before you can use it. Just my input on the subject =)



    angie2008, if your breastfeeding routine is well established but your just tiring of it, try skipping a breast feed and see how you feel. Might be that you just need to know you don’t HAVE to do it, and you may enjoy it more. These babies do take over our lives, physically, emotionally, and it is exhausting, but remember they grow up awfully fast! Treasure these moments while Baby is so dependent on Mommy!



    Hello, I’ve been EBF with addition of solids for my LO who is 8mths old now. I usually pump before work and 2 times at work and nurse when I get home but daddy feeds him a night time bottle. Normally if my LO wakes up at night, I try to comfort him back to sleep by rubbing his back. I try not to nurse him so he doesn’t get up just for comfort. There are occasions when I know he is hungry and I will nurse him then but most of the time he sleeps well overnight. Which I’m thankful he sleeps so well. Tomorrow we are taking a flight for the first time with our LO. I don’t like to nurse in public b/c I’m shy so I’m worried. Its a last minute flight b/c of a death in the family so we just booked it today and leaving tomorrow. Any advise? I hope his goes well. If my LO is hungry, I’m just going to have to get over my shyness and nurse on the plane as discreetly as possible. Wish me luck guys!



    Does anyone know if you can make Mother’s Milk tea just as you would regular suntea? Like…6 teabags in a tea jar brewed outside for a few hours? Or does it have to be brewed with hot water one serving at a time?



    sweetg- the LLL says your baby can go their longest stretch (up to 6 hours) during the time you are at work IF they are nursed every two hours at night. But that does mean you are getting up every two hours which can be hard when you have to work. I wouldn’t worry too much…it will work itself out. Baby gets hungry- baby will take bottle.

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