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    Hey ladys I need some advice… My little boy is 9 weeks old and I am EBF. I have one boob that is producing WAY WAY more then the other boob! On my left boob I am producing 8 ounces every 5 hours and on my right side I am producing 1 or 2 ounces every 4-5 hours!! Therefore one boob is size E and the other is a C!!!! How do I make the other one produce more. I feel like a freak walking around with one big titty(lol)! What do I do?



    I have a ridiculous amount of milk. I can pump 5oz in about 5 minutes with a manual pump on one breast. My breast pads are constantly soaked as well as my clothes & my LO. He practically drowns in milk. Once he sucks a few times & the milk let’s down it squirts (and I mean SQUIRTS!!) for like a minute straight. I have to let a blanket soak it up because my LO can’t handle it. At the end of every session we both have to shower & change clothes. So as the saying goes ‘even too much of a good thing is bad’. It is frustrating, we are always soaked and I have triple the laundry 🙁



    nadisha — same thing happened to me, and my MIL had to feed my baby when she was drifting to sleep – she would unknowingly suck. She finally started taking bottles better – MAM bottles are great, the nipples are ‘silky’ and the are contoured – to get milk from the bottle they have to suck in the same way they would at the breast.


    misslynz—That’s all I ever got when I was pumping. Ever so often I would get more with a morning pump, if that baby didn’t wake up in the middle of the night to nurse. I would say you’re doing great! My baby never got bottles of more than 4-5 ozs of milk while I was gone to work. He’s 17 months now, and just fine. So, I wouldn’t worry! 🙂



    Gladek – My natural inclination was to wake him to eat. I guess I should just go with that. Thanks!


    Miamimom- I went to Disney World when my L/O was 2 months old and b/f her the whole time too. I had my shall, and I wlaked around feeding her. I felt so bad for all the moms who did not have one, it was a windy day and their blankets kept falling off their sholders:( but I was also happy to see all the moms who were breast feeding!! It’s the only place where there are like 100 feeding at a time, lol.



    GRACE: That’s really too bad your little one doesn’t want the boob anymore =( That’s what I’m afraid of! I’m going to talk to my pediatrician on Tuesday. I want to give the bottle every now and then, but I don’t want to get up at night and heat bottles… so I’d like to breastfeed during the nights. I have special bottles from Medela that are supposed to be like ‘mom’s nipple’– larger, wider, and slow flow. But then I feel like I might be doing double the ‘work’ by pumping and then feeding. ((SIGH)) Oh, the choices of Motherhood, I guess you never know what to do- do you?? My Mom says I over think everything, LOL!



    loralaisemom, i know i have smaller boobs too and after my first they didnt get smaller they just lost their density (meaning saggy) and now i am really afraid after im done bf this time they are relaly going to play a dissapearing act!! oh man:(



    My son is 13.5 months and still breastfeeding, and ped is very encouraging. Just rememember-If you have an unsupportive doctor, switch!



    mommynwifey5 – My baby did not have sugar water in the hospital. And, even when they do give it, it’s not even an ounce. They use it to calm the baby for a minute like when a circ is being done. It’s a drop on a pacifier. They wanted to give it to my son at his circ and I said no. But, an ounce here or there is not going to kill a baby but it can start to dehydrate them, believe it or not. If it becomes a regular thing, especially at such a young age then it can become dangerous. I just want to let moms know to avoid water. It’s better to use formula then water. After six months a little bit of water is good. They’ll need to learn to like the taste for later in life but at only a couple/few weeks old it can become dangerous.



    My son is almost 4mons and he keeps biting my nipple!! He doesn’t have teeth yet, but it HURTS!! It makes me yell out ouch and I want to yell at him, but I don’t think he knows what he’s doing… or does he. How can I get him to stop doing this, it’s really getting to me!


    wyattsmommy – I know it sucks now, but take advantage of those leaking boobs now while you have them!! You can stock up your freezer supply without even trying! Not sure how you’re collecting milk now when you’re leaking, but Avent makes these breast shields that collect leaking milk. I got them at Babies R Us and they were $15 for two. I don’t leak hardly any, but I figured that every little bit helps. These might help you save that precious milk! Good luck to you!



    Anyone have a little one who will only suck from 1 breast?



    Most LC’s caustion women on using Reglan. It has some nasty side effects.



    Thanks katjak, I hope so too! Things don’t seem quite as hopeless tonight as they did last night and this morning.

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