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    Krystal, ..So many people told me the weight would come off fast from b/f, but it didn’t till my baby was 12 -16 months thats when I saw the weight just falling off me…



    ugh my baby wont stop biting ME! He is 7 months and I wanted to BF for a year but not sure how much more my breasts can take this 🙁



    I am concerned that after I have my baby I will have a very short maternity leave and have to go back to work just three months after delivery. I will not be able to pump as I am a home health nurse and do not want to risk contaminating my milk supply by pumping in my car or at a gas station, as well as storing breast milk in a cooler in the car during tis summer, I am worried about it being at the proper temperature… SO my question is can I go 8 hrs during the day without pumping and then breasfeed at night and still produce enough milk for night feedings. I don’t know if I will be able to do this, but maybe I could also pump when I get home b/c I’m sure I’ll get engourged through the day. IDK? Does anyone know anyone who breasfeeds at night and supplements with formula during the day while the baby is at daycare? I posted this message here at ‘Low milk supply’ b/c I figured working 8hrs during the day and not being able to pump would make the milk supply lower.



    Well, I thought I was ready… The babies did OK taking the bottles for their dad and gramma over the wknd, and even drank 3 ozs for me at 5:00 yesterday morning. BUT when they awoke, it was all out war. I was trying to hold out (long story but no family support to continue nursing) because I didn’t want DH and mom upset with me. AFTER having the absolute worst day of my life, I decided to nurse my beautiful babies @ 2 in the morning. They had refused drink almost 24 hours. I was a basket case. WE are SO not ready to be done yet. HOWEVER, tonight Breanne drank a 4 oz bottle before bed.. I am hoping they will start to take one now and tehn for me… I am going to continue to give it at least once a day (plus my milk when down alot when they were away from me for 3 days) Bri – you were so right. I totally thought I was ready, but my body told me otherwise and the crying… oh my!



    have you tried medela nursing bras? that’s the only kind i’ve found that i like. my only problem with it is that it comes up too high so i can’t wear it with any shirts that have a scoop neckline.



    Heather: I was originally taking 30mg a day but then lost my supply almost completely so doubles it to get it back quickly so i know if i cut back slowly it still works. I think the trick is slowly. I know too drinking lots of water helps a lot as well.



    LOL- lilli that is a lot of pumping! I need to start pumping more, I seem to not get a lot lately at work. Today i’ve pumped 3 times already and have only gotten 8oz total. I started taking Fenugreek but I don’t see a difference, it almost seems like i’m getting less. Last week i was getting about 5 oz a pump. but today it was like 3 oz. I trying not to make myselft worry b-cuz i know that can effect supply but if I go at this rate I wont have enough to feed her and I don’t want to use formula. I don’t have much stored in freezer. I’m just going to start pumping round the clock like you!!!



    aidensmommy – I have/had the same issue. When I was at home all day nursing I feel like he eats every hour. It felt like he was eating for a long time too so he did a pretty good job emptying me. When I went back to work however and left bottles for him, he eats 4 4oz bottles in a 12 hour period which doesnt seem excessive to me at all. It may be that he wants the closeness? Thats usually my answer to everything because I have a feeling that is what my son is always after 😛 – Especially when he is in an uncomfortable situation like at my inlaws house!! Even though they say not to I used to offer him a bottle of expressed milk after I was empty if he seemed to still want more. Most of the time he didnt want it and once I pulled him off he was content. Who knows!



    to all thinking about quiting bf-ing.

    I had terrible 8 weeks (getting up every 2 hours for half an hour feed) but later it got easier.

    Now I work 65 miles away so I have to pump a lot (which I hate) but bf-ing is calming my son down (it’s like a sleeping pills now, too).



    Hey everyone! My LO is 3weeks old and I only breastfeed… I would like to pump also(for some of those late night feedings and when were out) but I don’t know when to pump and for how long?!?!? She feeds quite often and sometimes I just want to give my nipples a break! Should I pump before or after feedings? I used to pump a lot but had an oversupply and really engorged breast so I’m trying to avoid that at all cost! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!….by the way I have a dual electric pump



    I am breastfeeding my second child and things are going so much more smoothly this time! It’s definitely easier the second time around.

    I had my baby 9 days ago and my milk came in around day 3. On day 7, I noticed three lumps in my arm pit. They are slightly tender to the touch but not really uncomfortable. I went to my doctor today and he seemed to think it was nothing to worry about (he even got another doc to take a look at it and she agreed). They both thought it was probably clogged milk ducts. This put my mind at ease but it still worries me (you always hear those horror stories about women who are told it’s nothing and it turns out to be something!).

    Anyway, has anyone ever experienced clogged ducts in the arm pit?? I think I’d feel a lot better hearing that someone else has experienced it!!



    i got my huge supply in the freezer by pumping extra after each feed, then when he started having bottles of expressed milk only during the day whatever he didn’t use got frozen so that it wouldn’t go bad. now i can barely keep up with what he’s eating and have had to take a few out of the freezer to use.



    karrieanne- how did you find someone to donate the milk to? I was looking into it before, i’m in NJ and the closest milk bank was in OH! i have a ton of milk frozen and would love to help someone in need and especially someone local. if you have info please share. Anne- I agree with armymom that you are meant to be a teacher and always are so considerate and uplifting to other women here.



    Courtenay, I’m so sorry that happened to you. It’s crazy how people think somethting so natural and beautiful is disgusting. Where I live most people breastfeed. I guess I’m lucky but I’ve never had any problems breastfeeding in public. I get smiles more then anything else. Did you tell this person anyways. I’ve heard some awesome come backs to people making such rude comments.



    lovely216 – I had low supply and tried everything in the book. Reglan and fenugreek were good to help in the beginning but I plateaued with it. Reglan also messed with my body and I don’t recoomend it if you have had anxiety or depression issues. Like everything else some things work for some and others not so much. Sticky rice was a good boost for me. Fermented oatmeal was the number one hands down best thing I ever found. It doubled my pumping supply and it did the same for my sister. Mother’s milk tea did nothing for me at all. I found that just takign the fenugreek pills worked better. Overall, no matter what suppliment you take you need to eat right, drink a lot of water, get rest, don’t stress and nurse or pump a lot. If you nurse, try pumping right afterwards to fake your boobs into thinking it needs more. Pump between feedings as well or just let baby nurse longer then normal. Go on a nursing marathon all weekend long. Stay in pj’s and cuddle up with baby and a movie or book. Oh! And have you tried nursing in your tub? I know, funny but the warmth does help with let down and it’s a great bonding moment. My son only plays in tubs and pools now so we don’t share tubby’s any more. *sad* Good Luck!

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