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    I don’t understand why some ped. say dont pump??? I pumped at first because I couldn’t bf since he was in the nicu. So I had to pump to get my milk to come in but after the first 5 days i started to bf him and I still pumped. I’ve never had a problem with my supply. I would and do pump 1-3 times a day. depending on how many naps he takes and the length of them. I thought the longer you go without feeding and when your leaking from it that is when your supply is a risk?? Where isa BRI?!?!?!? lol



    I am over off 64 and pacific 🙂


    Up until James was 5 months he was above the 99 th percentile for weight, head and height. He is now between the 91st and 98 th for weight. Ollie is on 91st for weight, think he’ll be off the chart for height he is so long. I’m 5ft 8 and Robbie is 6ft 2.


    noah colts mommy my letdown feels like needles shooting through my boob. It could be just your let down.



    Ellamum you are right i am insecure about my descion because all I ever wanted to do was provide the best for my baby and after month and month and month of it not working and getting to a point where you do not even want to feed your baby because of the pain you are constantly in and havign your baby gagg and gagg and spew like ther eis no tomorrow after every feed, all you want is for someone to tell you are doing the best thing for your baby.. I never ever wanted to use formula I was so against it.. but it has its place and all I wanted was for someone to say its ok.. your doing great but I could nto even get that from my partner let alone a website design to support each other



    I am really trying to start pumping now to get a stock saved up and to get Carter used to a bottle before I have to go back to work. He is 5 weeks old. I have only been pumping once a day and getting about 2-3 oz out of each side, I guess that is pretty good right?


    emilee – I don’t think very many women know the risks involved in giving solids too early. And those that do, may not believe it’ll happen to their child. It is ignorant and it’s sad. 🙁



    Thank you for all the comments re waking a sleeping baby to feed and about amber necklaces. :-))



    My LO is 17 weeks old and has suddenly begun throwing his head around while nursing. Not only that but he is not latced on but biting HARD at the which is extremely painful. Twice I’ve had to stop and feed him a bottle because he wouldn’t stop. He only does this during the evening when I get home from work. When I get up with him in the night he is fine. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it normal? How can I get him to stop?



    I have a great supply of milk and my 5 month old really gets full, she is still only EBF, but when I pump I only get about an ounce or so on each side! I drink mothers milk tea all day, every day and also take herbal supplements for increasing my supply. I can’t figure out how to get more out of pumping! I have a medela swing pump as well as a simplisse manual. Any advice? Is it my pump??


    look into the breast flow bottles. I get them at target. They are amazing! They have the two nipples so the baby has to suck and compress (like they do with the breast) and it is pretty comprable in size to a boob.



    My baby is a week old and my breasts are so sore and raw how did u ladies get through the pain I know they say its supposed to get better but it just seems to get worse help please!


    Im exclusively breast feeding, no bottle yet for two weeks. Heres my question she falls asleep every time. Starting to think she wants a pacifier and is not hungry, but tired. Anyone have some advice iIdont want to over feed her .



    My cousin recently told me about the program at At her recommendation I signed up for their sampler program and I have to share the amazing results with everyone. Using this program last night for the first time, my husband and I had an overflowing cart of groceries and non food general items. In all it rang up to $538.16 but thanks to this program we only paid $ 32.88! We weren’t the only ones shocked, the cashier’s mouth dropped. It is literally about paying pennies on the dollar for everything!



    Oh no….what am I going to do!!! My milk supply has dropped majorly. I wasn’t keeping my schedule like I should have been doing and now I’m only pumping like 3 to 4 ozs. I was pumping 11 oz. I’m goign to pump as much as I can and even get up at night to pump and hopefully that will do the trick. Any other suggestions. I will be so sad if I have to give her formula after all this time and hard work.

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