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    mrsofficer – Definately not, especially when you are starting. Typically you’d be in the hospital, within an hour after birth. Nurses are there helping you hold the baby and open his/her mouth. I’ts the last thing on your mind really. Once you baby is latch it’s an awesome experience. The love you share with your baby. Nothing sexual about it, just natural. Once you get it down it just feels like this is what you are supposed to do. This last time was even better. I didn’t have the doctors and nurses around. It was just me and the family. Since I knew what I was doing they just left me to it. The nurse came in a little later asking about getting latched on and I told her he had already eatten twice. HAHA! Just wonderful.



    It is funny to hear you guys talk about sippy cups because that was going to be my next option. My son loves to drink from grown up glass, everytime I am drinking water or juice he wants it, he actually grabs the glass from me. But his father is afraid of feeding with a glass ( it might hurt him). I really hope that he is having a wonderful day at the daycare.



    jessicahan:: I would always START each nursing session with him on the side that’s producing less (ur little titty! LOL! Just teasin’!!) Anyway, I would think that would help that boob produce more, and help get you evened out. Have you always started with the boob he left off on the last time you fed him?? Usually, that’s how to keep a good balance. BUT, I know that we all have a ‘preferred’ side – just cuz it’s more comfortable to hold the baby in one arm more than the other, so that’s why some woman actually use something to remind themselves which boob to start with – like maybe a rubberband on your wrist – you just place it over on the wrist of the side he/she last nursed from, so that you remember to start on that side the next time around. But, you you in particular, I’d suggest what I stated earlier -> for the next couple of days, always start on the smaller boob and let him nurse well on that side, then switch to the bigger boob. Good Luck!!!



    Canadian, I was told to give my baby the vitamin drops also .. I tried for a week or two but, he hated them so much I quit. I still take my prenatals.. My son is 8 months old and as healthy as can be.. I think as long as we are eating well and taking our prenatals they are fine. Bf is supposed to provide our babies with all the nutrition they need. I wouldn’t worry too much if you choose not to use them but, if you baby is ok with them.. what can they hurt?



    Nadisha-yes, try to pump again, or have baby finish the job:)



    I miss the yummy mommy milk smiles!! Now I only get a smile when he kicks me in the stomach while nursing, or bites haha. BOYS



    ok so i can look forward to it going away then thats good



    mommynwifey5 – sex gets better with time. At first I would have to keep my nursing top on because I would leak all over the place, now that my milk is regulated I don’t have a problem. Hubby can play with them all he wants, but he stays away from my nipples and areolas lol.



    Just a quick question, how long should you breastfeed your baby for? Is there any sort of cut off time to be moving off the breast?



    I have to say that I am very disappointed w/ the Lansinoh breast milk storage bags. I purchased 3 boxes of them, followed the directions to a tee, have been pumping for about 2 months, and am just now starting to use the milk in the bags. Well about every other bag leaks when I thaw it out. There are holes in the bottom of the bag. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone use a better storage system?



    Can anyone tell me which is the best to take to help up my supply? I am falling about 6-10 oz short a day and I am already taking 9 fenugreek capsules a day and eating oatmeal everyday for breakfast. So I dont know if I should add Mothers Milk Tea or Blessed Thistle? Or should I take all of them Fenugreek, oatmeal, tea,and Blessed thistle??? Can I up the amount of Fenugreek I am taking??? I just really hate giving her formula and any help would be appreciated!! Thank you all!!



    Oh i dont give Jackson anything but my milk!! I just said alittle every now and then will not hurt. and I also said giving it instead of breastmilk or formula is BAD!



    I think that’s my problem. My lo is not a sound sleeper. in fact i think he can hear my thoughts when i even think about laying him in his crib. you’ll never see a baby whose eyes open faster. my husband jokes that he is like one of those baby dolls that closes its eyes when you lay it down only he’s opposite.



    Well I don’t know what was going on with Braeden and I yesterday, but today we are doing much better! He is still not eat 100% great, but judging by the # of wet and dirty diapers, he’s getting enough. He’s not pulling off every few seconds today, and is ranging anywhere from 3 minute feeds to 20 minute feeds. (Usual is 8-10 minutes). I’ve been pumping after as many feeds as possible today, to make sure I keep my supply up after yesterdays weirdness, and even though I’ve been out and about all day doing touristy stuff with my older son, I’ve still managed to get an extra 6 ounces in the last 12 hours. It’s enough to make me happy.



    tj9779 – I have a daughter who is nearly 9 months that I had to breastfeed with only my right for the first 7 weeks of her life. She would not latch on to my left as that nipple is smaller and flatter. She would cry and scream every time I would try to latch her on it. So I had to pump my left all the time to prevent clogged ducts and mastitis and to keep things even. It was very time-consuming and it also created an oversupply and foremilk/hindmilk imbalance since my body was producing double the milk (between the demand from my daughter sucking on the right and the pump on the left). So I still tried all the time to get her to latch on to the left. And one day. when she turned 7 weeks old, it just worked. I was so happy as I paid close attention to the clock to see that she had stayed latched on for 17 minutes – I think I nearly cried! What I did was first put her (when she was somewhat sleepy) on to my right for about 5 minutes to take the edge off and then I put her on the left and she just took it that time and has ever since. Is there any particular reason your baby won’t latch on to the other one? How long has it been?

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