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    I have a room off my living room which is the toy room , so why does my living room always lobomb has ok like a toy bomb has gone off in it?



    jepica- I would go ahead and feed your baby. Spicy foods really shouldn’t do anything to her. The thing with food is that it ‘can’ flavor it a bit but not like ‘oh that’s cherry’ or ‘pizza’. It just changes a little bit and really it should’t effect her one way or another. If she doesn’t like the taste then she won’t eat it. The compounds in some foods is what can effect babies. Caffine can make them hyper or dairy proteins can make some babies sick. But really that’s it. I wouldn’t forgo a feeding because of it. It won’t hurt her.



    Aci- your doing great don’t let anyone tell you that you will dry up. Sounds like baby is eating great. I would pump the extra to build a freezer supply. It’s a big misconception that you don’t have a big enough supply as long as baby is wetting and gaining weight your doing it right. Oh and there are natural ways to boost your supply if it does dip



    Have any of you ladies ever had to have your gallbladder removed while you were breastfeeding? And if so how did it affect you feeding your baby? I wanted to exclusively for the first 6 months, no bottles but now I have to have my gallbladder removed and worried I wont be able to breastfeed him? Any advice?


    re; charts, my public health nurse is a breast feeder also, she told me those charts are based on formula fed babies and should be totally disreguarded for bf babies



    Ladies, when feeding, try to put pillows under your baby to keep him/her from being too far down that you need to hunch over. Also, work on back strength. By strengthening your back muscles (which got out of line during pregnancy) it’ll help with the pain.


    petskies – I’m glad you’ve apologized. I’m not really one to hold grudges (albeit I wasn’t the one who was being attacked) so you’re still welcome here as far as I am concerned. But, I highly suggest you apologize to Lawson’s Mom personally. The last thing she needs (or anyone here for that matter) is unnecessary stress in her life.


    jpeanut – that’s awesome. if you haven’t already, I say start introducing a bottle. let your LO get used to getting a bottle so it’s not so difficult when you go back to work.



    We grow sugar snap peas in our backyard. All organic! Just bought lady bugs to keep away some of the stupid pests. HAHA! He loves them!! They were one of his first foods. He gets to have whatever we have minus any sauces. He eats when he wants and breastfeeds when he wants. It’s great! He’s over 24lbs and 98% breastmilk.



    noah, usually its not that baby is allergic to the breast milk, but something IN the breast milk. How much dairy is mom consuming? Soy? I would keep a food diary and start an elimination diet if I were her.



    Bri- that sounds awesome! And wow! A four hour nap, that’s impressive!



    Jessica-they did that with all 3 of my kids….i only had to supplement with the last 2 (first one was formula from the minute he was born) cause they were bf. They told me it breaks down the billirubin alot faster…but they waited until my kids levels were in the late 20’s till they did that and once they were down past a level of 14 then i was able to take the formula away



    Charmedby3tobe, dominique23 and PGFirsttimer I appreciate your comments so much! The comments gave me much support and confidence to do what is best for our son. I suffered acute hair loss after his birth and I refuse to take the medications just so I can breastfeed him.To be honest, I had plan to wean him at 12 months, but I would prefer if he stops on his own. Now that he has the allergic reaction to dairy, I feel so happy that I am still breast feeding. Breastfeeding is a joy to know that as a mother I choose what is best for my child. However, it is challenging when you are very tired and you need to find the energy to pump if you need to have a caregiver in your absence. Our son sleeps with us from about 4 months and I sleep on my side and breastfeed him. DH and I look over each other sleeping pattern to protect our son from getting hurt. Now that he is 1, he is conscious enough to protect his territory and will push away a had that may disturb his personal space.


    newmom have you tried lanolin that stuff works really well, use it each time after you nurse and try to let your nipples air dry. also you can rub some breast milk on them when you are done nursing and let them airdry. make sure your latch is right and if you go to take baby off put your finger in the side of the mouth to relieve the suction, dont just pull boob away. hopefully any of these will help!?


    Also I go back to work in a few weeks when should i start pumping? She isnt on a bottle yet and will probably only be getting bottles while I am at work. Maybe 3 at the most I plan on coming home to nurse during lunch. I could really uas e some advice, I dont know what I am doing.

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