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    Hey ladies, I’m new to this room. I have a 2wk old little girl now, and we have been haveing some latch problems. I’ve been wanting to start pumping so on my really sore days, I can give her a bottle of my milk, but I’ve heard that you don’t want to pump too soon. Any advice on when it is a good time to start pumping? She has been doing well on the breast, with the exception of the latch problem here and there. She uses a pacifier a few times a day. And the other night I had to give her a supplement in a bottle, because after 50mins of nursing, she was still fussing, and I was exhausted!!! So I’m not too concerned with the nipple confusion that some might bring up. But any advice would be great. Thanks in advance!!!



    6 more weeks of pumping and I’m done! YAY!!! I can’t wait! I won’t know what to do with myself.


    My baby has oral thrush and has been prescribed Nystatin. Does anyone know how long this can take to clear up?



    i heard today on NPR that the chemical melamine (spelling?), which was found in baby formula in china–a few babies dies & a whole bunch were very ill. well this chemical was found in major brands of formula in the USA. they said it was trace amounts…..anyone else hear this today? really scary!!! 🙁 it just strengthens my committment to breastfeeding. it’s disgusting to me that this could happen……i cried when i saw all the reports about what was happening in china—- babies dying, kidney stones, etc……..anyway–keep breastfeeding ladies, you’re all doing a great job!!!!



    ok so if i dont pump right at every 3 hours.. will it make my milk supply become less and less? cause like all day today i was able to get 8 fl oz out… and now im only getting 2fl on my left boob… does anyone know the deal on that?



    Monika – I use the regular Vicks Cream (not the oily one). I tried the Baby Vicks but it doesn’t work.



    rae- at 3.5 months my little one started changing his sleep patterns including not sleeping as long through the night like he was. They say babies this age are starting to become more aware of their surroundings and often don’t fill up before going to bed or they start turning and moving more in bed which tends to wake them up. As for the let down sometimes mine seems to take a while and sometimes not. Might have to do with your breasts regulating. As for the green milk it is not uncommon for your milk to take on the color of your food, vitamins, or herbs.



    DJs girl- Dont listen to everyone else…brest feeding is so good for your baby and if you take hot baths at night your breasts dont get sore. your BF can bond w/ baby by burping/giving baby bath and holding baby. get breast cream too for your nipples that will help



    bigmuma – I’ve had nipple pain for the first – week? weeks? I can’t remember – with all 3 of mine and by the third I knew I had as good a latch as was possible. I have fair skin which can make matters worse apparently (more sensitive/easily damaged) and also, when newborn, a baby’s mouth is so tiny that even wide open it may not really get the most ideal amount of nipple in. First baby was indeed toe-curlingly painful, second was not so bad, third a little better still but painful nonetheless. It did get better each time until there was no longer any pain but it took time for my nipples to toughen up and for my baby’s mouth to grow! Some people on here have talked about using nipple shields with success. I haven’t tried it but it might be worth a go?



    Well done Kathleen! My daughter is still breastfeeding, and she’s 17 months now. She doesn’t show any signs of wanting to stop either he he!



    I bought Fenugreek at in the store it is $18 for a bottle of 100 and online it is $18 for a bottle of 200 plus its buy one get one half off and free shipping. Mother’s milk tea can be bought at any health food store such as Wholefoods. I have a small vitaminshoppe by me that I get mine from.



    notsmithers baby’s mouth worked best for me … cabagge leave makes wonders but will lower your supply



    Thanks you all so much. I never thought about phantom cycles. I hope I am not ovulating though cause I am not using any protection yet (that’s another story though) But it does make sense. Did you all have to end up supplementing with formula during this time. I have just been trying to make it through and I do have some milk in the freezer but not a whole lot. I thought that I had been having some very very mild cramping. I hope AF is not gonna show up yet!!! Thanks again girls :0)



    By the way he is 25 inches long and holding out at 13 pounds so he isn’t a little tyke.



    Hey. I don’t want to be a know-it-all, but if you have the fever with mastitis, you need to get the antibiotics. The other methods (massage, warm water, cabbage leaf, switching positions) can do an EXCELLENT job of catching the clogged duct before mastitis sets in, but the fever is the final straw. I could be a mastitis-master after my first two kids, and once tried to ‘wait it out’ with other methods. Long story short, I got a severe infection, tore a duct, had blood in my milk, and had to go through very expensive tests to determine the damage. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Please see your doctor.

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