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    Hi Angie. I sometimes feel the same way too. I EBF my LO and he is 5 1/2 mths. Since I’ve been back at work I only nurse him when I get home after work and if he gets up in the middle of the night. Otherwise, we feed him bottles of expressed milk. One day I didn’t nurse him all day, we just fed him bottles of expressed milk. I’m lucky though b/c my work allows me to pump 3 times so I’m able to keep my supply up. On weekends I try to pump or nurse him every 3hrs. If he goes longer than 3hrs w/o eating, I’ll just pump and feed him a bottle later. I’m just getting really tired of pumping lately. It feels like thats all I do. But, I just keep telling myself I’m only doing it for 6mth…which will be May20th. After that, I’m just going to go on a month by month basis. No pressure to nurse for a year…Good Luck to you



    angie2008 try pumping first… to start the flow of milk then latch her on.. this will prevent her from getting frustrated and you too which sometimes can cause a decrease in your milk supply. both you and baby need to be relaxed for a successful breastfeeding session. hope this helped!



    Thanks so much Angie! My LO was so much better yesterday. She ate 14 oz when i was at work and slept through the night in her own crib!!!! Mommy got some much needed sleep! I was about to go crazy. My Mom came over last night to watch Tryn why I took a nap. She even fed her & gave her a bath. It was so nice not having to do that stuff for one night! I had a stress free evening.



    my DD refused to take bottles until she was about 7months (with expressed breast milk) and found that she started to take the milk from a cup that we found with a lid and a super soft straw. Once she did that she must have caught on that she could get milk from other ways other than my boobies and soon after started taking a bottle 🙂 If you go for the cup with a straw, we found that cleaning the straw with ‘pipe cleaners’ (like the craft shop ones) worked really well.



    Jessicahan- I have the same problem, just not as drastic. I ALWAYS have to pump my right side every morning and nurse my DS on the left side- the one that produces less. If you find something that works please let me know b/c I’m right there with you!



    I didnt start giving my son the vitamin drops until after 6 months. I tried earlier but he hated them. Prior to 6 months they get everything they need from breastmilk. After 6 months they are no longer getting the iron they need entirely from breastmilk (my OB said the iron is what you take the prenatals for so after 6 months you dont need them anymore, any vitamin will do). He loves the vitamin drops he gets now. He spits out his pacifier and opens real wide when he sees the dropper.



    NAdisha – Depending on the pump its definitely possible it wasnt completely empty. I usually hand express at the end to make sure they are really empty. If a lot is still coming out I pump a few minutes more.



    Hi Nikki—My LO is 9mths and I’m still nursing. We’re down to 1 nursing a day when he comes home from daycare and the rest is expressed milk in bottles. I stopped nursing in the middle of night months ago, I think he was 6mths. I just knew he was getting up for comfort only. I knew since he’s always been in the 75% for his weight, that he was eating enough. So, I knew if I didn’t nurse in the middle of the night that he would be ok. I would suggest maybe at first just cuddle him and give him a paci…..hopefully your LO will sleep through the night soon. Mine still has some nights here and there that he wakes up b/c of teething….but, I just go in there and rub his back and do not pick him up…it helps him learn to sooth himself back to sleep. Oh and tell those 3 people who judged you for nursing to keep their mouths shut. You’re doing a great job and this is your decision to keep nursing for as long as you feel is best for you and your LO. I just don’t understand why some people think something so natural is wierd? But…Keep it up!! Congrats for nursing so long!



    emmalouliz- I get them. They usually just go away and I dont know that they mean anything. They come and go tho.



    Hello ladys I’m 2wks pp with my second child I bf my 1st until she was 13-14mths all evryone ever tells u is ohhh how hard it is to bf but n my case it was hard to stop my daughter was so attached it was hard to break her.



    Anyone else having a problem with their milk supply being low at night? In the mornings and throughout the day mine is fine, then at night when he feeds right before bed it is soo low. It’s so low that he gets mad b/c it’s not enough. They even feel really small at night like they aren’t producing much. He is almost 7 months old and I REALLY want to keep breastfeeding until he is a year at least, but with my milk being so low at night I dont know what to do. My mom suggested giving him formula at bedtime, but he has NEVER had any and I really don’t want to start that. I will if I have to…but not by choice. Any suggestions?



    jakobsmommy2 – Your body will make enough milk for your twins. Here are a few links –



    i’ve found that if i give my LO formula for his last feeding before bed, he sleeps for 2 hours longer. this is because formula takes longer to digest. if you are bent on trying something i would suggest trying formula before cereal.



    lorelaismom – 17oz in 8hrs does sound like a lot. That’s over 2oz every hour! Do you think baby missed you all day and the only way your MIL could comfort her was with the bottle? I don’t feed DJ a bottle too often, so it’s hard to tell how many oz is a lot or what’s normal. Maybe ask the girls in the month forum. I can not believe that she did not call you to say she was running low and ASK YOU what she should do. Plus if she only gave her 1oz I think it could have waited, ya know? I mean 1oz is next to nothing. She could have held her, danced around with her and let her fuss a bit till you got home. It’s not much, but I’d of been pissed!



    phatbaby57 – Have you tried laying a shirt that smells like you down with him? Take off the shirt you were wearing that day and put it under him. Better yet use it as a blanket while he’s on your chest so when you lay him down he’s on top of it. The smell of you never leaves him…

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