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    also if you have lactation consultants in your area call them up they can meet with you and discuss any issues you may have



    Babycarter, have you need to a maternity store? Motherhood carries bras up to a size H. I honestly dont wear a regular nursing bra. Instead I got a couple of cheap soft cup one from walmart and Medela’s sleep bra. They arent as supposrtive but I like them A LOT!



    Beegee -my dd is 6 days old ..weve been havimg latch issues and my nipples and bleeding and cracked I had a lactation nurse come today to help me ….you can pump at any time she said its fine just pump in between feedings ….ive already pumped as it helped with engorgment ….she told me no matter what dont give her formula if im trying to bf bwcause it fills the, up and is heavier then breast milk and that could cause the confusion….she said at 2-4ever weeks they will have a growth spurt and she will want to eat alot for a dew days and become fussy like, ypu arent making enougj milk….by th she said ypu are and just keep feeding dont give up or supplememt ….she did tell me its ok to give them a bottle with ypura milk after a few weeks of only goving her your boob it just takes them awhile to get used to your nipple and after that there shouldnt be confusion ….I plan on introducing a bottles when shes around 3-4 weeks I gave up feeding my first pretty early on so really trying to get all the, help I can to continue woth those one and not mKe it so frustrating…hope any of this information is helpful as it was to me….we arw trying differemt holds …she said its good to always switch up the holds …


    Way to go Heather12! What a champ!



    Gemma – It only takes 24 to 48 hours to clear BUT if you are not careful and steralizing everything that touches your babies mouth it will be re-infected and you will have to start over again. Good Luck i know it stinks!



    Oh sam – You make me feel better. i thought i was the only one who did this. I found out by mistake that it works. I had nothing else to use at the time and used that. It worked great!

    Bri – I am jealous that you have made it over a year without a stain! I think i made it a week! haha.



    I have a question? I was really stupid and started smoking again and now I have stopped again because I want to still breastfeed. While I went about two to three weeks with out laching because I was smoking well I was still pumping maybe once a day. Well my supply went from 1 oz to 1/2 oz to not even filling the bottom of the bottle. like I have said I have stopped smoking and I want to increase and still breastfeed is it too late or is there still hope since I am still producing something. my boobs get really hot and hurt at times and I really don’t know why I think my pump is bad and that is part of the low amount in the bottle because I can get more out with my hand. Please someone tell me I can still increase my supply so I can feed my daughter still.



    On the vicks thing. I bought their new fan that you insert a sented pad inside the fan and it blows out a cherry menthol sent. My 6 yr old loves it and says it helps with her stuffy nose. Then you don’t have to worry about rubbing something on their skin that might cause irritation. It is pretty strong too you can put it on one side of the room and it smells up the whole room!



    hi bf moms! My baby is 4 1/2 months and has been bf the whole time, I gotto go back to school in January and I need her to start sleeping through the night! She feeds every 3-4 hours or sometimes every 2 hours, I went out today and bought formula to feed her at night so maybe she will sleep through the night. Have any of you done this? My siser suggested I mix the formula with my breast milk instead of water, anyone every done that? Please let me know, by the way moms that are struggling if you can get through the first two weeks, you’ll make it. Hang in there, it’s the best you can do for your child and for you. The third and fourth week will be much much better and after that your golden. We are 4 1/2 months in and it doesn’t hurt at all, nothing at all. good luck! Take it one day at a time, use the lasinoh creme it’s a lifesaver, and make sure she latches on the right way if not get her off and try again!



    armymom – my nipples are sometimes sore after pumping too, and sometimes they look white. I am mostly pumping because my baby never learned to latch on correctly and doesn’t get enough milk. Maybe try a lower setting on the suction, although I find if I do that it is not strong enough. I have really fair skin, so it could be that I just have sensitive nipples. They were really sensitive when I was pregnant too. Hope you resolve your issue : )



    Hey ladies hope your all having a better day than we are! The health visitor re-weighed James today and his weight is static 🙁 he has grown another 1.5cm in length but still remains 1ounce short of his birth weight and he’ll be 5weeks on on wednesday. I had been expressing but it seems to have decreased over the weekend and I have no idea why, so we have too add in 2 formula feeds until my supply increases and fingers crossed it will soon!! I love breast feeding it was me and James time, Id really wants whats best for him any advice on increasing lactation ?? – all help very very very much appreciated 🙂



    kerrienb – be careful of what you say, your LO may never want to stop BFing haha! But seriously, I think that is wonderful and power to you for getting thru it and encouraging others. I had a really difficult time too in the beginning. It never stop hurting for me though (even after 4.5 months) so I started to exclusively pump. Happy BFing to all you ladies. It’s sooo worth it!



    does the mother’s milk tea work by itself or do you have to take other stuff with it?



    GiftFromGod fif you plan to bf further you will have to find time to pump (more likely 2 times at work).
    In regards to eating, avoid cofeine, allergy medication. Eat lots of regular (cooked, not instant oatmeal), barley. Good luck!



    I’ve been bfing for 5 months and no period yet.

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