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    I tried the beer a night for a while but I REALLY like beer and found myself wanting more than one so i stopped doing that. Can’t say I really noticed a boost in supply either. Malted milk isnt really doing much for me either. As long as i can get through each day i will be happy. I only pumped 4 oz this morning where i usually get 7-8… I am going to have to raid my freezer stash to have enough for the babysitter tomorrow.



    I alternate breasts, too. The lactation consultant suggested nursing for 5 minutes on the last breast you nursed on, then let baby go for as long as they want on the other side. I figure it is easiest to just alternate…if he isn’t full enough he lets me know…besides, I am pretty confident he is getting hind milk. My breasts are all but deflated after he is finished!



    tquinn, the Le leche League actually says it is better to smoke and breastfeed then to use formula. I think formula should be a last resort. It contains horrible horrible things. I would never want my children to ingest. So, I would suggest you try and give it up. If you can’t for some reason breastmilk really is better. Stupid question but have you given it up for pregnancy? If you have then try not to go back to it. We all know it takes years off your life so if you are able to quit for 9months and then another year while breastfeeding wouldn’t it make sense just not to pick it back up. It’s expensive, your children probably don’t like the smell and it’s bad for you…



    Thank You Ladies. Rebecca: I will check that out now.. i dont think i could do the block feeding though. it is extremely uncomfortable as it is already nevermind skipping 2-3 feedings on a side. i might burst! lol



    Hi Ladies, I was wondering for the moms who have breastfeed for a year how much weight did you loose.



    mamalala: Sounds to me like you havent centred your nipple onto the pump right. Could also be the pump piece is not the right size like Bri said. The pain of feeding will disappear after a few weeks. Bub has to stretch that nipple right out to reach down the back of their pallet. Keep going as it will painfree in no time.



    For those with low milk supply… always begin your feeding on the ‘lame’ side when the baby is hungriest. You can also use fenugreek. Another alternative is to drink a beer. Not a watery beer, it has to have some body to it. It takes 30 minutes for food/drink to get into the breastmilk and 3 hours for it to be out. So… if your child feeds while you’re drinking the beer and is able to sleep for a couple of hours you won’t have to ‘pump & dump.’ Discuss both suggestions with your health care provider before doing them. Fenugreek is natural but it doesn’t mean it can’t interact with medications. Good Luck!



    Ladies, what are your opinions on donating your breastmilk? A friend of mine donates hers to a micro preemie baby and I am also giving her 60 ounces of my freezer supply tomorrow. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it but my fiance thinks it’s disguesting. So I’m looking for opinions on the subject. Thanks ladies!



    I have been dealing w/over production since day one. At first it was a pain but now I am just going with the flow~LOL!! You read so much about ladies have decreased milk supplies I just consider it a blessing. My son used to choke alot while nursing but I read some techniques on to decrease that and it has really helped. Oddly enough, I have never been able to pump alot of my milk. I usually pump between 4-6 oz at a time. I have read of some who can pump more than that at time. I don’t allow myself to get engorged because I am constantly feeding or pumping. My son is a little piglet and he literally nurses all the time. He was right at 11 pds at his 4 week check up and he has gotten alot bigger since then and he is 7 weeks now. I would not suggest trying to decrease supply, I would be afraid of it going to low and then not being able to get it back!!



    Letty-keep at it. Your boobs need to be ‘trained’ at the pump. Baby will always get out more than your pump ever will. So basically you need to up your supply to whatever your baby needs. If you can…have baby latch when at home. A fussy baby is a normal baby-which means Fussy baby is telling your body to make more. So camp yourself out on the couch and nurse nurse nurse all you can. Oh and it helps to lay in bed with baby…skin to skin contact also helps make more milk. And try warm compress or massage & roll nipples before pumping. Its just getting the ‘juices’ flowing! The warm always helps me in the morning to get out as much as i can after lo feeds-i pump after and can get maybe half a bottle’s worth.



    just to clarify on the pumping and dumping thing…from what I’ve read if you’re going to have an alcoholic drink pumping and dumping doesn’t actually do any good. The alcohol doesn’t stay in the milk, once your blood alcohol level regulates so does your milk alcohol level. Milk alcohol level peaks 1-1.5 hrs after your finished with your drink. So you should not nurse again until it goes back down. I find lots of great info at I have waaay too much time to google 🙂



    im eager to purchase the no cry sleeing solution book, who is the author/s?



    hey everyone ,I hope somebody could tell me whats goin on with us, the problem isThe night before last night I was so sleepy I didn’t realised that I was feeding my 2 months old DS from left side every time.In the morning my left side was full of milk and right side was empty and loose ,looked little smaller than left side .I tried to feed him from right side more so that one could produce more milk too,but it is not making that much milk .And I have to feed him from left side but as I bring him to that side breast he starts to cry and do not want to latch on .after crying for 1 to 2 minutes he latches on nurse for 2 minutes and again starts to cry .I don’t know what’s going on It’s been 2 days What should I do? I ‘m pumping right now ,but he hates bottle just cries and do not want to drink from bottle .Why he cries when I bring him near my left side? does anybody know?



    I am all for breastfeeding in public. My problem is I have a SIL that never covers herself. So I am really anal about making sure I am all covered up.



    This little guy has refused to eat since we got home from moms. He ate great there and everywhere else up until now

    I’ve tried breastfeeding, a little water and finally bottle feeding breastmilk and the minute any of it touches his mouth he cries like he’s in pain.

    I’m probably getting a little in him every 2 hours just w/ determination on my part. I have tired holding him in every position possible.
    I’m kinda baffled since he’s fed great since birth nad then all of a sudden he won’t suck or latch or anything.

    I’m hoping its something I ate or he’s waiting on a poop(katie sometimes did that!).

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