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    Thanks oz! I’ve used frozen mikl before and never had any problems. Maybe it was just that bag? I’d be seriously freaking out if they were all bad, I have like 70 or so bags in my freezer. I’m going just keep checking every time I thaw them out. I just freaked cuz that never happened.



    Thanks MamaSuzy! That means a lot. I’ve been through a lot with nursing and it’s become a passion of mine.

    junerewind – Antibiotics are the fastest way to cure Mastitis but not everyone wants to take them. I know that many natural cures work. I’ve had it twice early on and used antibiotics once and natural rememdies the other time. It sounds like you had a bad case and antibiotics was the only thing that would work but if youo just get a fever then you can stop it from going any further. Obviously, the best case would be to make remove the clog before the infection sets in. Why we all need to watch our bodies carefully.



    Candice, Have you tried a Nipple Shield?? They gave me one in the hospital b/c my LO was having trouble latching on. He was able to use it easily and nursed really well. I used it all the way up until he was 3mths. Some people say not to use it b/c he may get used to it…but, I didn’t care. If it helped him nurse, I did anything I could to get him to latch on. Eventually, I would start out using it and then once he latched on I would take if off and it was easier for him to latch on…Now he doesn’t need it at all. Stick with it. Its can be very frustrating…especially in the beginning. But, hang in there. You’re doing a great job! Good Luck!



    Okay so I am pretty p’d off!!! I have been breastfeeding my son Jayden since birth (he is now 3 and a half months old) I started back at work last week…I have a double electric pump so I can pump milk while Im at work and sometimes when we go out! I get 2 bottles in about 20 mins (so my supply is really good)…As of last Monday my ‘MONSTER IN LAW’ (lmao) started looking after Jayden and will be doing so for 1 month…She said that she would like to buy some formular just in case my milks runs out or something…which I was fine with! Two weeks before I started back at work…I got Jayden and myself into a routine and would give him my pumped b/m from 10 am – 4.30pm (because thats the time I would be at work) in that time he would drink about 1 and a half bottles and sometimes even the two that I had pumped…So I know he was taking my milk and that my supply was enough…ANYWAYS last Tuesday MIL tells my husband to go and get some formular and then gives it to Jayden without even telling me first…When I got home she told me that she had mixed some in with my milk and he took it really well and then I asked if my milk had run out – NOOOOO it hadnt…she just wanted to make sure that he would take well to formular if need be!!! Then I find out that she has been giving him formular mixed with my milk everyday – OMGGGGG what for?! It not like he isnt taking my milk or even that my milk has run out and I even told her I dont want him to have formular everyday…but she still gives it to him (because now that the tin is open – she only has 3 months more to use it) OMG did I tell you to buy the tin of formular….There is almost a whole bottle of milk (mine and formular) left over when I get home and then Jayden wont drink it…what a waste!!! She is such a b**ch -arghhhh I even told my hasband that Im not happy that Jayden is having formular – even if it’s mixed with my milk and he just turned around and said…’I dont know…talk to my Mum about it’ HELLO???? I did and she doesnt seem to care or listen….GOSH she is only with him for another 2 weeks and then my Mum will be taking over and my Mum has already told me that she is NOT going to give Jayden formular (why would she…when he is drinking my milk and it’s enough for him) so thank goodness for that!!! I cant wait for the next 2 weeks to be over – it’s like my MIL doesnt want us to bond or doesnt want him to have my milk Arghhhhh – I really just wanna b**ch slap her!!! So sorry this was so long – I just needed to vent!!!



    My son will be 9 months in a couple of days and we are still going strong! He only nurses in the morning and then he gets breastmilk throughout the day in bottles or in his cereal. I work 40hours a week and we drive for 3 hours every day so there is not much chance to nurse since he started solids. We had to change our schedules around a bit when he cut our nursing sessions, but we are content with how it is now. Talk about late teethers Wyatt has NO teeth yet. Doesnt even look like any are coming haha. He has been drooling since 4 months so we’ve been waiting but NADA! Oh well, keeps me from getting bit I suppose haha



    Aussiegirl – that is a great idea! I might try that if this persist. Man, these babies are so smart! I can’t believe they are able to tell the difference already. I guess we all have our work out for us.



    Hey ladies, just checking in with everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your time breastfeeding. I know I do or should say did. Kekoa is almost 21months. He’s doing really well but he’s self weaning now. He did breastfeed first thing this morning but he doesn’t before bed any longer. I guess it’s a good thing since I’m almost 16weeks with baby number 2. I’m proud of my little man. We had so many problems in the beginning. He was a weak sucker and actually didn’t latch on for over 2 months. But, once I was able to get him to latch we were unstoppable. HAHA! I did go back to work and pumped all his milk for over a year. He never had cow’s milk in school. He was 16months when I stopped working for good. He’s happier at home and so am I. Anyways, I just wanted to pop in and let you all know that you are all doing a good job. I know breastfeeding is hard and there are so many pressures just to give formula. I’m excited to breastfeed this next one. I never thought of it as chore or something that tied me down. I love it and find it peaceful. Even with all the rough times plus two cases of mastitis and a case of thrush. Ugh! Oh and not to forget teething and biting at 8months. HAHA! It was all phases that we worked through and memories that I’ll always have. I’m sure Kekoa will be completely weaned by mid August. I’m sad but my emotions are ok with that. He’s growing up and becoming more and more a little boy. I’m proud that I nursed him until 21months and glad that I allowed him to self wean. If you haven’t looked into it or don’t know what self weaning is I suggest finding out a little more about it. It’s been an awesome experience and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Good Luck ladies with all your challenges and I envy you for being there. HAHA!


    Oh, I warm mine up by running it under warm water or by letting it sit the the fridge. I do that with my refridgerated milk as well. I don’t trust a pan….. If you ever use a microwave just know that it kills all the nutrients in breast milk so your baby is really just drinking water. Pluss you get hot spots and you can burn your babies mouth. Babies R Us has a great device to warm up your breast milk under water. And I found that it works best with frozen milk.




    Look into the Medela Supplemental nursing system. It is amazing!! You can still give your baby a supplement of some kind while at the same time your baby is still nursing from you. There is no worry about nipple confusion or refusing to nurse because the baby is not getting a bottle.Also, your nipples are getting the extra stimulation to trigger more milk supply. I love it, For any of you ladies considering supplementing, instead of using a bottle try the Medela Supplemental nursing system.



    Thanks for the laugh, lilli1317! I guess I have that to look forward to, do I? I’d better enjoy my sweet, calm, cuddly little girl while I can!


    Hello everyone! I got a question. In the middle of the night when my 2 month old daughter gets hungry I feed her laying down the bed on my side. Well the problem is I end up falling asleep and she falls asleep after only on one breast. Do you think shes getting all the nutrition she needs or should I be sitting up feeding her so she can feed on both sides and I don’t fall asleep. LOL



    can you get pregnant while breast feefing… my bby is10weeks i just had sex for the first time today and it was unprotected my hubby came inside me im superscared whatshould i do????????i havent got a period since birth!!!!



    Frenchie: My normal pumping volume is 1 oz out of each breast (so 2 oz total), except the first pump of the day which is about 1.5 to 2 oz out of each side (3-4 oz total). When I was on the domperidone, I started pumping 1.5 – 2 oz out of each breast (3-4 oz total) and 6-10 oz total for my first pump of the day. I think I started noticing a difference 4 or 5 days into it, and by a week I was pumping those volumes. At 12 days old, your body is still regulating, so try to pump and nurse as much as possible, and avoid the bottle and formula. Even if it means you’re feeding every hour. As you know, breastfeeding is a supply/demand thing, so you need to put the demand on it for the supply to increaseâ€actual nursing is the best since pumping is an artificial stimulation. Also, pumping volumes are not the same as what your child gets directly from the tap. The only way to know for sure what your child gets during a nursing session is to do a weigh & feed and most LC’s will do this with you.



    number2luv – I wouldn’t give him juice. I really think you’re right about getting everything they need from us. My doctor is also saying that i should start giving my LO cereal, but i’m not sure i really want to. She weighs 17lbs and is also 18 weeks old but i think i’ll wait a little longer. She also gets bottles of expressed milk while i’m at work, but she hasn’t refused them, so i don’t know how to help with that problem. But i’d say that he’s probably fine not eating while you’re gone (depending upon how long). And that he won’t let himself starve, so if he’s really hungry he’ll take the bottle.



    Happy New Year ladies! My LO is 5 months old & is EBF. I have given him a few tastes of rice cereal & some pear babyfood but I can tell he is just not ready for solids. He makes terrible faces & spits it all out & even starts to cry! Haha so I will try again in several weeks. I am in no rush. Anyways, I must agree with many moms here, our ped is totally unsupportive of BF. Everytime I tell him I am still EBF he looks SHOCKED & makes a weird face. He even casually said ‘thats why your son is so fat’. I brushed it off – my LO isn’t ‘fat’ he only weighs 14 lbs which is pretty average. Anyways I also only consider him good for immunizations – for everything else I do my own (extensive) research.

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