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    Hi ladies i’ve not long joined this site and are still finding my way around! i’ve just come across this forum wow its brill. I’ve beastfed all 3 of my kids and loved it!!! anyone thinking of trying should definatly do it there is nothing better! good luck to all you new mums who are trying it will be something you will NEVER regret. I am at the moment TTC number 4 and i will definatly be breastfeeding when he or she comes along 🙂



    Expecting- DD is 6 months and she’s doing the same thing. All the time. It’s hard not to yell at her! I don’t think she does it on purpose or anything, but it hurts! They can’t bite if they’re actively nursing, so i stick my finger in her mouth to get her off and unlatch her and take her off for a minute. I try to feed her again and if she does it again I end the feeding session. I don’t know what else to do. It seems like it’s been going on for a while now and i hope it ends soon!



    Okay, guys. Zoey is STILL in the stage of wanting to nurse constantly. I’ve adjusted a bit. At night, she sleeps with me and stays latched on pretty much the whole night. I know a lot of this is just comfort, so I embrace it. However, a problem keeps arising. By about 2 every morning, any time she becomes unlatched, I have to switch breasts (every time). And by about 5, it’s nearly impossible to get her to latch on. I think the CONSTANTL suckling is hurting my nipples. After a couple hour break (I have to strip her down to her diaper and snuggle with her, that’s the only way she’ll sleep not attatched to my breast), they’re fine again. But they get really flat and hard for her to latch on to. It’s miserable for me because she screams and gets so frustrated since she’s half asleep and I literally have to sit there and pinch and rub them to get them to take any shape so she can relatch. Anyone ever experience this? My nipples are NOT generally flat. Ugh. What a pain.,



    Hi Ladies… Ok so I have something to confess!! My 4 month old baby boy got a bottle of formula today, he has been so fussy at the breast in the last week and not sleeping through the night or at all through the day, so I started giving him rice cereal, well he loves that but is still not sleeping through which he was since he was 8 weeks… Today he wouldnt take my breast but was showing all hunger signals, I tried him on some cereal and he didnt want it so I caved in and gave him some formula, he drank a FULL 240mls and is now asleep… I pumped so as not to lose that milk and could only get 160mls… I feel bad for giving in but he seems so content with it… I really wanted to feed for at least 6 months, should I do both?



    Hey ladies I have a question I am 36 weeks preg and plan on EBF again. My DD is 20 months old and I EBF her for the first 8 months till I started drying up. At the time I didnt know about ANYTHING to help and the LC at the hospital didnt help me one bit. My question is my boobies are the size when my milk came with her. 40H will this hinder me nursing my little man?



    Daddy and I just had our first night out since Braeden was born. Went out to dinner and a movie, minus the kiddos. Braeden is EBF, and I wasn’t sure he would take a bottle, so I warmed up a bottle of frozen BM at home to test it out, and he took it like a champ. So out we went, and left the kids with the wonderful lady who will be doing daycare for me when I go back to work (she used to look after DS1, and I see her all the time at school, so Braeden already knows her from there). Come home 5 hours later, and she tells me he didn’t cry the whole time! Was fast asleep by 7:45 tonight, and took one 6oz bottle of BM right before we came back to pick him up. (which worked perfect, because the only chance I got to pump was on the way home). I have to admit to being a bit sad that my little man didn’t miss me, and I’m kinda shocked that he took a bottle so easily (he’s 10 weeks now, and it’s the first he’s had) but it looks good for when I go back to work at least. 🙂



    does anyone know if it is possible for mastitis to go away without having to take antibiotics? i had flu like symptoms yesterday…..fever, chills, aches….nothing else….i’m better from all that but today when i went to pump i noticed a big red splotch on my right breast so i’m pretty sure just from the research i have done online that it is mastitis. i’m hoping i have caught it quick enough that it doesn’t get too bad and like i said i feel fine today besides having a headache behind my eyes and the red splotch. i had a lot of running around to do monday and i was super busy and didn’t have time (i will make time next time) to pump and i gave caroline bottles. is there anything i personally need to do besides not ever go without pumping for a long period of time again?



    I ♥ my Mirena! I’ll probably only have it in for about a year because we’re planning on another baby. But there is no way I’d remember the pill and there is no way I’d go to using condoms! But really the only birth control that is a sure thing is abstinence. So yes, you can get pregnant on the pill, IUD, even with your tubes tied (my Mom actually knew someone). But it is 99% effective, and that’s good enough for me. Also when you get Mirena inserted you should have an ultrasound a few weeks later to make sure that it is positioned properly.



    Lisa59 – I’m glad you are looking into it. You are right, there are so many tools that can help you be more successful. It’s just a matter of knowing about them. Breastfeeding is hard but well worth it. The benefits out weigh any frustration you go through trying to make it work. Good Luck! We’ll be here when you have your baby and need help.



    I was trying to figure it out. I don’t want to say it’s age because I know plenty of young women that aren’t like that. HAHA! But it seems so childish sometimes. I guess it’s a lesson that all people need to learn whether they are 20 or 30. The only opinions that matter to oneself is those that effect your life.



    Just sharing a tip with you ladies– for those of you that make your own baby food, and who are doing finger foods. I discovered ziploc zip’n steam bags. They steam the food in a few minutes. I used to bake it, but it took so long for the foods to get soft! But i’ve done potatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, apples this way. Just slice them and the baby holds them and chews them. Ella loves this. Something to look into for you guys.



    So i had another bottle rejection night. I went out shopping with my father for father’s day gifts (let him choose) and mum stayed home to watch J. I fed him (both sides) and then left. About 1.5hr later she called and he was screaming, rooting and pushing bottle away, trying to suck on her. He would NOT accept the bottle. She tried 3 different ones. He cried himself to sleep after sipping about 1/3 of the bottle….then ate like a camel when I got home!
    He fell asleep around 10pm, and I was waiting for him to feed on the other side but its 1am now, and my one side was so overloaded I had to pump – I got 7oz out! YIKES

    So any advice? Emilee you said to feed more frequently w bottle – but I hate doing that. I feel like pumping is so much work and it takes away a feeding I could be doing. PLUS it makes my milk increase and then i HAVE to pump bc I get so engorged.

    I’m also mad at my DH. We have our own business and when Im home he works round the clock – most nights till at least 2 or 3am, sometimes till 5am (our store is next to the house) or he falls asleep on the couch. So now that Im away, twice this week he has left work before 10pm and gone out with his friends!!! I’m livid – why can he find time to 1) go out and 2) stay awake when Im NOT there, but when I am there he works non stop and has no time for me or baby? grrrrr 🙁


    Thanks Luv2 I have been pumping in our bathroom here at work, But not after today. Thanks again



    Noah – I have the same problem sometimes, I found lying down on my back and putting him on my stomach helps since the milk isn’t pouring into his mouth.



    Do any of you bf mommies suffer from constipation? I’m 11 weeks pp and severely bunged up!! I try to eat all the right things to up my fiber intake but I still only manage to ‘go’ around once a week. My poor belly is huge and often painful.

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