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    With my first, my boobs and nipples were so big that they didn’t fit in my little one’s mouth. I just pumped for four months. Any advise on how to increase the chances of successful breastfeeding with this next one?



    phatbaby57 – We went through that with Chris. All he wanted was snack foods and no protein. We just stopped giving it to him. It took about a day and he started eating good meals again. He wasn’t starving because we’d offer the good foods but he was being stubborn and finally decided that he was hungry enough to eat good. He was a bit older though, almost 2. Now, I just don’t buy anything that is crap because he’ll only want that.



    Seuban: I did some research because like Jessica, I remember the doc telling me to call. When your baby is between 3-6 months, you’re supposed to call if their fever is 101 or higher. The doc will probably say she’s fine, but I would call.



    How can you tell for sure if you have supply issues? I’ve been really worried about it the last couple of weeks, though maybe I’m worrying over nothing? My DD is just over 9 weeks old, and for the last several weeks, she’s been on a pretty regular schedule. She eats at 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 9:30pm. At night it’s more variable, anywhere from 1am – 3am for the next feeding, then every couple of hours after that (she only eats for 5-10 mins then falls asleep). Now before she started this schedule, she would eat only 10-20mins at a time, not even on both boobs all the time. But lately, she eats 20-30 mins on each boob, for up to an hour or more. And she keeps on sucking until she gets fussy or falls asleep. I know she’s completely drained them, but she never seems to have enough. They don’t feel as full anymore either, especially in the evenings, it doesn’t seem like there’s much in there. But she has lots of dirty diapers. I use cloth and she’s wet at least every hour, with several poops a day. I just don’t understand why she never seems satisfied anymore, and we have to feed for so long. It also worries me that my boobs don’t feel very full. I’m not sure what is normal, but it seems like she drains them in the first few minutes, then just keeps on sucking like she’s still hungry. I’ve been taking Fenugreek for the last week, and now trying fermented oatmeal, but it doesn’t seem to be making a difference so far. Any thoughts?



    laura-i split my vaxes up between two months. I never give more than three at a time and then I go back the next month and get three more. It’s a little traumatic (for me) to have to go back to back like that but he’s never reacted badly. Last time was his 12 month appt and he only got his mmr only and was fine with it too



    acissej7382- We’re on Cape Cod! Living on Otis AFB in Buzzards Bay.



    Jessica I was wondering the same thing because I had to pump with my oldest till she was able to nurse 6 days after birth.



    Claire I have no experience in that area sorry. How old is your Lo? Bri one of my close friends is moving back from spokane and she is due in Oct they are moving up too lynwood so I will be in your neck of the woods often 🙂


    I’m from the UK and we are given either bf charts or ff charts.


    Thanks Bri. I kind of figured that was about all I could do. I’m pretty good about not hunching over too much. I think what gets me is feeding her at night and falling asleep with her…. then I’m not in control of my positioning and I wake up stiff and sore. I admit I haven’t been working on strength or stretching, though, so that’s what I’ll start doing and hopefully it’ll help.



    Petskies-i have to tell you…my first 2 kids (both boys) were bottle feeders. They were both preemies and the first one the hospital whisked away and fed him a bottle before i was even able to see him..i had a baaaad delivery..the second one had to be supplemented with formula at about a week old…he decided thats what he wanted and my milk production basically dried up…i tried and tried and wasn’t able to produce a drop for him. This time around i’m more sucessful in my own story-but the reason for my post is its ok to be a formula feeder. Really-who cares what anyone else tells you…You need to be ok with that fact your lo is on formula. Your now doing the best you possibly can and YOU and only YOU need to be ok with that. Your partner needs a swift kick in the go nads if he’s not supporting you the best he possibly can cause being a mother is hard in itself and to have someone not support you makes it 10 times harder.


    Oh, I forgot to mention that Alyssa waved HI last night for the first time. It was so cute! 🙂



    Just wanted to say also, breastfeeding is the BEST thing i have ever done.. i think it’s weird to come here (to a BF forum) and say it’s the worst thing. Not starting a fight, just saying I hope that everyone here will get to nurse for a long, long time and love it. Good luck all.



    Alex wears a baseball cap when we go out. Chris always did too. They look cuter then sun hats on boys. Daddy always wears a hat too and now Chris won’t leave the house without his. The bill of the cap actually works well as a shield. Never knew they made breastfeding hats though.


    emilees3babes – 🙁 That’s awful. I cannot imagine….

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