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    I refused formula even though they said it would help! Soooo, we were stuck in the hospital almost 24 hours. Because Alex was soo big they wanted to be sure his glucose was up sooo we had to have five pricks within the 24hours to be sure. Goo Breastmilk! I literally had him attached to the boob the entire time at the hospital to be sure he did not need any formula. They knew I’m anti-milk substitutes so it worked for me.


    sandra28 – I’m stumped! Have you talked to an LC or a volunteer at your local LLL? Maybe a professional will have some different advice. Or what about your LO’s pediatrician? I never had this issue with Alyssa so I’m not sure what else I can offer…. Sorry! I wish you the best of luck!!

    balsamfir – I’ve gotten that a few times and I am never sure what it is but I kind of think it might be a clogged duct… at least that’s my fear. So I try to nurse nurse nurse! I also massage and empty the breast after pumping or nursing just to avoid the situation getting worse. Have you ever had clogged ducts? A friend of mine had one so bad it got infected and now she has to get her breast aspirated so they can remove all the gunk inside. She has to supplement because one side of her body will not release enough milk and I’m sure by now she’s started to produce less on that side as well. Do you have a fever or flu like symptoms? Or red streaks on your breast? All signs of mastitis….



    My baby nursed for two hours straight right after she was born. I already had blood blisters on my nipples after this first session. I just kept putting lanolin on after each session, and eventually they healed. I figured that if I could make it through the pain of childbirth, I could live with the nipple pain for a few weeks!! It was rough, but it does get so much better.



    soontobe- my sons doctor, told me that when breast feeding you aren’t going to ‘over feed’ them. If the baby wants to nurse ALL THE TIME, only offer one breast for two or three hours, that way they can fully empty it out (and get the hind milk that is higher and fat to fill them up) and also if they are only using you as a paci, then they empty that breast and wont get much milk, and they can just suck without eating.. if that makes sence? my LO only nurses off one side ever feeding, alot of time i even forget which breast to use.. my right one doesnt produce much and thats why i started using mainly the left one.. cause he would get VERY angry with righty! LOL



    Shay- ugh, dont supplament, really? Ive given her a bottle of formula for the last two nights because then she sleeps through the night. My friend is a maternity nurse, and said there was nothing wrong with that. Well i guess i will ask the ped. tomorrow. As for pumping, Ive tried twice now, once after the night feeding, and once after the morning feeding, and each time I only got about an oz. I dont think im producing enough milk. 🙁



    I am getting shooting pains in my breast and my nipples feel much more tender. i don’t knwo why. I am not doing anything different. Any suggestions or anyone know if the shooting pains are a bad sign or normal?



    Is Gentian Violet still used to treat thrush? My mother said she swore by it during BF but I can’t find much info about it now.



    Ok so I have a dilema that I’m hoping you ladies can help me with. I just got my pump in the mail today. It’s a Ameda purely yours. Well I was so excited I jumped right into it and started pumping…nothing. I figured it was just because of my excitement so I put it away and decided to try later. Once again, the only thing I got was sore nipples. How long does it take to get the hang of this? When is the best time to pump? I tried relaxing and thinking of my little one but even that didn’t help. If you could comment on my page that would be great!


    Sunshine– I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that babies around that age tend to try to wean themselves because they’re so busy with new stuff. A dark room is a wonderful idea, and 5-7 minutes isn’t bad but I would visit a LC if you have one near you, good luck!



    Sorry it is Triaminic that sells it



    arca – I don’t know too much about mixing formula with breast milk but I did a quick search online and the first website that came up was babycenter…here is the link



    hey. my baby is 6weeks old. i am fully breast feeding her and she is gaining weight great. i want to try and express a bottle a day for her just so now and then i can have a break she is very demanding and it would be lovely for my partner to be able to give her a bottle a day. i have bought a hand breast pump but hav no idea what to do and dont know anyting about expressing and worried it will confuse my little one. any help advice or tips or just knowledge from anyone i would be so grateful. xx



    OK- It happened! My LO bit me last night. Oh it was painful. I don’t think she meant to because it was only once and then she continued nursing. She has the two botton teeth right now. I can’t imagine what it would feel like if she has top teeth too!



    I have question for ladies who are breastfeeding older babies. My son is 6.5 months old and his 2 bottom teeth just poked through. This past week he has taken to biting on my nipple. How do I stop this? I plan on BF for a year. I BF my oldest son but only until 6 months so I never had to deal with this problem. Any tips would be greatly appreciated>



    aidensmommy1 – Flying with a breastfeeding baby is awesome! I don’t think there are rules but the flight attendants that I know welcome breastfeeding babies. It can be easier on the baby then bottlefed babies. I say this because during take off and landing you can feed your baby and it will help with the pressure. I have a nursing aprong that i wear. i would try to get the window seat. As soon as I sit down I would cover up. Get a pillow to help support baby and start feeding. Kekoa would be out before take off even started. Also, if baby becomes fussy during the flight then feeding is a good way to settle baby down. Make sure you have plenty of time between connections. This will allow you to change your baby in the restroom in the airport. Of course you can still do it on the plane but there isn’t much room in the bathroom. Also, if you have a connection then having some time in between will allow both you and your baby to stretch your legs. My son was cruising at six months so we were letting him walk around the airport between flights. Good luck!

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