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    KristinaA- I use Playtex Nursing Necessities One Step storing kits. It comes with a thing that attaches to my pump and i just pump right into the bags, screw on the top and freeze. Then when i thaw them out i just screw on the nipple and and i’m good to go. They’re really easy.



    SydneeMay – definitely consider going to a pediatrician who is pro-breastfeeding and is well educated on it, maybe even one who is also certified lactation consultant if there are any in your area. My first pediatrician told me to stop breastfeeding altogether when my lo was 5 weeks since she had green poop with teeny traces of blood in it. She sent me on my way with two large cases of alimentum (hypoallergenic formula). Well I am grateful that I did my own research and went for other opinions, plus got great support from the ladies of this site! I personally found that each ped I went to actually knew very little about breastfeeding and were more interested in just a standard of care that would cover themselves and the practice. Formula would mean that the green poop would go away and therefore their butts were covered, case closed. But was that really necessary? Aren’t there other things to do and still breastfeed so my lo could still reap the great benefits of what is natural anyway? The answer is yes. I received great help from a lactation consultant and the problem ceased after a couple of weeks and my lo is now 6 months and still breastfeeding just fine and is in great health, knock on wood. I’m not saying to not trust anything your ped says, just that there are more qualified individuals out there with better answers to help your lo grow while being the healthiest they can be! Good luck with your little cutiepie!


    Thanks ladies! And Expecting, I WAS pissed!! When she told me, I was like ‘She’s not supposed to have water! She’s not supposed to have anything but breastmilk for 6 months!’ And she asked why and I told her ‘because she’s not supposed to have anything for 6 months!’ lol I think she got the picture. I also think you might be right about the comforting thing. Scarlett is generally a very happy baby and I told my MIL that she usually only cries when she’s hungry. So maybe now she think that every time she cries she’s hungry. Today she had 18 oz !! Scarlett’s is very particular and will get kinda fussy if she’s bored, if if she can’t see you. Maybe she’s mistaking fussy and wanting attention with hungry.



    phatbaby – we had the same problem (at about 5 or 6 months DD started waking up as soon as I put her in her crib) and I finally figured out that she needed her blankets (2 handknit ones) on her to warm up before she fell asleep and before I put her down. Rather than cold blankets on a warm baby… So I don’t know if it was the warmth or like Bri says, the scent, but either way she rarely wakes up now as long as I remember her blankets.



    parkersmommy- sounds like they just need to get tougher. Give it another week and they shouldn’t be sore any more. If there’s bleeding then that wouldn’t be good, but if not than just wait and see 🙂



    kirra82 – Only you can make that decision. Knowing about breastfeeding I would suggest doing a marathon nursing session for a few days. If you work then try it this weekend. It will help build supply and bring it to what he wants it to be. If you want you can do both formula and breastmilk. Every bit of breastmilk is worth it. I would suggest pumping the milk when you feed a bottle to keep supply up. You can also save it for the next bottle so it lessens the amount of formula that you feed. Formula does have a place in society and has saved lives but I would research what goes into formula. There are chemicals that we wouldn’t digest that goes into the creation of it. It’s not very pleasant. I don’t want to make you feel bad because I used it with my first for a couple months. My son was ‘evicted’ early and he just didn’t have the suck reflex. He wouldn’t latch on for two months and although I pumped constantly I couldn’t keep up. Then one day he latched on and I weaned him from formula. It was an awesome day when he got no formula at all. But like I said, it is up to you how you feed your baby. If you feel guilty for giving one bottle a day then don’t do it. But, if you are fine with the bottle then that’s what you want. He’s your baby, no one else’s (well except Dad but often they don’t care.)



    Seuban- make sure you keep baby propped up 30 min after eating, make sure your not eating gassy food, but the incline is most important to sleep also



    2ndtimemommmy, a 6oz bottle at 10 days? Wow! At that age their tummies are about the size of a golf ball and will hold 2oz. He has some staying power if he did the whole bottle in one sitting! Just remember when you go back to work that he only needs 1-1.5oz per hour you are at work. He will take everything that you put into a bottle because it is so much easier than the breast, but you don’t want him to get used to a huge amount that is going to be more than what he needs and leave you panicking to get your supply up to have enough for his bottles. Congrats on the night out!



    didderty- yes, you can get through mastitis without antibiotics. I did twice. Once my fever broke, things got better. If the symptoms come back go see the doctor, but it sounds like you are on the other side of it. Pump frequently and use a warm compress on the affected breast…



    …oh and it did absolutely nothing to effect my milk supply. I’ve never had a problem, thank God!



    secondtimemommy, I absalutely would not get a tattoo while nursing. Different inks have different chemicals to give them their color…I beleave it is red that has mercury. So, if your baby can get mercury poisoning from you eating too much fish I would assume that extra mercury from ink would be bad as well.
    With that said, I know the desire to want to ink, I’ve wanted a new one for almost two years now. In the long run, to me, it is just not worth the risk.



    How long does it take until LO goes longer between feeds?? My LO is 3 weeks old now,she feeds roughly every 2 hours day and night and i am so drained…please tell me it gets easier!



    EllasMommy23 – We’re starting out with finger foods, no mush for us. He’s doing really well with toast, meat ‘sticks’ and veggies. Pretty much anything we eat that’s healthy gets put on his plate to play with and eventually eat.



    balsamfir – The introduction of solids and sleeping through the night had absolutely no impact on my daughter. She is 14 months and still wakes multiple times. Everyone is different however. Maybe yours will sleep better, who knows? I attempted to start her on solids at 6 months but she wanted nothing to do with them at the time. So I just kept on offering her it for months and still no luck. It wasn’t until I offered her ‘real food’ as opposed to anything pureed, not even rice cereal, that she wanted to eat and that was around 10 months.She still way preferred breastmilk though and still does. Again, each baby is different and yours may love it and take to it right away. As far as the plane, no you do not need the car seat (you will need one for your car rental of course though, so you can check yours, or rent one). Your baby will sit right on your lap. And yes, nursing during take off and landing is very helpful for their ears. Wait until you are actually taking off though, as I had made the mistake once of nursing as we were just ‘blocking out’ which took forever, which in turn made my dd not suck as strongly by the time we took off. Anyway, also bring little snacks, books, etc to entertain. Additionally, there is a changing table in the bathroom, albeit extremely small. I actually just change my dd in my lap because it is way easier. Although, that has been with all the times traveling either sitting with my fiance or having the row all to ourselves. Hopefully there will be a thoughtful flight attendant who will give you a row (if there is the room available).



    Totally OT, but you guys are the ones I love and trust more than anyone in my month! I could use some advice, if anyone is willing to give it. My baby has discovered how much he loves the sound of his own voice, but he’s not babbling, he’s shrieking the most high pitched, ear piercing shriek ever. How do I make him stop? We tried ignoring him when he did it, and didn’t talk to him until he used softer sounds, but after about 2 days he stopped using softer sounds period, and I obviously can’t ignore him all the time. We also tried using a stern tone of voice with him, to show him that we don’t like that sound, but he thinks our stern voices are funny! It’s now to the point that he is shrieking literally about every 5 seconds. He only stops when he has his soother in his mouth, or if we’re out and about, because he is too busy looking around to shriek. I feel like I’m going deaf! I really need him to find another sound.

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