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    Noah – I now feed in a lazy boy chair reclined back so that my little one doesn’t cough and pull off so much. And if she does pull off I have a wash cloath ready and I let it spray in that. When it slows or stops I let her latch back on.



    deeyore- i dunno. i don’t think i would let them go. she seems irresponsible. i have such fear of losing someone myself i don’t think i could deal with someone else who i don’t trust being with my child. also it is hard to take care of muliple children in public places. i don’t know how many kids would be going but it might be hard for them to handle. But you are in a tough spot with what your excuse would be. You could just be a biotch and just say no, but it sucks that your husband thinks they can go also. But yeah, i don’t think i’d let her take them. And yeah, doing things first is important! My mom took Ella swimming for the first time without asking me and it really bothered me that i missed it. I was really sad about it!


    Lilmam—I’m sure you’ll be fine. i just got back from Alabama (live in Wa). We did a over night flight so we flew out at 11 our time and landed at 7am they’re time which is really almost 5 westcoast. Anyways I didn’t sleep at all and was up the day before and that day until 9pom eastcoast time(6my time)/ John only feed 3 times before I fell asleep and I didn’t wake until 5am (2 west= 8 hrs)my breats were as hard as rocks. My right had leaked tons. I got up to pump but forgot the little rubber parts. I wanted ot cry I sat and hand express for 1 hr. I was only able to get 5 oz, 4 coming from hte leaking one and only 1 from the other. John didn’t wake until another 4 hrs! With all that I thought for sure something would happen but nothing. I think it takes days of those to effect your supply


    Does anyone else on here have an aggressive nurser? Clementine is only 4 months old but she’s killing my nipple! She kicks and moves and shakes her head all while latched. She also bites. I’m so worried about how hard she will be on me when she has teeth. We have always had latch issues but lately she latches but insist on being face down (hard to explain) stretching my nipple to its limit. If I try to correct her position she just goes right back into it once she’s relatched. Has anyone dealt with this? Any advice on how to get her to treat her momma nicer?



    seuban, like the other girls, I would call if you haven’t already. i would also give the tylenol, but simply because it’s uncomfortable to have a fever. If the fever is going to spike, it will still spike with the tylenol in her system, so I’d rather have it in her anyway, but mostly I’d just give it to make her more comfortable. Hope she feels better soon!



    Bri – thanks it sounds interesting and worth a try. We had (and still do) such a struggle with my ds of 2.5 who is a real fusspot over food and still wants mommy to feed him unless he loves what is in front of him.


    Inlove thats fantastic good milk!!



    acissej7382 – It’s a yeast infection that usually occurs after mom or baby have a form of antibiotics or if mom doesn’t change her pads enough. It shows in baby’s mouth as white patches that can’t be rubbed away (not milk residue) and sometimes bleeds. On mom it is less apparent but it burns like hell. If mom or baby gets it then both needs to be treated else they will pass it back and forth to one another. Not fun!



    i think they say not to pump b/c you’re just starting to get established and if you don’t intend on keeping that kind of demand you could end up with a huge oversupply issue. also i guess it could also have to do with the cluster feedings and timing pumping so baby can get all he/she can get. but the reason i wouldn’t is b/c i was sore enough just learning to get the latch right and pumping even after i got everything right made me sore. i think the pain in the beginning is one of the biggest ‘i quit’ factors. no reason to make it more painful than it has to be.



    styx, he’s 5 weeks tomorrow.



    i’m glad that its not just my lo who only eats off of one side, very seldom does she take both



    my letdown feels like my breast is tightening up and then releasing. it’s so odd and sometimes painful if i get a little engorged.



    Scarlet I have already sent a msg on her page apologising.. I really do feel awful. It was nto my intention to be rude but re reading my comment I can see that i was not only rude but came across as intolorent idiot… I like to think I have a bit more class then that but i think today I just proved I dont..


    i always stopped pumping when i would see my milk would stop…i pushed thro and ended up getting 3 more let downs with an extra 2 ounces! super excited



    ugh i hate the whole topic of giving solid food early…i had to battle it left n right this time lol…and my kid had acid reflux and i had every right to say ‘oh i had to give him cereal because of it’ but no, i chose to hold my baby in my arms upright and cut out acidic foods and we dealt with it that way. and im thankful for it, i am so bad about figuring out how much solids to give vs how much breastmilk. its too confusing. when is it that they are supposed to be on more solids than breastmilk? my lil guy is 8 months yet and hes still id say 90% breastfed. i nurse him around 5 times a day, and offer him solids twice. does that sound ok?

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