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    scarlet- HAHA i can’t blow bubbles with my bubble gum in a public bathroom…something deep inside me tells me that bacteria is getting trapped in the gum. Cra cra! So no i’d never nurse in a public toilet. The older the baby gets the less i care about NIP.



    Emilee that just made me bawl after what’s happening with my 2 year old 🙁 they did a cat scan and no fractures or bleeding thank god



    Ladies do you know if it is safe for me to color my hair even though I am breastfeeding?


    mayy08 – haha… no. I think that happens from the pregnancy, though. Well… from the weight gain during pregnancy to be more precise.



    ms.ellis- my son was doing the same thing.. i talked to his ped about what the best way to stop him from waking every 3 hours was and she had me let him cry it out…. he’d fuss and I’d go in after five minutes… not touch him and just comfort him with my voice.. then wait six minutes and so on… IT WAS SO HARD on me i was crying in my room but after two nights he was sleeping threw the night



    emma-i say anything that is a comfort to you right now is good. if you are still enjoying the relationship continue on. i have an 18 month nursling myself.



    beegee, the reason you shouldnt supplement with formula is because everytime u give a bottle, your body thinks it doesnt need to produce milk, so it slows your supply down.unless u pump while shes having formula. if your having latch issues i would see a lacation consult asap or find a local la la leach chapter to help. you can try nipple shields . and you can pump any time. its also important to remember the average person only can pump 1/2oz-3oz at a time. and its not a good indactor how much milk your baby is getting, since they can empty the breast in a different way. its completely normal for a new baby to nurse every hr for 30-60 min at a time. its a lot at first , but after the first 2 mnts its gets better. just keep in mind some peds arent trained or know much about breast feeding, i would talk to a LC instead. you can do it! keep up the good wrk message me if you want with any questions .



    If your are nursing at all it could be thrush.



    my little girl has awful thrush. i’ve been reading on how to avoid getting it. One article said to sterilize and dry bottles. i sterilize her bottles by washing and boiling after every use but they are not all the way dry when i put them together ( i use dr. brown’s bottles). could that have been part of the problem?



    I think my son is trying to wean himself 🙁 Could that be possible? We made it 7 1/2 months and he has been nursing well up until this point but now he fusses at the breast, even though I know my supply is okay (I can hand express milk out). He will take a bottle so I have been pumping and feeding, but I only pump 2-3 ounces at a time (alwyas have). Could he just be weaning himself? He will nurse in the night and first thing in the morning but after that it is a wrestling match. Ugh!



    Johnsoker I dont think its EVER too late to resume breast feeding – I mentioned on here last week about my girlfriend… she was down to feeding her twins Once a WEEK only and then lost her formula in a fire… so as they live on a station she had no choice but to put them back on the breast as often as possible.. and her supply increased again to being able to feed them a few times a day.

    Dont give up just keep putting baby on as often as possible. I get VERY little pumping but Hayley has 3 breast feeds a day and 2 or 3 bottles of formula at Daycare. On weekends I breast feed only and Im sure she is getting enough.

    Hayley takes less than 10 min each side and she is 9 months old. Everyone says your baby is the best pump you will ever get… and that they become VERY efficient at getting the milk out quickly.



    I know I’m a bit early on this since my son isn’t even 2 months yet but I have a question. My hubby will be home in 4 weeks on R&R and that is way too early to introduce solids. He should be home from deployment when the baby is 8-9 months old. I’d really like my hubby to be here when we introduce solids for the first time since he’s missing so many other important ‘firsts’. Is that too long to exclusively BF? Can we wait that long to feed cereal and baby food? Any opinions on this left on my page would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!



    arca06; dont go to formula for the sole reason of making bub sleep longer… It doesnt work. My friend did it with her 2 kids and it made no difference. She actually stopped feeding altogether. My sister also weaned at 6 months for the same reason and nothing changed. Im pretty sure you would have to mix the formula with water and then you can combine it with breastmilk otherwise it would be too strong and not be good for bubs. I would suggest trying to offer her a dummy ( pacifier) when she wakes at night insteada of feeding so she soon wont wake to feed.



    december08babyboy – This is information off the package of my Lansinoh breatmilk storage bags.

    At Room Tempature – 10 hours. In a refrigerator – 8 days. In a Freezer Compartment inside a Refrigerator- (tempature varies) – 2 weeks. In a Freezer Compartment with a Separate Door (tempature varies) – 3 to 4 months. In a Separate Deep Freeze – 6 months or Longer



    vikingbabies – I started my boys getting one bottle a day, and given to them by someone else. They wouldn’t take it from me. They still don’t and they are 5 1/2 months. When they are with me they want their booby, but at the nursery they’ll take it however they can get it. lol I also started them on solids, one of them takes the spoon just fine the other plays around trying to look for the nipple, he’s getting better though. I love breastfeeding but I needed a break too.

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