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    and yes.. I agree that both Bri and Deeyore are invaluable to this group and seeing any of them leave would be sad. So that being said, you two can’t leave! it’s forbidden! 🙂



    bri ur lucky u at least have pads, i have nothing! if my period decides to show up im gonna be in trouble haha. i should probably have some pads on hand, i have a feeling its gonna be soon since u got urs and last time we got ours around the same time right?



    I have a question.. but if someone could send me the response via a message, My internet doesn’t work so well since the move (hence I haven’t really been on lately), so by the time I could get back on to ready it (probly tomorrow) i would have to find it 30 pages later. Anywho, Penelope turned one month today, but we are having an issue… she cries and cries. She is soothed by sucking on things, only problem is, she refuses to take a pacifier. The only thing that will stop her is my nipple in her mouth. And shes not eating when she does, just hanging out using me as a pacifier. I love the fact the she needs me, but its getting a bit rediculous to have her using me as a pacifier ALL NIGHT LONG!! Also she was sleeping thru the night, but now wont stay up during the day, and is up all night. Thanks in advance ladies.. and again, any help if you could send it as a comment on my page… thanks! Jess.



    Emilee, that is awful! This place has a schedule for different ages. We went to the times for under six years of age. With school starting it was basically kids under 3 with a handful of ‘older’ kids. No parents are allowed to ‘bounce’. The floor around the houses are a thick foam pad that reminded me of the crash mats that I used in gymnastics. There’s probably a reason for all the rules.



    jpeanut503 – Yes it’s fine but I probably wouldn’t do it weekly. HAHA! Doubt you would but some people you just have to say.



    Oh! My breast is still sooooo sore! I have no trouble with nursing, or pumping….infact I feel like I have TOOO much milk…

    It might be a clogged duct? I did have a really bad headache and chills last night, but no thrush, cracks, or other problems.

    Do you think it could be because of the one day a week I am away from Jacob from 7am till 3pm? I do get a pump session in around noon, where I get about 12oz in total. What a relief that is. I swear my students must be able to see my chest engorging! lol…



    I’m so glad I asked you ladies for advice 🙂 I was just so confused and thought i was doomed to never get a good nights rest lol!



    Ok I’ve made it to 10months! My ds is still mostly breastfed but eats rice cereal, fruits veggies and sometimes I blend up what we eat, or use that mesh net so hje can chew whole foods.

    Anyway, this past week was a real test for me. My fatherinlaw was diagnosed w brain cancer so I left my son w my parents and spent the week away w my husband at the hospital during the surgery.

    I did not want my parents to use formula, so I pumped every 3 hours- in change rooms, cars, hotel room etc and then packed 6 bags in a thermos bag and sent them on the bus to my parents, twice a day – at noon and midnight.

    So I’ve been pumping and sending 50oz of milk home and he gobbles it up! If my dad picked up 5 5oz bags at 3pm, he would go through them w one to spare by mid morning the next day.

    Needless to say I miss my baby anmd am so tired from all this pumping every 3 hours. I wonder though if he is drinking more than when I’m home or I just don’t notice?

    How much does a 10mnth old drink?

    Good news is that my mom has weaned him of his night feeds at 3am! I know, crazy, but we co sleep and instead of letting him wake up, I always give in and feed him or refresh his thirst through the night! Anyone else have this problem?

    Btw he is 30lbs and 31 inches tall now – not fat either. Just big!

    Anyway I’m heading home to see him today. Can’t wait. But I feel badly leaving my husband in another city. If you do believe in prayer pleasae send a prayer to my father in law!



    this site is very helpful
    this site is really good talks about ways to help you pump to get more milk out



    Aliyah will be 1 on July 1st. I have already started weaning off the pump and supplement with whole milk. This has been the hardest thing ever to do. With four kids and a full time job I don’t know how I did it. I would have waited till she was 1 but I have been traveling alot for work and just decided to go ahead and start now. Good luck to all the mommies who are pumping. If you ever need any advice I will be happy to help. This forum has been so helpful to me over the past year and don’t think that I would have made it if it weren’t for the great advice that I got from here.


    aprilraine…i know i’m a little late seeing as you posted your question 16 days ago but I used gention vilolet on all 3 of my kids. It works great and it also numbs their mouth so they can eat and not lose so much weight



    mrsdenney – Walmart might have it. We don’t have walmarts around here but I’m sure they do in their pharmacy/vitamn aisle. Safeway carries it here. Also, if your hospital has a women’s center I’m sure they carry it as well. I was taking like 15 a day when Kekoa was really little. I think it helped back then. Good Luck!



    Sunshine – I found that was perfectly normal. With my son i started him on solids at about 7 months b/c he was sick most of his 6th month. But once he started solids he started nursing less and less. When he was a newborn until about 4 months he would eat 20 minutes plus on each side, per feeding. Now at 12 almost 13 months he will eat about 5 minutes per side and get more out than he did at 4 months. So they do get better at it, plus as they grow, your milk supply adjusts for them. As long as your LO is satisfied then you are fine. Plus as you add more solids the less breastmilk/formula they will need. If you are concerned that your LO isn’t getting enough you might want to use breastmilk to mix the cereal. Also, your LO is prob nursing longer at night b/c it is a comfort for them. Are you sure she is drinking at 2am? When my son was about htat age he started waking for habit in the middle of the night, not b/c he was hungry. So he would nurse for an hour or more if i let him, but i could tell that was different than his normal nursing session. So i just cut him off at night. For a weekend i made my DH get up with him so he didn’t expect to eat. Then after that weekend i would take turns with my DH. After a week he knew he wasn’t getting food and stopped waking at night. He hasn’t woken at night (other than a bad dream or sickness) since he was 8 months old. And the last thing i wanted to add was at around 6/8 months babies tend to be noticing the world around them more and don’t always want to take time out ot eat. So taking them to a dark quiet room (like other’s mentioned) is a great plan. Or finding a ‘nursing’ spot in the house so that they are use to everything around them and they know if you and she are sitting there, it is time to eat.

    Cutie – Do you have a clogged duct? A hard lump. Sometime if you have a sudden decrease in supply on one side it can be a clog. Try massaging the breast while pumping and see if that helps.

    John – I think that you can genreally bring back your supply, but it takes a lot of work. You will need to feed and pump as much as possibel to bring the supply back to what it would need to be. Even if you have ‘dried up’ you should still be able to bring it back. You might want to speak to your doc b/c they can prescribe things to help boost or start your supply. Good Luck! And congrats on quiting again. It is a very hard thing to do. I have now been Cig free for 6 years 9 months, not that i am counting 😉



    Hi everyone,
    I am praying someone can help me!! I am
    breastfeeding my 16 day old and am having the hardest time! She has a super strong suck and my nipples is cracked straight down the middle and has been for almost weeks. It is soooo painful I can’t believe I am still nursing. When she is done nursing My nipples is lipstick shaped so I know she isnt latched on right but how do I change it?? I am a 36 f so it feels hard for me to get a comfortable nursing position. Do nipple sheilds work? I am desperate. Please respond to my page.



    Black – I have to agree with the other ladies – the first few weeks are really tough with bf. In the end though, it is well worth it. Also, my son is nearly 14 months old and i haven’t felt any pain bf since he was a few weeks old. Well, except when he bites, but that has only been once. With my first son i got to where it sounds like you are at and i did quit. We had latching issues, i was trying to only pump. I was in pain, struggling with supply and i gave up and went to formula. Now looking back i am still sad i didn’t try harder and get through it. I know he is healthy and at the time, i was sure it was the best choice for both of us. I am just sad that it didn’t work out. With my younger son i was determined and would yell at my DH when he would (and he did) say stuff like your DH did. You are right. It is easy for them to say that. As a mother there is a chemical and mental bond with breastfeeding. I am still struggling with weening my 14month old. It is sad to me that we will be letting go of that connection. So we are doing it slowly.

    Tabitha – Breastfeeding is supply and demand. The more you supplement with formula the more you will need to. The best thing to do is over the weekend (when hopefully you have or can get some assistance with your other children) keep lowering the amount of formula if not stop it all together and just have a breast feeding marathon. After a day or 2 of that your body will increase your supply and you should be bale to just breast feed. My son would bf for about 45 minutes a time when he was 3 months and younger. As he got older it got less and less time until by the time he was a year he would bf for 10 mintues and get all he needed. Good Luck!

    Arca – Formula making babies sleep through the night is a myth. it will make them fuller longer but that is only b/c it has more ‘junk’ in it and the baby can’t process it as well as it can breastmilk. Is your baby still waking b/c she is hungry or b/c she is use to waking at night? My son was about 6 months old when i realized he was waking b/c he was use to waking. He was bf out of comfort. he wouldn’t even really drink. he would latch and kinda suck but he wasn’t swollowing, he was just sucking enough to latch on but wasn’t actually getting any milk out. So finally i just stopped letting him latch and made him find a different way to comfort himself (with my help). After about a week of that, he was sleeping through the night. Hopefully your LO will help you out and sleep when you need her to.

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